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A compulsory copy is one or more copies of any printed matter, which must be transmitted to the Book Chamber.

The list of publications includes: books, legislative documents, various unpublished studies, documents filed for a patent, sheet music, maps, photographs, video, audio, computer programs.

A required copy is a very significant part in book publishing. Thanks to him, unique content is collected, important documents and discoveries are registered, and a national fund is formed. In addition, thanks to such obligatory copies transferred to the Book Chamber, book exchange of an international format takes place.

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Also, from the Book Chamber, some copies go to the largest libraries and museums in the country. A total of 19 institutions receive required copies.

Introduction of legal deposit in Europe

In Europe, a mandatory copy began to be used in France in the 15th century. In Russia, this practice began in the late 17th century. The Book Chamber was then located in St. Petersburg, and after the revolution of 1917 it was moved to the city of Petrograd. Since the twenties of the 19th century, the Book Chamber has been transferred to Moscow, where it is located today.

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Features of data reporting in other countries

In America, only the Library of Congress, located in Washington , holds copies of required copies.

In France, the only institution receiving the required copy is the National Library.

In Germany, you must send the required copies to several institutions at once: without fail to the Frankfurt am Main National Library and the Leipzig National Library.

In Ukraine, the organizations to which you must send a required copy are the regional National Libraries. In some cases, it is necessary to send documents to other state organizations. So, for example, the organizations to which you must send a mandatory copy are the Cabinet of Ministers, the Verkhovna Rada and the representative office of the President.

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