The nature and meaning of the name Severin

Severin is a very rare name that has Latin roots. Translated into Russian, Severin means "severe", "strict". In the history of the Russian state, this name has been found since time immemorial, but at present it is almost forgotten.

Name character

This masculine name is able to tell a lot about its owner. Severin is an incredibly calm, sometimes introverted person. He is balanced, with serious outlooks on life. Such concepts as nobility, compassion are not alien to him. Typically, these men are shy, romantic natures. Also in the meaning of the name Severin it is said that from early childhood, children differ from their peers in a high level of responsibility. They approach each business thoroughly and never abandon what they started, preferring to bring everything to its logical end.

meaning of the name severin

Raising a son named Severin is easy. From a young age, boys are disciplined, non-conflict, listen to the opinions of parents. At school, attentive and diligent, enjoy authority among classmates. Often they become elders, favorites of teachers.

The meaning of the name Severin suggests that these adult men are rarely satisfied with their own personality, which is why they break their lives. They are not pleased with the things that they own. Usually these people always strive for the best, inaccessible. Severin is a true dreamer, but he is not ready to work to the limit in order to climb to the top, to get what he wants. He does not have enough determination to radically change his fate or at least a little diversify his everyday life.

After giving your child the name Severin, know that throughout his life he will have problems communicating with others. They have difficulty communicating with both peers and the older generation. Once in the company, Severin will try to stay in the shade, lock himself in. For many, it will seem very strange, hidden. But, despite the difficulties in communication, he will still have real friends who will consider in this person not only a reliable and faithful companion, but also a subtle nature that needs support.


This masculine name will be most suitable for those born under the zodiac sign Libra or Taurus. Throughout life, the patroness of the name will be Venus, and the most successful day is Friday. Animals that bring good luck to Severin are doe, cat. Auspicious color - pink, metal - bronze, stone - beryl.

man's name

The stars indicate that Severin is predisposed to such character traits as:

  • perfectionism;
  • nobility;
  • stealth.


name of severin

The name has the number 5, which indicates freedom of love and independence. People living under the auspices of the Five practically do not listen to the opinions of others. They are guided only by their own considerations, which are based on life experience. It is easier for them to make and look at the result than to engage in analysis, to be in lengthy discussions. Despite the calm nature, these people strive for constant adventure, travel.

They are very gamble and are ready for any adventure, hoping for luck. Very successful in trade relations. The only serious drawback is that the "five" in every possible way try to evade responsibility.

The meaning of the letters

In order to learn more about the meaning of the name Severin, it must be decomposed into letters:

  • C - bright mind, the desire to have stability in the material plane. Annoyed people tend to be capricious and domineering. The main goal is to find the meaning of life.
  • E - the desire for self-realization, insight, occasionally - talkativeness. Often act as an intermediary, always ready to share ideas.
  • In - a close relationship with nature, sociability. The ability to find a creative approach to everything, the desire to make their own future better.
  • E - the desire for self-realization, insight, occasionally - talkativeness. Often act as an intermediary, always ready to share ideas.
  • P - the ability to analyze, which excludes the presence of such a character trait as naivety. Self-confidence, desire to act. These people have enough courage and they like to take risks, which are sometimes unjustified.
  • And - humanity, gentleness and sensitivity, subtle soulful nature. As a rule, a person is hiding behind a mask of callousness in order to hide his vulnerable, romantic essence.
  • N - incredible performance, analytical mindset, a sign of internal protest. These people have enough internal power, which filters the energy of others, not allowing unnecessary negativity to pass through themselves.

As you can see, the letter "E" is present twice, that is, doubles its meaning.

Meaning of the name Severin for an adult male

Severin means severe strict

Usually Severin becomes a successful entrepreneur or television person. He always strives to become a leader, to demonstrate to his superiors his own superiority over other employees. He is very concerned about his financial situation, but he will easily part with money in exchange for universal recognition and fame.


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