How to properly allocate your time to keep up with everything?

Often so many things fall on us, and it begins to seem that we can cope with this chaos only if we add a couple more hours a day. However, no magic is needed, it is better to simply master the rules of time management. This will help you learn to do more and keep up with everything. Proper time planning is the ability to do as much as possible, to do, yourself, education, work, children without harming anyone. In order to master time management and learn how to properly allocate your time, you should take note of simple but very effective rules.

Learn to articulate your goals

Each business should have its own clear name. Record even the smallest affairs in the diary. And in order to enhance the effect, these matters should be heard clearly and concretely. For example, "go to the beautician" or "take the cat for vaccinations." Thus, you do not seem to leave a choice for yourself and you are already obliged to do what you wrote about. This rule will help to correctly distribute time at work.

how to allocate time

Nowhere without a diary

To answer the question of how to learn how to properly allocate your time, you need to start planning your day from morning to sleep. It takes no more than 15-20 minutes, and the benefits are incredible. After all the tasks for the day are fixed, you will know exactly how much time you have for certain tasks in order to be in time for everything.

It can look just like a to-do list, or it can look like a school schedule, that is, each case will take a specific hour. Even if it is 5 minutes to take out the trash, you will have to write down. Do not rely on your own memory, when everything is clearly painted before your eyes, you will know exactly how much time is left and when you need to start the next task for the day.

Spending money on a notebook is not necessary at all, although many people find it much more convenient. Each phone has an application such as a calendar or notes, you can also enter all the necessary information there. Do you think how to properly allocate time to keep up with everything? Here without a diary or a glider is nowhere.

to-do list

Divide large tasks into smaller ones

Do you have one big goal? If you add it to the list with one item, then most likely, on a subconscious level, you will delay the implementation of this business, because it will seem so big and too heavy. There is a solution - break one big task into several small ones, which will ultimately lead to the achievement of the main goal. For example, in the evening you are going to cook lasagna, if you write this item separately in the daily log, we don’t think that you need to spend time at least going to the store, and this can already cause a deviation from the schedule. Write down every little thing in your plan of the day, so as not to waste time, which is already lacking, for minor troubles. So, you do not have to remember what you have to do and it will turn out to correctly distribute your time.

organization of time

Put things in order

We all know that order in the head is impossible without order at home. If you go home, and there’s a mess everywhere, then you’ll at least spend a lot of time looking for something you need, and in addition, be upset. This time can be spent with greater benefit for yourself, and a bad mood can spoil the rest of the day. So keep your house clean! To learn how to properly distribute your time, learn to start to keep your workplace in order.

Do what you like

Try to distribute your time so that you can spend it on those things that give pleasure. For example, you are a big fan of music - take at least 10 minutes a day to listen to it. Such small activities with your favorite things will help you to feel harmony with yourself throughout the day.

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Do multiple things at once

It does not sound very convincing, but it is really possible and even useful. But this concerns only tasks that do not require maximum concentration. For example, you have a long way to go along an undeveloped highway by car - turn on an audiobook or a tutorial for a language together with a book. When you get to the place - learn at least a dozen new words. Just keep in mind, the rule applies to the implementation of several cases at the same time only when the task allows it. If you need to write a report or a term paper, and at the same time you start to study English, then nothing good will come of it.

weekly plan

Sport is your daily responsibility.

Plan your schedule so that exercise becomes a daily ritual. Start the day with exercise, we all know that this is a charge of vigor for the whole day. But this is not all, besides basic morning exercises, try to allocate at least 30-40 minutes to another physical activity. It can be a trip to the fitness room and even the most usual evening jogging. We all know that in a healthy body there is a healthy mind.

Praise yourself

Work - this, of course, is very important and it takes up most of our time, but only relaxation is no less important. Make it a rule for each successfully completed item from the list of tasks to β€œmark” with a cup of fragrant tea, a couple of pages of your favorite book, and so on. Thus, you can again clear the mind and be as open as possible to the next point in the plan.

how to do everything

Useful tips for organizing your time

To make the most of your time, you can incorporate the following habits into your life:

  • Analyze how the day went to bed, it will help you understand what you need to spend more time on, and what is better to forget at all.
  • How to distribute working hours? Plan, plan, and plan again, but only with prioritization, arrange things according to importance, leaving the hardest in the morning. Just keep in mind that you need to evaluate your strength correctly, if you plan more than you can physically do, it will be very frustrating.
  • Keep order in the workplace, distribute files on the computer into folders so as not to waste time searching for them. The same goes for paper documentation.
  • Break large plans and goals into smaller tasks, oddly enough, you will quickly come to their implementation.
  • Learn to say no if you understand that it will hurt your day plans and will not do any good. Save time and energy.
  • Use any free time to good use. Traffic jam is the best time to pull up English.
  • Keep a diary and do not keep everything in your head.
  • Observe the daily routine. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time, the body will get used to and getting up in the morning will be much easier.
  • Well, and, of course, nowhere without rest. Allocate free time to do your favorite things, do not forget to arrange at least one day off per week.
  • Feel free to delegate. Do not try to constantly understand something new, trust a professional and the quality of tasks will increase and time will be saved.

Remember that your time is only in your hands and its competent organization depends entirely on you.


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