Living brighter: a time of change, the best ways, techniques and instructions for changing your life

Most people want change, they know that you need to live brightly. But they do not dare to take any action. They put it off until tomorrow or expect that everything will be decided and will happen by itself. But no, years pass, life goes on, everything is ordinary and monotonous. That is, nothing bright happens. In order to decide on a change, or change everything for the better, to start living brighter, you just need to follow the following specific rules. Let's look at them.

Do not live by the rules

Any person is individual, unique, special. Everyone lives in his own world, as he is comfortable, comfortable, cozy. But sometimes there comes a period when you want to change everything. We can say that it is time to live brightly. To live like this, you do not need to follow any strict rules. This makes no sense. It is better to spend your strength in realizing what exactly you need from life, what you want to do.

you need to live brighter

If you follow the words of the Dalai Lama, a yoga teacher, then yoga will also help to know yourself. In order for life to become vibrant, you need to forget about everything that we were previously taught at school, college — find yourself. This may sound strange, and gives anarchism, but if you correctly understand this advice, you can figure out what needs to be done in order to live your own life, and not someone else's. After all, we often copy someone, imitate someone, try to achieve the same thing as another person.

Follow your goal

Each person needs to understand what is the meaning of his life. What is his purpose and what should he achieve? All people are like a part of one organism, we are all connected by something. But everyone has a mission, a path. If you follow your goal, then a person thus supports his life.

time to live bright

If you copy someone, not live your own life, then only failure and disappointment will be ahead of us. As a result, even the loss of the meaning of life is not ruled out. Therefore, it is very important to understand exactly what it consists of, what your goal is.

Be open

Sometimes it seems that everything is so complicated. Well, how to understand what our mission is? Yes, everything is simple! You need to learn to hear yourself, get rid of stereotypes, be open and ready for new knowledge, become resistant to your worldview, understand what is good and bad, what needs to be done. You also need to know what can make your life brighter.

It happens that you seem to be doing everything right. At the same time, society thinks differently. You need to find a connection with your inner "I". This is necessary so that you understand that your actions are really right. Strive to hear yourself, to believe in your strengths, knowledge, and skills. To do this, get new ones.

Also, for example, question the knowledge that you already possess. Be always open to something new, do not be afraid to change your thoughts, live brighter. This will give you the opportunity to perceive the world as it really is. You can also get rid of prejudices that do not allow you to think soberly.

Choose the right relationship

Probably everyone was wondering why we are communicating with these or those people? It’s fun and easy to communicate with someone, but with someone, on the contrary, it’s difficult and not very pleasant. It may be that it is unbearable to communicate with a person, but he is useful. Therefore, do not be afraid of difficulties, they make us stronger, smarter. Remember, you need to live brightly.

living is bright

Don't judge

Everyone knows that there is a moral: "Do not judge, and you will be a criminal." It’s not even a matter of morality; a person who is capable of discussion has anger and negativity in himself. That is, something does not suit him all the time.

Condemnation begets hypocrisy. For example, someone did something, but not so, and I would not have done so. We should never assert ourselves at the expense of someone else's mistakes or failures. If we condemn, then we have an inferiority complex. That is, we are vulnerable. Condemnation cannot exist next to love and pity, but these are qualities that a person needs as air. Only knowing them, a person’s life becomes bright, acquires rich colors.

No need to judge - everyone has the right to make mistakes. Let everyone learn from their mistakes, fall and stand up. Life is very unpredictable, and no one knows what awaits him tomorrow. Therefore, you need to be condescending to each other. Only over the years does experience, knowledge, skill, patience come to a person. But at any age you need to strive for this. Everyone condemns, everyone is dissatisfied with something at work, at home, at a party. There are always some complaints. Someone didn’t say it, did it wrong, set it there. It is necessary to get rid of this negativity; let everyone live as he likes.

how to live a vibrant life

Every experience gained is priceless.

Everyone learns, starting from kindergarten, then at school, at the institute. Our whole life is a big lesson. No wonder they say: "Live the age - learn the age." And it is true. We have been learning something all our lives, teaching someone. We are mistaken and gain experience from this. Of course, everyone would like to be perfect and not to stumble in life, to do everything only as needed. But, alas, it does not always work out the way we want.

But we have something to strive for. We need to appreciate all the experience that we get throughout life, whether it be good or bad. Do not regret the time spent in vain, about something done, about the missed moment. Time can not be returned. And to live and reproach oneself does not make sense. Just take a lesson for yourself in the future. The main thing is that you now understood what was right and what was not. Then next time you will do the right thing as you need.

Don't be afraid to be afraid

Fear is a normal feeling, inherent in everyone. There is not a single person in the world who is not afraid of something or someone, or for someone. We always worry about our near and dear ones, we are afraid to make a mistake, to do something that we will regret. Do not do this. After all, if you blame yourself all the time for failure, then you will be afraid to do something again, and thus you will not be able to become better, make your life brighter.

Many people are afraid to change something in their lives. That is, they live in their comfort zone. They are afraid to get out of it, try something new, unknown. Do not do this. Yes, fear is normal. You know that he is, but do not pay attention to him, act through your fear. Many warriors, during the war, were afraid to be defeated, killed. But they learned to overcome their fear, and it benefited them. They became brave, courageous, resolute, sometimes capable of turning on cold reason.

I want to live brightly

Do not put off life for tomorrow

Many people still remember the proverb from school: “Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” We are ordinary mortal people, we tend to dream. And that is not bad. After all, dreams have the property to come true. But you need to help them translate into reality.

You need to live here today. Do not turn your life into a dream that someday it will be better, brighter. We need to make a lot of effort so that thoughts become reality, and do not remain dreams, and do not make us angry that nothing is happening. Everything requires willpower, perseverance, labor.

Everyone can live brighter. You just need to strive for this, dream and go to your goal. Yes, of course, sometimes it happens that circumstances are not in our favor and it is simply impossible to achieve something. But you need not sit back, but try, change something.

live brighter

Believe in your strength and in yourself

The most important thing, of course, is faith in oneself, in one's own strength. After all, if you manage to act and you can achieve a lot. Our desires do not just appear. They arise in order to realize them, which means we can do it. We are not sent over what we cannot do. Without faith in oneself, it is difficult for a person to decide on something. And if there is confidence, then there will always be a good result, success, life will sparkle with new colors.

More communication

Do not close yourself from people. Communication is life, we communicate throughout life. Be open to new acquaintances. Even going out with friends will make your life brighter. After all, how wonderful it is to observe the games of children, to sing songs by the fire. After such travels, you will definitely have a photo for memory.

live bright and beautiful

Do not be lazy!

Many people sooner or later tell themselves that I want to live brightly. And this is not surprising. Indeed, sometimes everything starts to bother, life simply “eats”. But they do nothing at the same time. Admit that laziness appears from time to time.

Do not be lazy to do something, strive for something, dream, communicate. Do what you like. Then laziness will take off at hand. As psychologists say, a person is too lazy to do something if he does not see the point. We basically do what we need. That is, we go to work, because it is necessary. Therefore, in order to live brighter, more often do what you are really interested in, that we will bring you pleasure, joy.

live a vibrant life

Love and be loved

Everyone knows that love can work miracles. Try to love something that you may not quite like. For example, work. That is, love what you are doing, and then you will succeed and your life will be bright, as never before, it will gain a new meaning.


We looked at different ways to help you live a vibrant life. Try to use them. You should succeed. Live bright and beautiful and do not be afraid of change!


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