Fog lights on the "Gazelle": overview, types, connection diagram and reviews

The fog lights on the Gazelle are not installed for beauty, but because of the need to improve visibility on the road during fog or rain and snow. However, some models are not equipped with them by the manufacturer. How to choose, install and connect the headlights yourself, will be discussed below.

About fog lights

Conventional headlights in fog, rain, and heavy snowfall are of little use: they cannot be seen in front of the machine, limited by a whitish veil, especially in long-distance mode. This happens due to the reflection of light from drops of fog, rain, snowflakes.

In such a situation, the fog lamp unit (PTF) serves as an indispensable assistant , the installation of which on any car will evenly illuminate the road and avoid dangerous situations.

Fog lights on the Gazelle

But it is important not to forget that the headlight is different, and knowing something about it will not hurt any driver.

The Russian fog lamps produced at the Bosch-Ryazan and Avtosvet enterprises have good characteristics. Quite the budget cost is another plus of such products.

The headlights of Asian firms Al Khateeb and Saca are more attractive in their appearance, but their cost is twice as high as in Russia, and high power often leads to overheating and deformation of plastic parts.

The devices of the German company Hella are considered the best quality fog optics, but this pleasure is not accessible to every driver because of the cost.

When buying, first of all, pay attention to the appearance of the headlight (set): “foglights” have a marker in the form of the letter “B”. Next, the tightness between the diffuser and the reflector (housing) is checked. Violation of the impermeability of this connection will lead to a reduction in the life of the headlamp.

Types of "fog"

According to the form of execution, the fog lights on the Gazelle are divided into rectangular, square and oval, but the shape of the hull does not play a special role and does not provide any special advantages over the others.

"Fog" can vary in optical design. Through the use of different options, the question of the optimal ratio of the maximum luminous flux and the minimum power consumption for its provision is solved to varying degrees.

The most common are headlights with a parabolic reflector. With this scheme, the place of installation of the bulb is combined with the focal point, which allows the formation of the light flux in the form of a horizontal strip. A special screen limits its spread up. Headlight efficiency is 27%.

Fog lights with a free-form reflector have a higher efficiency (up to 45%). The design allows the use of a significant amount of light, providing a maximum area of ​​its distribution. However, headlights with this optical design have a high cost and have not yet received wide distribution.

Headlight installation location

An important point in the configuration of any car is the installation of fog lights. Gazelle is no exception in this matter, taking into account the commercial all-weather nature of its operation.

There are two options for installing headlights on the Gazelle: on the bumper and on the roof. Traditionally used first.

Installation of fog lights "Gazelle"

The second option is not in good agreement with the rules of the road, as this document establishes restrictions on the placement of lighting equipment not provided by the factory on a car. The installation of headlights on the roof is allowed only if the vehicle is used in difficult conditions: gravel pavement, off-road.

Fog lights "Gazelle" Business

The first option also has limitations: you can install fog lights on the Gazelle no higher than the level of ordinary headlights, while the dimensions of the car are not violated more than 400 mm, and the distance from the headlights to the road surface should not be less than 250 mm.

Installation Standards

Fog lights on the "Gazelle" are installed with the mandatory consideration of the power of their flow. The use of PTF is prohibited if this indicator exceeds the power of the main light sources.

The headlights must be installed symmetrically with respect to the axis of the vehicle.

If the factory has already provided for and designated on the bumper the installation site of "fog", then you should adhere to the factory recommendations and install the headlights in these areas.

After fixing the PTF, the correctness of their adjustment is necessarily checked. It is advisable that this be done at a service station by an electrician. This step is perhaps the most important of the previous ones, since the quality of the fog lamps depends on it. Only in this case they will be useful equipment.

Connection "fog"

After the fog lights on the "Gazelle" are installed, you need to connect them to the on-board power supply. This work requires certain knowledge, otherwise the standards of not only electrical, but also fire safety may be violated. To correctly complete this stage, you will need a connection scheme for fog lamps (the Gazelle must be equipped with an on-board network).

First of all, you should check the proportionality of the cross-sections of the wires of the on-board network and the wires from the headlights. Minimum cross sections up to 0.75 mm are allowed. If you use wires of a smaller cross section, then they will overheat, and then fire.

The on-board battery is disconnected without fail. Such a measure is necessary in case of an incorrect PTF connection and a short circuit in the circuit.

If a set of headlights does not provide a relay for their inclusion, it should be purchased and installed, since a conventional button may not ensure the normal operation of the PTF due to the high current of their power supply and burning of its contacts.

PTF power is supplied only through dedicated fuses, otherwise a malfunction of the headlights and their wiring will turn off the entire Gazelle's on-board power supply.

Connection scheme for fog lights "Gazelle"

The headlights can be considered fully installed if, after completing their installation and connecting the battery, all of the vehicle’s devices, including lighting fixtures, operate normally.


When the installation of fog lights is completed, the Gazelle is driven into a horizontal platform to adjust them. For the quality performance of this work should:

  • bring the pressure in the wheels to normal;
  • refuel the fuel tank completely;
  • load the car to normal;
  • on the vertical screen (located 10 m from the car), the vertical (axis of the car) and two parallel lines (the top - the distance from the center of the headlights to the surface of the platform, the bottom - 100 mm) are marked.

Install fog lights on the Gazelle

Each headlight is adjusted separately according to the lines marked on the screen.

PTF for the Gazelle of the Business and Next series

The problem of safe driving in difficult weather conditions raises the following question: "What fog lights (Gazelle Business is your car) to purchase, is it possible to install PTF designed for other cars?"

The difficulty lies in mounting the headlights for this particular car. A mistake in the choice can cost the owner of the Gazelle-Business a lot. According to the majority of drivers and car service experts, the “fog” “Lada-Priory” may be the best option, although the mount will still have to be finalized: an adapter is required.

The fog lights installed on the Gazelle-Next will not create problems for the driver, such as those encountered at the Gazelle-Business.

Fog lights on the Gazelle Next

This model is equipped with fog lamps by the manufacturer.

To bet or not to bet? Drivers Opinion

Judging by the reviews, drivers unanimously welcome the installation of "fog". The only question is which headlights to put on the Gazelle. The automotive industry has only now “grown” to their installation, and the first models were deprived of it. Therefore, most often this problem is addressed by drivers in specialized forums.

Drivers also believe that it is better to use yellow "fog", while you should not skimp on good PTF.

Recommended for fog lamps Osram All, for snow - Night Breaker or Bosch.


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