Fashionable manicure without a picture: interesting ideas and recommendations

The fair sex every season seek out fashion trends in the world of nail art. Dark, light, bright, neutral, matte and mother-of-pearl varnishes give female handles a special appeal. There are a lot of unusual and attractive designs, but some girls prefer manicure without drawings on the nails. This is the best way to give your hands a well-groomed and neat look.

the use of foil in manicure

Solid gloss or matte finish

Permanent classics of the manicure genre are glossy monophonic nails. They look attractive and elegant. Gloss looks spectacular day and evening. Aristocratic brilliance is its main advantage. Glossy varnish is very easy to apply and dry for 1 minute under the lamp.

Fashionable women for the past few seasons choose a matte plain manicure. The lack of shine makes it velvet. The noble matte design is suitable for any environment. With such a manicure, you can safely visit the office. Long and short matte nail plates look great. Matte coating lasts longer on nails than glossy. Some girls choose a plain combination of glossy and matte varnish.

matte nail polish

Naturalness in the trend

For young girls and adult women, a natural manicure is suitable . It is characterized by ease of execution and perception of others. Any girl will not look ridiculous with neat nails of calm tones. It is important to choose the right shape of the nail plates.

In autumn and winter, it is appropriate to decorate nails with calm blue and beige varnishes. For a summer manicure with gel polish without a drawing, a soft pink and peach color will do. To perform such a manicure, it is not necessary to visit the master, you can do it yourself at home.

ombre with rhinestones

Fashionable shades

Brave girls choose not only bright colors for the summer, but also for the winter manicure without a picture. Juicy varnishes are already firmly in fashion. Such bright colors include: salmon, rose quartz, fuchsia, soft turquoise, lilac, violet, lavender. Red varnish and all its shades have firmly entered into fashion: scarlet, raspberry, coral, cherry, strawberry.

Manicure without drawings in white tones is popular for short nails . It is suitable for long nails. It is not at all boring, but relevant and relevant.

For winter manicure without a drawing, a fashionable gray-brown shade (taupe) is suitable. Gentle and strict looks blue-gray varnish. Saturated blue varnish is especially popular. A matte version is possible, as well as varnish with a shimmer. For autumn, maroon and plum cover is suitable.

the use of golden sparkles

Nude design and delicate ombre

In the warm season, you can safely use nude shades. The neutral color scheme is very romantic and delicate. Nude manicure is suitable not only for work, but also for holiday occasions. This shade is versatile and comfortable to wear.

The gradient (ombre) in one color scheme remains very popular. Looks great pink pastel transition. The main thing is that the color flows smoothly from one shade to another, as if merging. You can perform a vertical ombre. Another option would be to make up each nail in one color scheme, but in different tones, from light to dark.

plain manicure with sparkles

Feng Shui Manicure

You probably noticed on the nails of some girls varnishes of different colors. It is such a multi-colored combination that is the latest trend in nail art. Performing such a manicure, the girls do not follow fashion, but the teachings of Feng Shui. It is this art that teaches us to seek harmony with the world and ourselves. In Feng Shui, one or another finger is responsible for certain events, emotions, feelings. They have a connection with character, sexuality, dating. The color of the varnish also carries certain information. Knowing the values ​​of each color, you can choose a combination for manicure. Here are some shades of feng shui:

  • Apricot. It calms the nervous system, helps you tune in to positive thoughts. It helps to establish harmony between loved ones.
  • White. It is universal, suitable for all people. It symbolizes goodness, justice, integrity, perfection and peace.
  • Turquoise. It represents a gem, symbolizes wealth, everything is sophisticated and beautiful. Helps strengthen the immune system, active brain activity.
  • Blue. Balances the raging emotions, helps to sober up and focus on the main thing, tune in to work.
  • Yellow. It embodies a positive beginning, a good mood. He is responsible for the joy, fun, inner harmony of man with himself. It activates mental abilities, the thought process. Yellow marigolds inspire cheerfulness and optimism in the girl.
  • Green. A symbol of nature and life itself. Proud and ambitious girls choose it. It has a calming effect, restores physical and mental balance, gives confidence in one's own strengths.
feng shui manicure
  • Golden. Strengthens the physical and mental strength of a woman.
  • Gray. Associated with prudence, practicality and distrust. This is a neutral color without much symbolism.
  • Blue. It is associated with purity and spiritual elevation. This is the color of the sky, well eliminates insomnia, suppresses aggression. It is easy to calm down and concentrate with him.
  • Pink. It is associated with sensitivity, renewal, revival, in the spring. Associated with tenderness and femininity, therefore suitable for the youngest women.
  • Purple. Symbolizes celebration and mystery. Associated with intuition and deep knowledge. It has a calming effect, eliminates insomnia, energizes.

