DIY block house installation. Installation technology

Do-it-yourself installation of a block house is not only possible, but also quite simple to do without assistance. The block house is a material used in the decoration of facades of buildings for any purpose, in addition, it is also actively used in the refinement of the internal walls of buildings. Among the advantages of this type of decoration, one can distinguish a noble appearance, environmental friendliness, as well as a relatively low cost. It is also important that each plank has a special lock connection at the end, which makes it extremely easy to mount independently without extensive experience in construction work.

Features of choosing a block house

DIY house block installation

Do-it-yourself installation of a block house will be successful if you choose the right material. The first thing you should pay attention to is the appearance of the panels, which should not have errors. It is unacceptable to use boards that have cracks, as well as rotten knots, you can not use in the work and those products whose surface is blue or has a mold coating. It is necessary to pay attention to the presence of tar, which should not exceed 0.8 cm in width, while its depth should not be more than 0.3 cm.

Experts advise to pay attention to the annual rings. Better if they are located closer to each other, this indicates that the wood is more durable.

Tool preparation

house block price

Do-it-yourself installation of a block house will not be possible if you do not prepare the appropriate set of tools and materials. Among them are:

  • self-tapping screws, which are better known as self-tapping screws;
  • electric drill;
  • power saw;
  • block house.

If you intend to master a large amount of work, then you need to stock up with a drill screwdriver. Kleimers, which act as special fasteners, are also used. They are based on carbon galvanized steel. If you use just such fasteners, then it will be able to withstand corrosion. This mounting clip is made in the form of a plate with cuts for screws. In addition, it has a tongue that holds the trim strips. When using kleimers, it will be possible to qualitatively carry out the fastening of the material without deforming its front surface.

Do-it-yourself installation of a block house involves the use of 200 kleimers for every 10 m 2 of the base. In order to be able to carry out cutting finishes, you should use an electric saw, while if necessary, sheathe walls of a not so impressive area, you can do with a hand hacksaw. You need to choose one that has small cloves.

Additional materials for work

installation of a metal block house

It is worth preparing heat-insulating material in advance. An excellent solution would be a material made on the basis of staple fiberglass, it is recommended to purchase those that are made in the form of mats or plates. In addition, mineral wool is often used. These materials are good because they do not burn. Given the thickness of the insulation, it is necessary to choose the cross section of the beam, which will form the basis of the lathing. Installation of a block house, the instructions for which will be presented in the article, must be accompanied by the use of vapor barrier. This will eliminate the dampening of the walls of the house, moreover, it will help to avoid problems with wetting the insulation. To do this, you can use glassine or a perforated film.

Preparation before starting work

installation of siding block house

Before starting work, the material must be allowed to acclimatize to the conditions of the particular area in which the installation will be carried out. During this time, it will be possible to finish the preparatory work, which involves fixing the vapor barrier to the walls. It is necessary to lay the material with an overlap, using aluminum tape to fasten the joints . At the next stage, you can fix the crate, which will be based on a wooden beam. In order to extend the service life of the beam, you must first thoroughly treat it with antiseptic impregnations.

Lathing mount

Installation of siding "block house" is allowed to be done on the crate, which can be mounted on wooden walls. Then the elements of the crate are fixed by using self-tapping screws, nails are sometimes used as an alternative. Whereas if the crate is attached to a brick wall, then frame dowels can be used . However, preliminary holes must be made for their installation. The step between the components of the crate should be equal to the selected roll insulation. As a rule, this figure is 60 cm. As soon as you manage to complete the fastening of the frame, you can lay the insulation in between, protecting it from above with a waterproof film. In order to ensure tightness, the film must be overlapped, and it should be fixed directly to the wooden blocks, using a construction stapler.

assembly block house instruction

The installation of a wooden block house in the next step involves fixing the counter-lattice. The latter is fixed to the first layer of the frame. It is on it that the block house will be attached. When installing each layer of the crate, it is mandatory to use a level.

Block House Installation Technology

It is necessary to begin to fasten the material from below. If we compare the described block house with other wall materials, it should be borne in mind that the first should be mounted exclusively horizontally. Kleimers should be fixed with self-tapping screws to the crate, but the starting bar should be inserted into the paws, turning it with the groove down. This is required to ensure that water does not accumulate in the recess during operation. On the spike of the starting board, it is necessary to put on the groove of the subsequent one. When using self-tapping screws when installing a block house for fasteners, it is necessary to prepare indentations in the lower and upper parts of the canvas in advance. The step between the fasteners should be 400 mm. When screwing the screw into the stud, it is necessary to adhere to an angle of 45 °.

installation of a vinyl block house

Installation of a vinyl block house or made of wood can be done using a bar with a section of 68x132 mm. This material will become the basis for the framework of the first layer. Whereas for the lathing in the upper row it is recommended to use a bar with a section of 40x50 mm.

Decoration fixtures for a block house

block house installation of corners

In order to carefully hide the shiny steel head of the self-tapping screw, you can apply one of the existing methods, and you can choose the one that is more acceptable for you. The first version of decorating the fixtures of a block house involves the independent manufacture of plugs, which are based on the remains of a block house. For their fastening it is necessary to use PVA glue. If you decide to use this method, you have to get rid of the protruding parts, and then grind the bumps until you can achieve a flat surface. The second method involves the use of wooden plugs designed for self-tapping screws. Particularly relevant is their use in interior decoration. These plugs are also mounted on PVA. Those craftsmen who do not want to spend money and want to finish decorating without unnecessary labor, can use wooden paste, which is based on sawdust and PVA. As soon as the holes are filled, the mass must be allowed to dry, then everything can be sanded. After the attachment point, they will resemble wood knots, but in some cases their shade differs from the main tone of the finish.

Decoration of corners

If you decided to use a block house for wall decoration, the installation of corners will certainly have to be done. To do this, you can use special decorative elements that are represented by the external and internal angle. But when using such additional elements, there is one drawback, expressed in vast gaps that remain unclosed. Experts recommend reinforcing in the corner a beam with a section of 50x50 mm, to which the block house boards will then be fixed. If there is a desire, then the visible surface of the timber can be rounded.

Installation of platbands

Installation of a metal block house, as well as a wooden one, requires the installation of platbands. There are a huge number of them on the market; they can be flat, curly and semicircular. But according to the method of fastening, they are usually overhead or telescopic. The latter have a shape with protrusions that go into the slots of the frame.

Block house cost

The price of a block house can be different, it depends on many indicators, among which the material is based, as well as the manufacturer. Knowing the cost of one square meter and the area of ​​the walls of your house, you can calculate the amount of material and the cost of the work. However, before purchasing the finish, it is necessary to make an allowance to the required volume of material, because in the process of the canvas you still have to cut it.

So, the price of a block house from pine will be 560 rubles per 1 m 2 . At the same time, the thickness of the canvas will be 36 mm, the width will be 146 mm, but the length can vary from 3 to 6 m.

Larch material is slightly more expensive - 1210 rubles per 1 m 2 . This cost applies to the elite class. At the same time, the thickness of the board will be equal to 22 mm, width - 90 mm, but the length will vary from 2 to 4 m. The class "prima" will cost around 900 rubles per 1 m 2 . It is important to assess the complexity of the climate and choose the material that will be able to serve you for as long as possible before acquiring. But the subsequent fastening will not be accompanied by difficulties, especially if the work is carried out following the basic data in the article recommendations.


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