Sennik is a device for rabbits. What are the senniki and how to make them yourself?

Recently, more and more people are acquiring households. Someone prefers ducks, pigs or cows, and someone is fond of breeding rabbits. It is worth saying that rabbit breeding is considered a rather expensive hobby and requires a lot of time. However, experienced breeders try to save on many things. For example, you can make a do-it-yourself sennik for rabbits. They come in different types: mesh and wood, metal and plastic. Let's try to figure out how to make such a device correctly.

A sennik is a device in which a person places grass for food of living creatures and may not worry that it is not enough or it will be eaten instantly. Such a device is very convenient both for the breeder and for the pets themselves.

It is better to design it directly in the manufacture of the cell. So you spend less effort, time and finance.

sennik for rabbits

Wooden blank

Here is one of the simple ways to make a sennik. This fixture is made of plywood sheet. In the production of cells, it is necessary to leave a narrow slot parallel to the floor over the entire width of the cell. It is in this hole that a feeder will be installed, going to the sennik.

  • Using a tape measure, level and pencil, make plywood markings on which to drink.
  • You should have 3 parts: two sidewalls and a central part.
  • It will be more convenient if you make the side parts expanding upward.
  • Fasten all the parts together and hang the structure to the base of the cage.

Sennik is

Metal sennik

This device will be made of metal mesh. Perhaps this type is the most inexpensive. You will need a few pieces of wire, a net and a wooden beam.

  • Bend the mesh in half so that its cut has the shape of a drop.
  • Fasten the sides together with wire.
  • Hang the structure on a wooden beam, which must be placed in a cage.
  • As a result, you will get a suspended structure in which you can fold grass for pets.

In this case, it is necessary to correctly calculate the height so that the rabbits can easily get to the feeder.


Summing up, we can conclude that the sennik is a convenient device, for which it is not necessary to go to the market. It can be easily made with your own hands, having only improvised materials.

Take care of your rabbits, make them a sennik. It will also save you time spent daily feeding animals.


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