Black list of Kirov's employers. Employer reviews

Kirov is a regional center, standing on the Vyatka River. Known far beyond the borders of Russia for its folk crafts: Dymkovo toy and Kukar lace. It has a wonderful tradition of celebrating the original holiday "Whistle" and delights the inhabitants of our country with delicious kvass.

But there is a certain element of negativity in urban life - “problem” employers. Even a blacklist of employers (Kirov) has been created. Some of them have already been noted in the All-Russian black list.

Black list of employers, Kiro

Established concept

The most complete information about a dishonest employer is the main goal of the blacklist. If the employer, who invited the applicant for an interview, “appeared” in the black list, one should not blindly trust published reviews of his activities. It is sad, but quite often competitors use such lists, waging an unclean struggle for workers. Therefore, it is recommended to study several reviews, and obtaining information about the employer from various sources will allow the applicant to avoid disappointment and hassle in the process of finding a job.

By the way, forums on sites with “black employers” are able to solve, if not all, then so many problems of ordinary people. But you need to pay attention to the essence of the claims made by critics - perhaps a person is simply offended or angry, although in this situation he is to blame.

Kirov enterprises

What the Kirovites complain about

Most dissatisfied with the city by unscrupulous employers. On relevant resources, deceived workers leave their reviews, which warn new applicants.

Most often described is an endless staff turnover, “space” fines for non-existent violations. We are also talking about tyranny of the authorities, tax fraud, etc. Some reviews about Kirov’s enterprises end with the words: “Pass by, or else you should be!” Residents of the city complain about low wages, non-conclusion of a banal labor contract, dishonesty of the authorities.

But according to experts, the black list of employers (Kirov) is far from the last resort. On the official website of the State Labor Inspectorate for the region there is a tab that allows you to write a complaint about a "bad" employer. A similar form of appeal is on the websites of the Labor Inspectorate and the Federal Service for Labor and Employment of the Russian Federation.


The positive official website of Hangar Plant LLC writes that the company has a strong position in its niche in the metal construction market. The enterprise has special workshops, qualified personnel that undergo mandatory certification every six months, etc. Creative photographs confirm what was said.

But ... reviews of employers (Kirov) on specialized sites and forums simply "shout" about the distress of the workers of this enterprise. The main thing is that wages are not paid. Stokers, in which workers are forced to be, do not meet even the most minimal safety requirements. They are not heated, the floor and walls are one imitation, around there is dirt and unsanitary conditions ....

Employer reviews, Kirov

VZMK LLC - a modern enterprise

The production and construction company on the official website is happy to announce the endless care of its customers, the organization of production according to modern standards and requirements. The remaining information is shared by former employees, however, already on other sites. According to them, the following system is practiced at VZMK LLC:

  • the company is recruiting employees;
  • in the first month with difficulty pays the minimum wage;
  • then - “no money”;
  • gas welders, crane operators and other working people quit, and VZMK is picking up the next batch. Etc.

Workers have not seen money since November 2016. Many of them have already applied to the Novovyatka prosecutor’s office.

Not a job, but a dream

There are still factories in the city of Kirov that are on the list of dishonest employers. We are talking about the Kotelnich Mechanical Plant (OJSC Kotelnich Mechanical Plant, KMZ), which produces equipment for woodworking and agricultural industry, as well as the Trade House of the same name.

Unflattering reviews are dedicated to the Kirov-Chepetsk Chemical Plant (ZAO ZMU KChKhK). In the “Career” tab, available on the official website of the enterprise, information about the prospects of young specialists that the company expects in its production is temptingly presented. They are promised a good career growth, stable work, as well as an experienced mentor. Senior students are offered a fascinating practice, participation in the selection of topics for term papers and graduation projects. The adaptation program will help the young specialist to join the team and improve their knowledge and skills.

Work in Kirov

But as former employees write, “it's all beautiful from the TV screen.” In fact, the employees are treated according to the system: "the fence is still full." As a result, both factories and the Trading House have a crazy staff turnover and constant non-payment of earned money.

