How to transfer money through a mobile bank: step-by-step instructions, recommendations and reviews

How to transfer money through a mobile bank? Many customers are puzzled by this question. In general, it all depends on in which organization you have an account and bank plastic. Nevertheless, practice shows that most often Sberbank customers use this service. Let's try to figure out how to transfer money through a mobile bank. What do customers think about this opportunity?

Service Description

To begin with, we will deal with the description of the proposed function. The thing is that a mobile bank is a kind of service that helps bank customers manage their accounts directly through a mobile phone. Activation and work occur in different ways: either through a special application, or using specific commands.

how to transfer money through a mobile bank

In principle, a mobile bank is very convenient. After all, now you can carry out all actions directly from your mobile, you just need to appear the need for it. True, some restrictions on operations exist. For example, customers are interested in how much money can be transferred through a mobile bank. Each service has its own limitations. About them a little later. Now let's try to learn how to work with our today's service using the example of Sberbank. Indeed, it is this financial institution, as practice has shown, that is best suited for mobile transfers.


The first stage of work is connecting the corresponding service to the phone. Some banks offer to automatically implement this idea upon receipt of a card, while others allow customers to independently cope with the task.

To understand how to transfer money through a mobile bank, you must first ensure that it is connected. If the help of the organization’s employees has not been provided, go to any ATM of your financial institution and insert a card into it. Have to independently implement the idea.

how to transfer money through a mobile bank

In principle, there is nothing difficult in this. It is enough to choose among all the functions "Mobile Bank" - "Connection". Next, enter your phone number (the one that is attached to the card, this is important) and confirm the action. You can wait for SMS with the completion code. Enter it in the appropriate field, and the job is done!

If you are a client of Sberbank, then most likely you will be connected to a mobile bank immediately after issuing a card . Better not refuse this service. No one knows when exactly it may be required. All actions for you will be extremely quick and easy.

To the card by number

But now you can fully plunge into a mobile bank and explore the possibility of transferring funds through this service. The thing is that there are a lot of options for the development of events. How to transfer money through a mobile bank? In general, the situation is as follows: you send an SMS request to a specific number, and the action happens by itself. Or, if the corresponding application is used, find one or another function there, activate and wait.

how can I transfer money through a mobile bank

Using the example of Sberbank, the first option is considered. And we will start, perhaps, with a rather original case - the transfer of money from card to card. Make it easy and simple. True, you need to know the mobile to which the “plastic” of the recipient is tied. Otherwise, the idea will not work.

How to transfer money through a mobile bank in this situation? Write a message, and then send it to 900 short number. At Sberbank, this service is responsible for the service. The format of the message should be as follows : " TRANSFER RECIPIENT MONEY ". All components are written with a space. The "translation" is best typed in capital letters. You can also use the combinations PEREVOD, PEREVESTI, TRANSLATE. We send a request and wait for a response.

If several cards are tied to a mobile, then a space after “TRANSFER” must be written the last 4 digits of the “plastic”, to which funds are transferred. At the end of all, just send the operation confirmation code received in SMS. That's all. Now we understand how you can transfer money to another person’s card through a mobile bank.


The limitations of this function are also sufficient. It is always important to be aware of them. Otherwise, the money cannot be transferred. Perhaps you should start with the limits. How much money can I transfer through a mobile bank?

how to transfer money through uralsib mobile bank

First, remember the rule: you must write the amount only in whole numbers. No cents. Otherwise, you will receive a message about the impossibility of the operation. This rule applies to all types of mobile transfers.

Secondly, payments from corporate or virtual "plastic" are not made. Currency cards can also be attributed here.

Thirdly, in a day you can carry out no more than 10 operations on transfers to the card via mobile devices. After that, requests are not processed. How much money can I transfer through Sberbank’s mobile bank? No more than 8,000 rubles per day. In principle, this restriction is usually sufficient.

To mobile account (yourself)

Another rather interesting trick is the transfer of funds from the card to one or another mobile phone number. This function is also used very often. How to transfer money through a mobile bank from Sberbank to replenish a mobile phone?

Make it easy and simple. As in the past case, it is necessary to form a message of a special type. It all depends on which of the options you want to try: transferring funds to an attached personal number, someone else’s, or debiting money from one of the existing cards.

how to transfer money through a mobile bank

Let's start by replenishing our own balance. How to transfer money through a mobile bank in this case? Send a message with the transfer amount to 900. Then confirm the operation. It's all. The attached mobile phone will be replenished by the indicated amount. The minimum payment in this case is only 1 ruble, the maximum - 10 thousand. If several cards are tied to the phone, put the last 4 digits of the “plastic” from which you want to write off funds before the payment amount. Nothing difficult, right?

Sberbank and third-party numbers

How to transfer money through a mobile bank from a financial institution Sberbank from your card to someone on the phone? Here the algorithm changes a bit. By the way, the main advantage of such payments is the absence of a commission. Like last time, you need to write a message with a certain text. It will look like this: "TEL number sum". All components are written with a space. Introductory words are recommended to be printed only in capital letters. We send a message to 900 and wait for the results.

How much money can I transfer through a mobile bank from Sberbank to someone else's number? The limits here are much lower than in the previous case. For example, the minimum threshold remains the same, but the maximum is reduced to 3,000 per day. In addition to this amount, you will not be able to transfer funds to one or another person.


Some people do not particularly respect Sberbank and use other organizations for service. In second place is Uralsib. And this bank also has its own mobile bank. It is installed as a special application. Some customers find this method very convenient.

How to transfer money through Uralsib mobile bank? Download a special application and install it on your mobile device. Visit the service of the same name, and then select the "Translations" section. Next, you will have to choose the type of translation. We fill in the details (each service has different ones, but on the whole it’s either a mobile number or another person’s card), confirm the operation and wait for the results.

how much money can be transferred through a mobile bank

What are the limits for transfers? In principle, everything, as already mentioned, depends on the selected function. For example, from 50 to 3,000 rubles can be transferred to mobile devices (similar to Sberbank), and about 10,000 to cards.


So we figured out how to transfer money through a mobile bank. As you can see, the process as a whole is the same for different organizations. And this, of course, pleases.

A word of advice: do not get too carried away with such translations. Always remember the limits. Their excess is unacceptable. If you don’t really like working with a mobile phone for money transfers, you can always resort to the help of Internet services.

Please note that some banks make mobile banking paid. Ask your organization if you will be charged for such a service. Sometimes it’s more logical to abandon it.


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