Pregnant from a lover: a description of family relationships after adultery, scenarios

What if the woman, being married, found out about her pregnancy from her lover? Consider the basic models of women's behavior, as well as the likely ways of developing this situation.

Pregnant from a lover

Conversation with husband

It should be noted that after clarifying the news about her own pregnancy from her lover, the woman should carefully think about the situation and make the only right decision, which can be individual, depending on the case. One of them is a voluntary presentation of the essence of things to her husband.

It is immediately worth noting that this scenario is not the most successful, because after reading this news, most likely, no man will be able to control himself. As practice shows, the percentage that a woman will be forgiven is very low. As for the likely development of the upcoming situation, the family will fall apart and the woman will be left alone with the child in her arms. However, some psychologists note that in this case she will be able to live her whole life with a pure soul, without fearing every day that her deception will be revealed.

Lover's wife is pregnant second

What to do to a man if his wife is pregnant from her lover

In some situations, women still prefer to devote their own spouse to current events. How should he react to such news and what to do?

Of course, after such news, a man is unlikely to be able to control himself, but still it’s worth trying to do this and carefully weigh the situation, make the right decision with the full realization that it will be difficult for him to forgive his wife, but if you make some effort from both parties, quite possibly.

In this situation, a man is best to be alone with himself and his own thoughts. After the emotions more or less calm down, he should talk with his spouse, discuss the reasons for the betrayal and determine what will happen in the future with the relationship.

In the process of deciding on the future fate of the relationship, a man needs to pay attention to his wife’s behavior: does she repent, did she honestly admit that she expects a baby from another man? It is worth noting that these factors are very important, because if the relationship continues, its further behavior will depend on it.

Conversation with lover

What to do if, having a husband, the wife is pregnant from her lover? In this case, you can use another optimal way out of the situation: to tell the lover about everything. In this situation, it may happen that an unmarried man has long dreamed of a child and will be glad of such news. In this case, the husband will still have to inform the husband about the decision to finally leave the lover - the scandal cannot be avoided in this situation, but by doing so the woman can be happy.

Pregnant from a lover what to do

In any case, having told everything to the lover, one must follow his first reaction: it will be the truth and the basis for further actions. If a man is not too happy with such news or if he is married, then in this situation it is worthwhile to stop hoping for him and take care of the further development of events on his own.

She told her lover that she was pregnant

What if the lover is married?

In this situation, most likely, the decision on the further development of events will have to be made independently, since a man is unlikely to abandon his family and throw himself in the arms of his lover just because she became pregnant from him.

The first thing a woman can experience when she finds out that she, being married, is pregnant from her lover, is a real shock. In this case, it is worthwhile to collect your thoughts, calm down and talk on this topic with a man - the further development of events may depend on the outcome of the conversation and the mood of the woman herself. As practice shows, most married men in such a situation offer an abortion, and it is worth noting that this is the most rational decision.

Of course, such a proposal can be neglected, but in this case, all responsibility rests solely with women's shoulders. There is no doubt that after the birth of a child, the lover will disappear from the life of his passion without a trace.


If the wife is pregnant from her lover, then she should seriously think about having an abortion - this is what can be read on the pages of many women's forums. However, as practice shows, not all women decide on such a step. And later they often regret it, because in the end the situation can turn around in an unplanned way and the fraud will reveal itself at the most inopportune moment.

Some women think abortion is a sin. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that in reality a woman thinking about interference of this type is already sinful, because she was cheating on her husband and, most likely, more than once.

It is worth noting that when deciding on an abortion, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of a risk of remaining infertile. In particular, it is dangerous when a woman has not given birth before. If you do not want to acquire infertility, a woman needs to either take risks or look for other ways to solve the problem.

If a man offered content

What if a woman told her lover that she was pregnant, and in exchange for the birth of a son or daughter, offered her and her baby? It is worth noting that in the absence of a woman's stamp in the passport and basic relations, this scenario is quite favorable.

In such a situation, it is very important not to hope that after the baby is born, the heart of a happy daddy will be so melted that he immediately abandons his family and runs to his mistress. Practice shows that most often a man becomes the so-called Sunday dad, that is, he visits his unofficial family only on the child’s birthday and occasionally on weekends, helping her financially, and at some points physically.

It is worth noting that in such a situation there is a certain risk. It consists in the fact that the newly made daddy takes the mistress from the hospital, gives her a present, gives some of the money to support the baby, and then his trace simply gets cold.

Pregnant from a lover married

Lover decided to marry

What to do if a woman is pregnant from a married lover and told him about everything that is happening, in response to which he promised to abandon his legal wife and marry her? It would seem that there is nothing left but to rejoice.

However, as practice shows, in such a situation one should be on the alert and with all available methods, rush him with the implementation of his plan. This is due to the fact that when delaying the fulfillment of promises, they may remain unfulfilled. Then the woman needs to prepare to become strong and solve all the growing problems on her own.

The wife is pregnant from her lover

What will happen if you leave the baby?

Pregnant from a lover: what to do? In this situation, many women, being married, seek to deceive their spouse and tell him that he is the father of the baby. Of course, for a loving husband, this will be a reason for happiness, but what can happen if the deception is suddenly revealed? It should be noted that the outcome of the situation may be different. As practice shows, the spouse does not find the strength to come to terms with deliberate and prolonged deception and abandons the woman, and in some cases begins to take revenge.

It is worth noting that this scenario is not the most favorable for a woman, because she needs to live in the daily fear that the fraud will be revealed. By the way, this can happen in different ways, the most common of which we will consider further.

Child unlike spouse

One of the most common reasons for disclosing fraud is the lack of similarity between a child and a man who is passed out as his father. It must be understood that from the first day the baby is born, all relatives will begin to look in him for similarities with mom and dad; in the absence of such doubts will arise and rumors will begin to spread that will certainly alert the spouse regarding the issue of wife's loyalty.

It is worth noting that if there is a sufficient amount of doubt, it will be quite simple for a man to expose the fraud. At a minimum, you can do a DNA test.

Husband wife pregnant lover

The lover found out about the presence of the child

What if, having both a husband and a lover, the wife is pregnant from the second? In some situations, it happens that a woman, having deceived her husband, continues to build family relations with him and raise children. However, the idyll can be violated by the fact that a lover (possibly already a former) learns about the woman's child from him and wants to establish her paternity. In this situation, the loss of the family will be a big blow not only for the husband, but also for the traitor. The psyche of the child will also suffer. Of course, the outcome of this development will be the collapse of the family.

Everything can come to light by accident.

It should be noted that in some situations it is still possible to avoid doubts about the paternity of a particular man, as a result of which he will raise a child as his own. However, by the will of fate, sooner or later, such a moment may come when the baby will need a serious operation, for which they will take tests from both parents. Of course, if they do not coincide, the truth will be found out. Is it hard to guess that such a disclosure would entail a big scandal and cause shock not only in the husband, but also in the child?


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