Financial and credit organizations

A bright point in the list of unscrupulous employers of the city is “Khlynov Bank”, more precisely, its additional office at 63 K. Marx, and more precisely, the manager of affairs in this office. “Khlynov Bank” was established in early 1990. Over the entire period of work, he achieved very stable financial indicators and today is firmly on his feet. A credit institution provides a wide range of services to both individuals and legal entities.

Factories in the city of Kirov

But in the office on K. Marx, 63 everything is not so rosy. The black list of employers (Kirov) invites you to read reviews (not just one!) Of the employees of this bank branch. They talk about how the manager, on a voluntary basis, forces clients to write complaints about their subordinates (the text is suggested under dictation)! Then, using these “complaints”, he deprives him of the bonus or tries to punish him for disobedience. Allows fraud with bank documents, which is also written off to staff. Employees are almost sure that this person is kept in this place for saving bonuses ...

The shops

Work in Kirov at trade enterprises is not happy either. Many unflattering reviews about the store "Electric goods" on the street. Labor, 71. The staff turnover is amazing. People get jobs, but do not receive wages, and it does not matter at all how much time has been worked out. And if the former employees start too “brazenly” demanding payment of money, the director does not disdain blackmail and deftly invents an article, threatening the court. The store has several branches. The situation is the same everywhere. More than ten people have left; everyone has evidence in their hands in the form of photographs or videos.

Shop "Pyaterochka" on the street. Lenin, 194, is also "awarded" a large number of unflattering reviews. Cashiers and employees of the hall complain about managers who are not aware of subordination or at least a simple respect for their employees.

Recently, the black list of employers (Kirov) has been replenished with an interesting organization - Khimtorg Company LLC. Of the promised salary, only a minimum salary is issued. And then in the case of sick leave, leave (if given) and dismissal. One of the former employees in a recall writes that the head is not aware that slavery has long been canceled! Employees of the organization, regardless of their duties, wash the floors, clean the snow and perform other similar work.

Construction enterprises of Kirov

One of the leaders of the anti-rating of this type of company is LLC Energoinveststroy, located at ul. Lomonosov, 11. Salaries (promised high) are not paid. When hiring, they issue Vyatka Bank salary cards. The director, not embarrassed and not afraid of anything, reports that he will have no laws in the organization and he will not pay anything to anyone. He suggests being satisfied with the experience gained while working at this enterprise. Knocking money out of court is unrealistic. All funds are on the balances of OJSC Severovostokenergostroy, employees are registered in LLC PSP Energostroy. And his balances are empty! People passing through Energoinveststroy LLC warn that this employer has a lot of vacancies, but there is nothing to do there.

LLC "Hangar Plant"

Unique enterprise

The townspeople are indignant at the octopus company Garage 43 LLC (Kirov), registered on ul. Gorky, 5. The main activity is specialized construction work. According to the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation for the Kirov Region, Garage 43 LLC has "ties" with Garage Committee 43 LLC, Brick 43 LLC, Career 43 LLC and CC GSK LLC.

And as the retirees hardly know, both the parent company and its "daughters" have long gone bankrupt. There is no money not only for wages and supplies necessary for work, but also for payments to suppliers and even tenants. Any feedback about these companies encourages job seekers, investors and buyers not to get involved with them, and also warns about the honed skill of "hanging noodles."

Metalworking is also a mess

The organization “Vyatkastroyinvest” (Kirov, Shchorsa St., 70) is engaged in the manufacture of metal structures for construction works and finished metal structures (arbors, hangars, verandas, awnings, greenhouses, stalls, gates, gratings, etc.). So writes one of the sites offering goods and services. Another Internet resource reports that in November last year, it was decided to exclude an inactive legal entity from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. At the same address (Schorsa, 70) several more organizations are registered that are closely related to the activities of Vyatkastroyinvest. For example, KZMK LLC, Vyatka Machine-Building Company LLC, Megalomprom LLC, etc.

Reviews from former employees are filled with anger. Almost everyone writes that of all the frauds, the owner - director "leaves the water dry." All the "daughters" of the parent organization conduct double-entry bookkeeping. Nobody saw the promised average salary. God forbid, get a minimum wage, and when you leave the calculation, you can not wait six months later.

LLC "Garage 43", Kirov

Warn in these reviews and potential buyers. There are cases when the prepayment for a product or service was “as it were”, so much so that it’s impossible to find any ends.


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