Use of rubbing, effects, foil

If you do not like drawings on the nails, then you can take advantage of the trend of recent shows - the original rubbing. They help create a universal design for every day, as well as for special occasions. Shiny varnishes have always fascinated fashionistas. Glitter rubs are the perfect solution for modern nail art. The most popular is the powder with the effect of a chameleon, it is also called the "May bug" because its surface resembles the shell of this insect, with overflows.

For any basis, a holographic rubbing or effect is suitable. It looks especially beautiful on silver polish. Such a plasma powder is suitable for manicure without drawings for the New Year. For a blue, emerald and violet palette the Aurora Borealis powder is suitable. This effect resembles a bewitching natural phenomenon.

The very first in the modern market of pigments was the mirror rubbing. Most often it is found in gold, silver and bronze, but it also happens in bright colors. The main thing is that scratches should not appear on such a mirror coating.

For festive and New Year's design, a pearl effect is suitable. Especially this gentle, romantic and feminine nail art is used by brides. Pearl shine goes well with a wardrobe in pastel colors.

trendy christmas manicure

Sequins and rhinestones in design

To give an interesting structure to your nails, it is not necessary to decorate them with drawings. A beautiful effect can be achieved with stones, rhinestones, broths. Some girls spread one strassik on a monophonic basis. Others prefer to lay out of them a pyramid, an oval, a row. It is not necessary to decorate all nails with rhinestones. It is enough to select only the ring finger or little finger.

Manicure with Acrylic Powder and Velvet Sand

The unique effect can be obtained on nails with velvet sand or acrylic powder. This device either fill up the entire nail plate, or make stains in the form of patterns. Velvet design suitable for long and short claws. Acrylic sand is applied immediately to the liquid layer of varnish, and then dried in a lamp for 3 minutes. In order for velvet powder to be noticeable, it does not need to be applied with a top coating. Acrylic powder is slightly finer than velvet sand, to which various sparkles are also added. Such a manicure is called velvet, because its surface resembles a similar fabric.

Celebratory manicure sprinkled with "stardust." This is a bright sprinkle that does not even require patterns.

New Year's manicure without drawing

New Year or winter design requires rich colors to convey the appropriate mood. It is not necessary to perform complex drawings, it is enough to use the actual color of the varnish with sparkles. Winter has all the power for blue and green. These tones are noble and feminine. If you do not like the blue-green range, then use turquoise varnish.

Actual for the New Year holidays use foil. From it you can stick various strips, triangles, circles. The use of stickers in the form of broken glass is also appropriate. Most often, ring fingers are decorated with such devices, and the rest is covered with plain varnish.

A great option would be to decorate several nails with a marble effect. It can be of different tones and resemble jasper, apatite, malachite, turquoise. Another winter decoration is varnish with glitter (sparkles). It resembles the sparkling snow in the sun.

pearl effect on nails

Pink gray trend

Fashionistas may be distinguished by a gray-pink nail art. This combination has become a favorite trend and is considered a beautiful manicure without a picture. Gray color dims the brightness of pink, and that, in turn, gives optimism and light. In the photo in the article you can see options for such a design. Gray color has been held in the leaders of manicure art for several seasons. Matte grayness and silver luster are in fashion.

The ombre or gradient from these two shades looks original. Some girls alternate pink marigold with gray. It is possible to use different tones of pink and gray in one manicure. Especially popular is pastel pink, which is not inferior to the turquoise or mint green trend color. It’s better to choose a simple pink and gray design to reveal the full depth of these shades.


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