Jessica gel polishes are not only manicure, but also nail care

One of the most catchy, eye-catching part of a woman’s hand is manicured beautiful nails. Emphasize this beauty correctly, skillfully, artistically applied varnish coatings. It is not easy to choose one that, decorating the surface of the nail, will help keep it healthy and strong. Among the variety of offers, Jessica gel varnishes developed by the “first lady of the nail industry” stand out. So, Jessica Vartuhyan was once called the New York Times.

Basic care rules

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The nails on the arms and legs are horny plates, are part of the human epidermis. They have a multilayer structure, are updated, like the rest of the skin, unfortunately, are susceptible to various diseases. The most common problems of nails include their stratification, roughness, brittleness, poor growth. To this list, it is necessary to add such shortcomings as pigmentation and pale color, which can be easily eliminated by discovering the wide color spectrum of products included in the set of gel varnishes.

Nails, like skin of hands, eyes, scalp, need constant care, attention, care. You can and should take care of them at home, as well as outside the home. The basic rules must be observed:

  1. Respect for nails.
  2. Proper balanced nutrition.
  3. Special firming procedures for nails. Use Jessica gel polishes that make up with them a single integral complex for the care of the nails of the hands and feet.
  4. Properly performed manicure will strengthen the nails. To extend the durability of the coating of nails, to achieve their beauty and health can be, if you use gel varnishes from Jessica.

Way to success

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The head of the company was born in a family of Armenians living in Romania, immigrated to America back in 1962, where she graduated from manicure courses.

Diligence and good faith in the matter helped the girl get a job in one of the Beverly Hills beauty salons, an area of ​​cinema bohemia. A professionally performed manicure made by one of the movie stars was the beginning of Jessica's fast-paced career.

Among those who used the technology, many of the samples of Vartukhian products that were part of the gel polish set included the most famous and influential ladies in the world. Her regular customers were the spouse of US President Ronald Reagan - Nancy, as well as the charming princess Diana, whom Jessica had weaned from the bad habit of biting her nails, and many others.

Cosmetic products

Continuing to work hard and at the same time to do what she loves, the restless Jessica Vartuhyan invests a lot of money and time in a deep study of the subject of her professional activity, searching for and introducing innovations, creating new collections.

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As a result of this activity, new technologies appear, as well as collections to facilitate the work with cuticles, conditioning products, fortifying scrubs, restoring masks, gels with collagen of marine origin, which contribute to the regeneration and nutrition of nails with moisture.

Jessica products have both a decorative effect and make nails strong and resistant to detergents, cleaners that contain chemicals.

One of the important areas of research is the expansion of the color range of products. In spas and shops you can find Jessica gel polish, the palette of which pleases with a variety of all kinds of colors and their shades.


Not limited to the development of hand nail care products, the company is constantly improving products manufactured for pedicure. Due to its special properties, Jessica gel polishes for toenails remain integral longer than other products, do not exfoliate or crumble, and can withstand all kinds of mechanical damage.

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Reason for the success of Jessica products

There is no doubt that the reason for the success of Jessica Vartukhian's products and technologies is her enormous industriousness, great love for the cause to which she devoted her life, and also the talent gifted by God. Her tirelessness and perseverance became the basis of the success that came. Jessica gel varnishes are in high demand both on the world and domestic cosmetics market due to their high functionality, durability in use, and a nail-healing effect. Unlike other gels, the use of hard abrasive compounds is not required to remove these products.

Those who left reviews on forums and salons called “Jessica” varnishes one of the best nail care products that can improve their strength, give a beautiful appearance, and provide an invariable mirror shine for two weeks.

Beware of using counterfeit

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Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous "merchants" who seek to profit in any way and mix unknown substances, calling this product gel polish and using the brand name "Jessica" in its name.

It is difficult to imagine the consequences of using such a product, but a firm created by hard work and having achieved great success will obviously not benefit from such actions.

It is with the goal of not falling for deception that Jessica gel polishes, the quality of which is confirmed by a certificate, should be purchased only from trusted sellers. Also, they are often used by masters in SPA salons.


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