Minimalistic manicure for short nails: description, photo

Minimalism is one of the main trends in nail art in the season 2018-2019. And many masters, and many customers believe that solutions are not suitable for everyday style, the implementation of which requires a lot of hours. In their opinion, time and place for complex designs are beauty contests, and in ordinary life you can limit yourself to something simple and concise.

Not only the masters, but also the girls who prefer to perform manicure on their own took with joy the new trend. To obtain a fashionable design, as it turned out, it is not necessary to masterfully own a brush and buy expensive paints. I liked the ideas of minimalism and those who can not grow or do not like a great length.

But for all its apparent simplicity, this style is quite interesting and multifaceted. It allows you to show imagination, show good taste, demonstrate sophistication. A minimalist style manicure is equally good for creative natures, and for business women, and for bright fashionistas.

Interested in? In our article you will find a detailed description of suitable techniques, popular materials for minimalistic design and a description of all the intricacies of self-coating.

Made in korea

South Korea has long become the main trendsetter in the world in matters of beauty. Broken glass, space design, negative space, aquarium style, stamping, cobweb gel, shinju pebbles and much more - all this was born in this country. At the reception to the masters of Seoul, even Hollywood stars and members of the royal families are joyfully recorded.

So, we have every reason to believe that the minimalist manicure, which was introduced by Korean masters into fashion, will also be relevant for quite some time.

Speaking about the origin of the style, we note that such a design is not the main trend of Korea. Rather, it can be called one of the extremes. The second is a deliberately pompous and artsy style, allowing the use of not only large beads and rhinestones in the design, but even diodes, buttons, wires, chains. Moreover, it is not necessary to be limited to the limits of the nail plate: sparkles and patterns can also be applied to the skin. Of course, not everyone likes this. But to find an ardent opponent of minimalism is hardly possible. Still, this neutral and concise style, if it does not enthrall, it does not cause negativity.

Preferred length

It is believed that a minimalistic manicure for short nails is best suited. You can completely cut off the free edge and perform a laconic discreet design, nails will still look stylish.

minimalist manicure on nails

But this idea is well suited for medium and long lengths. But for complex forms, such as an elongated pipe, age, bridget and even a stylet, the design is not recommended. The work will seem faded, poorly thought out, unfinished. Complex shapes involve either a monophonic coating or a more active design. Although, of course, there are exceptions, it all depends on the idea and skill level.

Colors and shades for manicure with a minimalist design

The style is based on calm pastel shades; tandem of black, white and gray; the muted colors of the earth, clay, a leaf foliage. But this does not mean that bright colors should be completely abandoned. They are especially good for accents, not background.

minimalistic manicure of short nails

One of the advantages of a minimalist manicure is that you can not be bothered with the choice of the main color. Feel free to combine 3-5 shades. The main thing is that they harmonize perfectly with each other.

Design Materials

Perfectly fit in the style of dried flowers. In order to carry out such a design, it is better to first cover the nail with a camouflage base. Flowers and twigs are laid out on the residual stickiness, and then overlap with a transparent base. After drying, top is applied.

minimalistic manicure with dried flowers

Great for minimalism kamifubuki. But in this case there should be few of them: literally one circle on some nails.

Narrow adhesive tapes will help to carry out graphic design in a minimalist style. To prevent the decor from flying off, after gluing it, a base layer is needed.

There are many ready-made elements in sets for sale. These can be squares, rings, crosses, hearts and other figures made of thin sheet metal. Fix them on top of a colored coating on a thick base or modeling gel.

You can find many style-appropriate sliders and stickers, both flat and 3D.

A fashionable novelty - a cobweb gel - is also well suited for minimalistic looks. It is enough to decorate with a lot of thin threads 1-2 nails to get a good result.

In principle, you can beat many materials. But it is better not to get carried away with rhinestones, for minimalism they are too expressive.

We should also say about the top. Velor, velvet, satin finishes are great for calm minimalist designs. Perhaps this is the case when the matte surface looks more advantageous than a deep gloss (although you should not completely abandon the usual tops, they are acceptable).

minimalistic manicure with lines

For building, you can use both camouflage and transparent gel. And in the second case, the free edge can not even be painted. Transparent nails fit perfectly into the style.

Free hands technique

Literally, this translates as "by hand." This name means the simplest drawings made with a thin brush, a liner, or even a stationery simple pencil.

This trend is gradually penetrating into Russia. In the West, masters are still too keen on stamping and painting to abandon flashy designs in favor of primitive drawings.

minimalistic manicure with a picture

A minimalist drawing manicure usually has a simple plot: twigs, a couple of cherries, a bud, a house, a bird, a cat silhouette. Inscriptions drawn deliberately carelessly are also popular. A special chic is ironic words or short phrases, for example: “Design”, “I don’t know how to draw”, “Monogram”. That is, instead of drawing a pattern, the master simply writes its name. Of course, the option is only suitable for girls with a sense of humor. By the way, in fact, most of these designs are done using sliders. There are many suitable options for sale.

Blots, dots, lines

The points placed on each nail near the cuticle, or, conversely, near the free edge, are one of the most popular subjects of minimalistic manicure. You can get an accurate result using the dots.

minimalistic manicure

Blots look great. In addition to the usual shapeless, you can create funny "big-eyed" blots, for drawing which you need only a brush and gel paint in black and white. Such a design is performed on a layer of colored varnish (in this case white), overlapped with a top. A black drop is placed in the center, and then, with a thin linear brush, rays are drawn from it to the edges. After drying, it remains only to add eyes. If the paints do not form a dispersion layer during polymerization, it is not necessary to cover them with a top.

For applying linear patterns, you can use not only gel cobwebs, ready-made stickers, sliders and self-adhesive tape. Even the most ordinary threads will work (as you would expect, such an idea was also born in Korea with the light hand of a master and famous beauty blogger Yenkyung Park). As you can see in the photo, a minimalist manicure made in this technique looks very expressive.

minimalistic manicure design

To get a flat surface, use the thinnest threads. For final alignment, the design is covered with a thick base layer.

The benefits of minimalist manicure

To summarize, we highlight several characteristics that made this style popular with many masters, fashionistas, and beauty bloggers:

  • Unusual appearance, unbroken fresh idea.
  • A wide selection of colors and scenes.
  • There is no need to be able to draw well. Designs are easy.
  • Minimum time to work.
  • Using a variety of decorative elements.
  • Compatibility with images in a different style.
  • Femininity, tenderness, touching.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Particular attention should be paid to accuracy. If you perform a minimalist manicure carelessly, it will look like children's creativity, and not the work of a master with good taste. Therefore, before starting the design, you should carefully prepare the nail plates.


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