Biogel - nail strengthening should be fashionable and useful

For several years now, Russia has been shaken by a flurry of fashionable nail service innovations: restoration with silk, strengthening of nails with biogel, photos on nails and the like alluring procedures. Is it worth it to run to the salon and spend a considerable amount of money on something without which our mothers and grandmothers lived perfectly without complaining about manicures?

biogel nail strengthening

Biogel - strengthening nails or a waste of money?

A modern woman is forced to constantly look beautiful and neat. Nail industry does not get bored, pampering its fans with the latest innovations. One of them is a miracle remedy - biogel. Strengthening nails - this is one of the main reasons why beauties storm manicure salons. After all, thin and exfoliating nails create a lot of problems for girls: they break at the most inopportune moment, the varnish does not hold well on them, and what is there to hide, such nails spoil even the most wonderful mood!

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In order to solve the problem, experts in this field have created, are creating and will create all kinds of products: therapeutic varnishes, enamels, growth activators, anti-delamination products, nail plate compactors, healing oils and, finally, biogel. Strengthening nails with its help is primarily a therapy that should not be confused with building with a regular gel or acrylic. And this procedure is salon. Girls, repeat: salon! Do not "on the advice of a familiar manicurist" to purchase the product yourself and conjure over your manicure at home! The savings from such a “handmade” will almost certainly come to you sideways, even if you, along with a miracle tool, get a special lamp to harden it.

The fact is that biogel is a polymer that has the ability to harden. Therefore, you need to apply it quickly and clearly (and does each of you boast the skills of perfect nail polish?), Thin layers, allowing each of them to dry. In addition, in order for the material to firmly “adhere” to the nail, the latter is preliminarily subjected to a number of procedures - degreasing, polishing, applying the primer base. In a word, entrust the business to a professional! But it will be quite possible to remove the annoying biogel at home - the liquid for this purpose is sold in beauty salons.

How much does nail strengthening with biogel cost?

biogel nail strengthening Price

The price of this useful procedure cannot be low! However, what is expensive and what is not, everyone decides for himself, based on their income and opportunities. However, do not rush to run to the salon, where they promise to strengthen your nails twice as cheaply as your competitors. Most likely, this is just a marketing move (and the “missing” amount will be taken from you for something, without which the procedure will not be possible, for example, for a primer or topcoat, which in another manicure room will initially honestly enter the total cost of the service). But it’s much worse if the low price hides behind itself poor-quality materials that the master will use when working, for example, expired biogel. Strengthening nails in this case will have the exact opposite effect: the Internet is replete with complaints of the fair sex on the consequences of using biogel. So - it’s not the procedure that is to blame for their troubles, but bad material or an inept master.

But back to the issue of price. The simplest procedure - nail strengthening without building and design - will cost at least 1000 rubles. Augmentation, decoration and jacket on a biogel add to the final cost of pleasure a couple of hundreds. By the way, you can strengthen your nails with biogel on your feet! But the "pedicure" prices are likely to be almost twice as high as the "manicure" prices. However, for those who are ready to suffer with their capricious nails and pay several thousand for beauty and tranquility, this is probably an acceptable option.


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