Oleg Karnaukh: biography, reviews of his entrepreneurial activity

It is unlikely that there will be a person who would not want to get rich, sitting at home and using the Internet. Therefore, today you can find a huge number of offers on the Web, not only promising a stable income, but also guaranteeing fabulous earnings. One of those who built their business on the Internet and offers assistance to others in developing this niche is Oleg Karnaukh.

Biography of Ukrainian Oleg Karnaukh

While still a small child, Oleg discovered the talent of an entrepreneur. In childhood, the boy earned by collecting blueberries and selling them in the market. At 12, Oleg already had construction experience, working as a plasterer. All with whom he had to work, spoke of him exclusively as a hardworking and purposeful person.

Oleg Karnaukh

Studying at the faculty of integrated technologies at the high school and university was easy, so Oleg Karnaukh used his free time to create various business projects and startups, which gave him invaluable experience and skills. He was also engaged in web design. He graduated from Oleg Donbass State Machine-Building Academy (DGMA) with a degree in business systematization, scaling and evaluation. In addition, he is a specialist in contextual advertising, coupon marketing and affiliate programs. After graduating in 2011, Oleg Karnaukh moved to live in Russia.

Achievements Karnauh Oleg Olegovich

Today he is known as a successful entrepreneur and businessman. Oleg Karnaukh owns and runs a network of online stores. He owns an online business magazine. Several IT projects are also enjoying success, where he acts as a co-founder. Oleg Karnaukh pays no less attention to social activities and the development of himself. He is the author of books and a number of articles on business development and personal development. In training projects, Karnaukh is a member of the expert team.

Oleg Karnaukh con

Success Story, or How to Profitably Sell Mobile Phones

Oleg Karnaukh built his own business by creating a whole network of online stores. The first option for his earnings was the sale of cell phones over the Internet. According to him, when he moved to St. Petersburg, he had only 500 dollars and a great desire to start his own business. Starting from absolute zero did not scare Oleg. Despite the fact that the path was not easy (I had to agree to a different job - from distributing leaflets to selling balls), after 4 months, his income was 5 thousand dollars.

How is this possible? As an analysis of the entrepreneur’s activity shows, tempting offers to buy one or another fashionable model at a 50% discount were constantly placed in his online stores. The buyer was required to make an advance payment. Unfortunately, such proposals were a trap for gullible Russians. The latter did not see any goods or money. It is not surprising that the business that Oleg Karnaukh had, received completely negative reviews.

Oleg Karnaukh reviews

Of course, this kind of action on the part of not only Oleg, but also other entrepreneurial figures who hunted for fraud on the Web, attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies. In 2014, a large number of criminal cases were instituted, and many notorious online stores ceased operations. Oleg Karnaukh did not go unnoticed either. The "divorce" on the sale of cell phones ceased to bring the expected income, and he abandoned this business.

New ideas from Oleg Karnaukh

Of course, it was impossible to expect that such a talented person would not continue to earn in another way. Today, the entrepreneur calls himself an expert in creating online stores. With everyone, he is ready to share his experience on how to make money on the Internet by creating his own online store.

Oleg Karnaukh biography

Oleg arranges trainings, webinars, seminars, conducts courses, opening the door to the wonderful world of passive earnings. Using since 2012 a training project called “Business is easy!”, Karnaukh helps beginners acquire the necessary skills for doing business.

Tempting slogans

For those who want to start their own business, but do not have enough knowledge, Karnaukh offers ... information. Moreover, Oleg Olegovich assures that it is easy to earn a million on the Internet without investments, become free and realize all your dreams. Only certain efforts and determination are needed.

You can often find an advertisement for his program with slogans such as “Earn 5 million in 3 months”, “Become a millionaire by creating your own online store!” The announcement of some of the issues addressed at the seminar also attracts the attention of aspiring businessmen. Who would not want to know which products are the best-selling, or consider the 20 most successful selling cases?

Oleg Karnaukh business

Many people became interested in such offers, because Oleg Karnaukh, who invented and successfully promotes the new earnings option, quickly collected real reviews. In particular, some people who attended seminars and completed training courses say they were satisfied. Sometimes they complain that they did not hear exactly what they wanted, or did not hear what was expected at all. However, in general, according to participants, the information provided is useful. It just takes time and effort to comprehend and process it. Many express a desire to come again. And when it comes to spent money, you can often hear that they do not regret anything.

Success or fraud?

What Oleg Karnaukh has proposed and is now offering, he also has negative reviews, and a lot. For example, on the Web, he is called a “scam”, breeding inexperienced and trusting citizens. Why? Firstly, because of his start in business in the person of the owner of online stores, deceiving their customers. As arguments against Oleg, some of his statements are also often cited. For example, what he told about gifts that he made to his family. So, in 2013, in honor of the anniversary, to his father, he, as a successful entrepreneur, presented the brand new Ford Focus. Oleg Karnaukh says that dad cried with happiness. The son bought a BMW X5 for himself, and, as he said, mother was already crying from happiness. However, as it turned out later, it was a hoax. X5 does not belong to Karnaukh at all. It is believed that he simply took a picture next to the car he liked or asked him to ride for a while. This, without a doubt, is told by Oleg with the aim of convincing potential clients of the success of his proposed activity and encouraging him to work with him. In a word, some people believe that Oleg Karnaukh is a first-class fraudster, and they advise not to have anything in common with him.

Oleg Karnaukh negative reviews

There is always a choice!

Whatever it was, except for Oleg Karnaukh himself, no one knows the whole truth about himself and about his activities. It is only known that offers to cooperate with him and learn from him are received regularly. There are those who respond with pleasure and become successful. There are disappointed and deceived.

On the one hand, the promises of prosperity issued by the 25-year-old millionaire and the owner of three successful online stores may not be banal empty phrases. Many people found the information they sold quite useful. On the other hand, the recorded facts of fraud on the Web should alert and encourage thinking several times before trusting your money and time to anyone. It is important to remember that everyone always has a choice.

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