Simple drawing on nails at home. Nail patterns for beginners

It's nice to look at a beautiful and neat professional manicure. Masters of nail art know many methods for creating masterpieces with gel polish and various decorative ornaments. You can diversify a manicure at home with a simple pattern on the nails with varnish. It can be simple patterns, stains, bouquets. If you look at a few nail designs with simple drawings, you will understand that it is not so difficult to complete them. We offer you some tips and trainings on this topic. After viewing the photos and videos, you will immediately understand how to draw a simple drawing on the nails.

simple flowers

Necessary fixtures

Special claw kits are sold in specialized stores. But a simple manicure on the nails (for beginners it will not be difficult to do) can be performed with improvised means. Here's what you can do with a beautiful manicure with a picture yourself:

  • Needle, toothpick, orange stick, scotch tape, foil.
  • Professional nail art is applied with thin brushes, dots.
  • A basic foundation is needed.
  • It will not do without varnishes, gel varnishes, acrylic paints, glitter sprinkles.
  • Acrylic and gel polishes require drying in a lamp.
  • For preliminary manicure you will need a nail file and other accessories of the manicure set.
  • The fastener will put the finishing touch.

Nail preparation

To get started, find a comfortable workplace at home where you can apply simple nail polish to your nails. It should be well lit. Use a lamp with a bulb that does not distort the light. Before you start performing simple drawings on nails at home, prepare the nails. Disinfect the hands, process the cuticle, give the plates the desired shape. Then apply a special transparent tool on the nails that strengthens the future base layer. After this substance has dried, apply the main varnish. For the first time, you can make a monophonic version with a small design of the ring finger. Then you can master the gradient and jacket.

needle drawing

Manicure with simple drawings on the nails with a needle.

So, the base is applied, proceed to the creation of miniature elements. Simple drawings on nails for beginners are easiest to do with sharp tools. Try using a needle. A sewing needle will help to create simple patterns on short nails, after which they will look spectacular. Here are the simplest two steps that will help the needle make an elementary pattern:

  1. Dip the needle into the varnish of the desired color, and then put a few dots with it in any order (in a row, in a checkerboard, in a circle).
  2. Then, with a needle, draw a line through all these points. Get the original petal or twig.

This effect is obtained due to the fact that the sharp end of the needle pulls the yet not frozen varnish. It is possible to make not just points with a needle, but small strips through which to extend a solid line. The needle will also help to create various bright images in the form of butterflies, flowers, feathers, hearts. A variety of abstractions can be performed with multi-colored varnishes with a needle.

feather on the nail

Special device - dots

A simple drawing on the nails at home can be done using a special manicure device - dots. It resembles a crochet hook, only with a small ball at the end. The device is basic, but effective. Instead, you can safely use invisibility, hairpins or a pin with beads on the end. Using the ball at the end of these devices, you can apply various points, commas or other squiggles to the nails. It is enough to dip a ball of invisibility, a hairpin or a purchased pillbox in paint or varnish and apply the intended ornament to the plate. With such devices you can perform original ornaments and drawings:

  • images of seals, ladybugs, bears, dogs, piglets;
  • floral elements;
  • manicure with dots;
  • patterns for the New Year in the form of deer, snowflakes, gifts;
  • seasonal images symbolizing the seasons;
  • abstraction with the game of color.

Making patterns with a brush

Even novice beginners can perform simple drawings on nails at home with thin brushes. It is not necessary to have a professional tool, any brush with a natural pile may come up for a start. Practice first on some smooth surface, and then start to draw curls or lines on the nail plate. On sale there is an alternative solution for brushes - manicure pencil. They are even easier to work with. Take a look at a few tips in our article and start performing the simplest compositions.


Toothpick to help

A toothpick or an orange stick will also help in creating simple nail designs for beginners. The result from them is the same as from the needle, only they are softer, so they will not scratch the base coating. The sharp and thin tip of the toothpick allows you to make the most original curls and stains. For starters, you can make the original asterisk of irregular shape in different colors. A simple pattern will become more chic if you decorate it with rhinestones, broths, pebbles. Securing them is very easy. It is not necessary to apply drawings to all fingers, it is enough to decorate one nail on the hand.

drawing on one nail

Using manicure tape

Novice manicure lovers must make friends with scotch tape. It is different. This is an adhesive tape with which you can create something unusual. Sticky stencils in the form of stripes are often sold, which are easy to create geometric patterns. It is enough to apply the scotch tape pieces in the desired order on a color base, and paint the remainder with a different color. A plain geometric manicure also looks good, like the photo below. After the varnish dries, the stencils are removed from the tape. You can experiment with shapes, shades. You can get a variety of geometric, shapes, Christmas trees, stripes, color blocks, circles.

geometric pattern

Purchased stickers, flash tattoos

New in nail art are considered to be super-fashionable flash tattoos for nails. You don’t even need to draw anything, because these are special stickers in silver, gold and metal color. They are moisture resistant and are applied not only to the nails, but also to the body. They remind figures from a foil. Using them, you can lay out various geometric patterns not only on the nails, but also on the phalanges of the fingers.

Many novice lovers of manicure use special art stickers as drawings on nails. They are different: self-adhesive and water-based. If you don’t know how to draw, they will perfectly diversify the usual plain manicure. You can stick some kind of pattern or the whole picture. It is best to stick such stickers on a white or light base coat, then the picture is clearly visible. Today what types of these stickers are not on sale. You can choose the black and white version for volumetric design. There are also simple stickers in the form of lips, cat tracks, clouds, hearts, fruits, fish. Such stickers are especially popular in the summer, when you can pick up the brightest image in the form of an anchor, dolphin, butterfly, ladybug, berries, flowers.

summer drawing

Spot manicure and floral motifs.

Unusual manicure can be created using the simplest points of different colors. To perform such a point manicure, you will need the above devices. Ball pens and rods can even be used. From the dots, you can lay out a colored rainbow or strawberry, decorate butterfly wings, flower petals. Black-and-white or red-white version of a point manicure is possible.

A fairly simple and popular design is simple floral nail art. Drawing simple flowers is very simple. Cover the nail plates with a base varnish. Next, to draw a flower, use a thin brush. Dip the brush in the varnish of the desired color and put a point on the plate, from it draw two small lines down in different directions. Get the first petal. Similarly, make another 5-6 of these petals. The size of the flower depends on your imagination and desire. After that, while the varnish has not yet hardened, draw thin veins in the middle of each petal, collecting varnish (acrylic paint) from the flower itself. In the center, put three dots that will resemble a core. On the remaining parts of the nail, you can draw another half-flower or several petals to fill the entire space of the nail.

It is even easier to draw solid roses, for example, white on a pink background. It is enough to apply several bends with white varnish or paint, and you will get an original likeness of a rose.


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