5 kopecks of 1934 - coin value, description and history

Collecting money is an exciting experience. You can collect coins of different years of release of your country, as well as foreign copies. Over time, even a commonplace thing acquires extraordinary value. Take 5 kopecks in 1934. This is a simple coin, which at one time was no different from its counterparts and was in the wallet of every citizen of the country. But less than a hundred years have passed, and it is already ranked among expensive coins for collecting.

In the article, we will look at what 5 kopecks of 1934 look like on the one and on the other hand, what its price is in our time, where collectors buy it. Readers will also learn the history of the creation of these coins, why they are so valued today.

Reason for coin value

The year 1934 for numismatists, that is, people interested in the history of money, stands out among the rest of the coins of regular minting in the Soviet Union. It was in this year that large-value coins, such as 20 kopecks, were not in circulation. And all created copies by order were remelted a second time.

collection coin value

As for the coin of 5 kopecks in 1934, it was issued this year in an especially small edition, which included it in the list of the most expensive coins of this year. It is made of aluminum bronze and weighs 5 grams.

The entire circulation of 1934 is also valued due to the small number of varieties of coins. Consider the coin described in more detail.

Obverse, or eagle

In the center of the main side of the coin of 5 kopecks in 1934, the globe is depicted, and on it is a sickle and hammer as symbols of the worker and peasant. Above is a five-pointed star. Below the globe is a semicircle of the sun with direct rays. Around the whole composition lie spikelets of wheat wrapped in a thin ribbon 7 times (three on each side and one turn from the bottom). This emblem is flat, it feels smooth when palpated.

obverse coins

Exactly under the emblem there is an inscription of the USSR with dots after each capital letter. The following words are written around the coin on the obverse side: "Workers of all countries, unite!" The inscription is outlined on the inside with a thin embossed strip. The edge of the coin is made ribbed, which is well felt when examining the edge.

Reverse or tails

The price of 5 kopecks in 1934 is quite high in our time, so it is important to know exactly what a real coin looks like in order to distinguish a fake if necessary. The photo below shows that on the reverse in the center there is a large number five, and the inscription in print: β€œcents” on the bottom. Below is the year of issue of the coin - 1934, under which in the middle there is a major point.

coin reverse

The rim from a thin line from above smoothly passes into two spikelets, intertwining in the center from below. In 8 places small notches were made (3 pieces in each place).

The cost of 5 kopecks in 1934

The price of this coin in the collectors market ranges from 1000 to 22 thousand rubles. The cost depends on the quality of preservation and integrity of the instance. If the coin has dents or scratches, then the cost will be lower.

You can find the desired coin from collectors on numerous sites and forums, as well as buy from famous auctions, for example, Violity, Crafta, Wolmar VIP, Monetof, etc. The average cost of a coin in catalogs is about 9,000 rubles.

Have a good purchase!

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