Black CEO: definition, methods, techniques and features

The Internet is our everything. Perhaps this is exactly what can be said about its significance in the modern world. After all, if a person has a question, he begins to look for an answer on the Web. And only those sites that occupy the first positions in the search will be honored. Therefore, between all site owners there is fierce competition for space on the search page.

Webmasters use a variety of methods to beat competitors. Some of them are quite accepted by search robots, and some are very risky, as they can drive a resource under the filter. One of these tricks is black CEO, or black optimization. They will be discussed in the article.

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What is optimization?

Before you start studying black CEO, you need to have a general idea of ​​what website optimization is and what it consists of. Website optimization is a method of search promotion of a resource, a kind of complex of techniques that will allow you to occupy the first positions on a search page for a specific request.

Optimization is internal and external. The internal include content optimization (text, image and media files). External optimization is to build the reference mass. That is, the resource should link to other sites of similar subjects. Important is the creation of a semantic core and the selection of key queries. Optimization is usually a long, laborious, and ongoing process. But if everything is done according to the rules, then sooner or later the site will begin to occupy a leading position in the search results.

However, there are methods that help speed up this process. These are the so-called black SEO and gray SEO. What is the difference between different types of optimization?

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Types of CEO

Depending on how the owner promotes his resource, SEO optimization can be divided into several varieties:

  • White SEO optimization. The most honest way to promote a resource. The site advances naturally and gradually.
  • Gray CEO optimization. The promotion technique is not the most honest, but not forbidden, the main thing is not to overdo it.
  • Orange SEO optimization. Its main purpose is to receive traffic by any means. This may include attracting visitors who are not the target audience, and adding keywords that are not relevant to the subject of the resource.
  • Black SEO optimization. It is based on various cunning methods that help to deceive search engines and bring the resource to the TOP.

To understand the difference between white, gray and black SEO, you need to consider specific examples of their functioning.

White CEO

As already mentioned, these are legal methods of website promotion. For clarity, you can bring an example. Suppose a certain resource was registered in the directory of sites in order to get traffic. This catalog has a high TIC and corresponds to the subject of the site. Such registration is not prohibited by search engines, it increases traffic and adds weight to the external link mass of the site.

Gray CEO

The second scenario will look like this: the same resource was registered in the site directory in order to increase the link mass. Often, such directories may not quite correspond to the subject, but this is also not prohibited by search engines.

In fact, there is no difference in white and gray optimization. It depends more on the moral qualities and the conscientious work of the owner of the resource. For search engines, these processes are no different.

black seo promotion features

Black CEO

Here, promotion methods can directly affect the position of a resource during ranking, and most of them are prohibited by search robots. Such methods include the acquisition of links with keywords or the use of cloaking, this is when search engines and visitors see different information.

If you give an example of registering a site in directories, the black optimizer simply orders an auto-link to the main resource in a database of 40 thousand directories. You can register in directories, but here you can see an obvious attempt to confuse search robots during the indexing of a resource. For this basically sanctions are not followed, but also there is little benefit from it.

Techniques of black CEO

So what is black SEO? This is a way to promote the site using prohibited methods. This is a kind of business where research and development is involved in search technologies. Based on them, sites are created whose main purpose is to attract visitors and display monetized advertising content. And the more you know about search technologies, the worse search engines work.

Now it’s clear why they update search algorithms so often.

7 tricks of black seo

But no matter how much they are updated, 7 techniques of black SEO will always work:

  • Hide text. One of the classic ways to promote a resource. Its essence is that the text is full of key requests from the user. To do this, either small print or the absolute identity of the background color and letters is used. Visitors can see only the information they need, and search robots are provided with an abundance of key queries.
  • Cloaking. This is when there are two types of content on the resource: one useful and attractive - for users, the other, inappropriate and with an abundance of keywords - for search robots.
  • Invisible links. To increase the reference mass, punctuation marks or miniature images that are not visible to humans are used as anchors.
  • Doorway In the literal translation "front door". Black SEO promotion is based on the principle of creating low-quality resources and promoting them in the TOP, after that users are redirected to a site that is designed specifically for them. Even today, this method is actively used.
  • Linkfarming. A promotion method in which a whole network of resources is created, which in links point to each other. The so-called mutual link building.
  • Satellite. Features of black SEO promotion are to create a network of resources that help promote the main site in the lead. After the main site refers to these same resources and, thus, all satellites occupy the first search page.
  • Automatic registration. The site is offline registered in special directories and link exchanges.

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A little more about the methods

Now it’s clear what black CEO is. The methods presented above are not the only ones in black promotion technology. There are several more tricks that were not included in the TOP-7:

  1. Spamdexing. This method consists in creating pages that are focused exclusively on search engines. They are distinguished by information illiteracy and a large number of keywords. Moreover, these keywords do not always relate to the subject of the site, but are high-frequency queries that attract visitors (but do not deter them).
  2. Swap This technique is well suited for one-day sites. Its essence lies in the fact that immediately after the site is indexed by search robots and takes the first positions, its contents are completely changed. And until the next indexation by search robots, the site occupies a leading position. This technique is most often used for short-term projects. Such sites are called one-day butterflies, although their life is bright, but short.

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The benefits of black optimization

It has long been believed that black CEO is a disgusting way to promote a resource on which there is nothing useful. And after a few months the site falls under the filter, and all the work goes down the drain. But there are tricks that help in creating quality content. There are situations when you need to hide a certain part of the text from the user. In this case, you can use the "display: none" style. A ban will not follow for him, although the weight of the keyword will decrease slightly.

Those who work with block elements can use the “text-indent: -1000em” style to hide everything that is needed, but interferes with viewing the content. A useful thing would be to use the noframe and noscript tags. If you put links in them, then the user will not even guess about their existence, but the search engines will pay attention. This method is relevant when the owner wants to place referral links on his site. It receives traffic, part of the weight of the page goes to the partner’s site, and users simply enjoy viewing the content.

what is the difference between white gray and black seo

Refuse or not?

Most optimizers are categorically against the use of black SEO, because in addition to filters, search engines can completely exclude a site from the search index. Black optimization focuses on the promotion of the resource by methods that do not correspond to the leadership of search engines. Optimizers are encouraged to make websites with useful and unique content, and to use only legal methods for promotion, that is, white optimization.

But it’s hard to agree with that. If you think logically, then some methods of black CEO are not so bad, and you can use them without fear of sanctions. Of course, this does not apply to such methods as hidden text and links, cloaking and doorway. As for linkfarming and creating satellites, these are excellent strategies that will help achieve what you want. But only on condition that they will be done manually, and not customized by robots. In this case, the black CEO turns into white.

In optimization, as in business, you need to see benefits even in a loss-making enterprise. Combine seemingly incompatible ideas and understand where the boundaries of the permissible end. Only in this case, even black optimization can benefit.


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