Setting up "Telecards": step-by-step instructions, features and recommendations

"Telecard" is a provider that provides only high-quality television channels. If you want to pay for what you use, then this provider is for you. Broadcasting passes through the satellite operator Orion Express, which supplies only the best Russian and foreign channels. Most Russians have already switched to Telecard, as this operator has set fairly low prices for both installation and use.

TV card setup

Of course, setting up "Telecards" and installing it will be paid. Many people do not want to pay extra, but will try to install everything on their own. This is exactly what will be discussed now. Let's look at how to configure the "Telecard".

Favorable conditions for installing "Telecards", checking your area

First we need to check how the satellite dish will interact in your area. It is worth noting that the broadcast of this operator is made from the Intelsat-15 satellite (85.15 ° is a point in the geostationary orbit).

You will need to consider the coverage area. If your area falls into the reception area, you will need a rather small plate (diameter - 0.6 meters). Another case is that you did not fall into this zone. What to do? To do this, you will have to purchase a larger satellite dish. You need to know this before you buy a satellite TV kit.

So, you found out everything and went to the store. After acquiring a satellite dish, you will need to configure it. How to do it? We need to figure out how to direct the dish so that it hits the satellite. With the help of a compass, this cannot be determined, since it will show a completely different value. In order for the “Telecards” setting on the satellite to be successful, you need to determine the exact value of the geomagnetic declination at the place where you are installing.

TV card antenna tuning


If you want to determine the exact value, you can call the number 8 (800) 100-104-7, where the operator will indicate the necessary coordinates for your locality. The configuration of the Telecard antenna will then be much faster. But, unfortunately, there are many reviews on the Internet that the operator says the coordinates are not quite right, which, in turn, makes configuration difficult.

Of course, you can try calling the operator, but if he indicates the wrong value, you will lose a lot of time. You can go the other way, which will clearly demonstrate how to direct the plate. You need to go to the Satellite Finder website, where the direction will be shown on Google Maps. How to see it? Everything is very simple. First, look for your city and indicate the exact place where the satellite dish will be installed. After that, we indicate the satellite we need to tune into. After such simple manipulations, the green line will indicate the direction.

The setting of the "Telecard" plate will be made in the following coordinates:

  • The magnetic azimuth for the compass is 122.4 degrees.
  • The angle of rotation of the converter is -29.9 degrees.

You must understand that the higher you install the satellite dish, the more accurate the signal will be. Of course, it can be set low if there are no obstacles (tall houses, forests, etc.) towards the satellite.

Installing a satellite dish

On the Internet you can find many different instructions on how to install a satellite dish. Of course, they all fit, since the most important thing is to secure the device securely. How to do it?

setting up a TV card for a satellite

We will need:

  • Universal dowels ZUM 12x71.
  • Self-tapping screws.
  • Several large bolts (75 mm).
  • Level.

It is necessary to mount the satellite dish on the pipe section, which is located vertically up. You can check it by level. During installation, you will need to cut the antenna cable and mount the F-type connectors at the ends. Next, you will need to fix the bracket.

We proceed to the assembly of the satellite dish. We connect the cable and turn the converter so that it is tuned to the satellite.

Final stage. Set the satellite dish to the bracket. We need to fix it, but do not tighten the nuts much. So we can move it until we make sure that the configuration is complete.

More detailed instructions can be found on the site "Telecards". Professional masters from a to z will tell you how to properly install the plate.

do-it-yourself TV card setup

Channel settings "Telecards"

Before connecting all the wires, make sure that the satellite receiver and TV are turned off or not even connected to the network. You can connect the receiver via SCART or “tulips”.

After connecting, you can turn on the TV with the receiver. To connect to the channels provided by "Telecard", you need to switch the TV to "AV" mode. As a rule, the first time you turn on the picture appears, which indicates that the receiver is working, but the antenna is not configured. In this case, self-tuning is also possible. "Telecard" will be activated through the remote control. Go to the menu and go to the "Antenna Settings" item.

setting the channels of the telecard
If you have not fully tuned the satellite dish, then the readings should be as follows:

  • Signal strength - about 45 percent.
  • Signal quality is about 5 percent.

With such indications, you will not be able to watch TV. To get a really high-quality signal, you need to strive for high values ​​(power - 90 percent, and quality - 70 percent).

Of course, a pretty good image can be obtained with a signal quality of 50 percent. But if you get high values, then bad weather will not become an obstacle for comfortable watching TV.

TV card setup

Advanced antenna tuning: how to increase performance

If the coordinates that the operator gave you or that you saw on the site did not work, then the additional “Telecards” setting is simply necessary. The essence of the method is simple and understandable, but with it we can get a better signal.

So what is the given method? We need to turn the antenna a little. After each such step, you need to give 5 seconds for the receiver to process the signal and tune into the satellite. Of course, after that you will need to look at the new values ​​that will be shown on the TV. Setting up "Telecards" is a fairly simple but lengthy process. If you cannot find a suitable value when you rotate the antenna horizontally, then you should try vertical turns. Remember, an increase in power is followed by an increase in signal reception quality.

If you get the appropriate values, then we can assume that the configuration of the Telecard channels is over. It remains only to tighten all the bolts and proceed to watching TV.

How long does it take to tune a satellite dish

So, a high-quality tuning of the Telecard antenna was made. On their own, beginners will be able to do hours in three painstaking work. Of course, if you immediately find the right coordinates, then this will greatly reduce the time.

Professionals can install in an hour. According to them, beginners can spend a lot of time with this, but in the end, set up. Everyone is able to install a satellite dish, you just need to have a little patience and everything will work out.

setting the antenna of the telecard yourself

Where is better to get a satellite TV kit

It is better to get all the necessary elements from official suppliers. They, as a rule, have the opportunity to check the equipment, and during installation you will not doubt its operability. Also, you can immediately activate the card "Telecard".


As you saw yourself, there’s nothing complicated in setting up “Telecards”. It only looks laborious at first glance, but in fact, in a few hours you will receive a fairly high-quality television broadcast. Remember that before installing, you need to find out which plate to buy (whether you fall into visibility) and whether there are any obstacles in the signal path. So you protect yourself from problems in the future. If you do not want to do this, then it is better to order the installation from the official suppliers of "Telecards".


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