What are the LED lamps for nails?

Beautiful well-groomed nails are a business card of a woman. For high-quality manicure, we often turn to the masters, in the arsenal of which there must be special equipment, it also includes a LED lamp for nail extension. Despite the fact that acrylic and gel extensions have already lost their relevance, these lamps are still used by manicure and pedicure masters for the very popular shilak today. We will talk about what UV lamps can be and how to choose a suitable model today.

led lamp for nails

What is the difference between LED-lamps for nails from each other?

There are several important indicators by which UV lamps differ:

  1. Power. In order to choose the right lamp for you, pay attention to what materials you will use and how much you intend to work. For beginners working at home, and masters involved in the design of nails, medium power devices are suitable, in which hands are placed one at a time. Such a lamp should have a mirror surface inside for uniform drying of the gel or any other material used.
    led lamp for nail extension
  2. Volume. This characteristic implies the possibility of drying simultaneously two hands. Naturally, LED-lamps for nails, which have a larger volume, will allow you to work more quickly and are suitable for employees of beauty salons. Such devices are often equipped with a special finger separator, which will help to make the procedure more convenient and comfortable for the client.
  3. Many LED lamps for drying nails are equipped with a timer. This function allows you to set the time on the device, during which this or that manicure should dry. The timer function is equipped with many devices, including compact portable ones.
  4. The presence of a fan is an important option of a high power LED lamp for nails. The fact is that UV rays, under the influence of which materials such as shilak, gel or acrylic congeal, heat the air very much, so customers may experience discomfort during the procedure. It is the fan that will help to avoid overheating of the hands and the appearance of a possible tan.
  5. The presence and absence of additional functions (fan, timer, mirror surface, finger separator) can significantly affect the cost of LED-lamp for nails. However, the most important indicator of the price is the power of the device.
    led lamp for drying nails

UV lamp care

It is believed that this lamp does not require special care. However, it is worth observing the simple rules for using the device in order to maximize its life, to make it comfortable and safe for lovers of beautiful manicure. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Try to clean the inside and outside of the LED nail lamp as often as possible from the sticky layer that forms during use.
  2. Do not forget to use antiseptic agents after each client to avoid the possibility of fungus and other skin diseases.
  3. Do not overheat the lamp, try to exclude direct sunlight and the light of the table lamp for a long time.

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