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For almost a hundred years, the famous German trading house Dallmayr has been producing a wide assortment of excellent coffee, whose blends are distinguished by high quality and rich taste and aroma. Dallmeier is coffee that needs no introduction. Throughout its long history, the brand has repeatedly disappeared from store shelves, and then reappeared - reborn as an active market participant, like a Phoenix bird.

dallmeier coffee beans

About brand history

Dallmayr coffee production dates back to 1933. The history of the brand is associated with the name of Conrad Werner Ville, who at that time was considered a highly skilled specialist and connoisseur of coffee. Conrad opened a coffee department in the famous Munich Dallmayr delicatessen and took personal control of the entire production process of the popular drink. For 10 years, the company successfully presented its high-quality product on the market, the post-war times were difficult. In the 60s of the last century, Dallmayr coffee was already produced in an independent coffee factory and enjoyed well-deserved recognition among coffee lovers in Bavaria.

Today, this brand is a full member of the international market, a leading supplier of high-quality drink, appreciated by fans around the world.

Features of production and taste

"Dallmeier" - coffee on the market in a wide range of both grain and ground types of drink. Connoisseurs are given the opportunity to enjoy exquisite blends created from pure Arabica or its mixture with Robusta. According to numerous reviews, Dallmeier is a coffee whose aroma and taste vary depending on the degree of roasting of the beans. Lightly roasted, the drink is given berry-fruit acidity, medium - the saturation of the chocolate-nut flavor. Thanks to dark roasting, the drink is complemented by a noble bitterness, which is especially appropriate when making espresso or classic Americano.

Dallmeier Coffee Beans

It is known that the author and creator of the brand worked hard to create a blend with exceptional taste, worthy of the attention of true gourmets. The result of his work was premium coffee in grains of varying degrees of roasting, produced in a vacuum package that helps preserve a rich aroma. The classic Dallmeier cereal is complemented by the following varieties:

  • Prodomo.
  • Crema d`Oro.
  • Espresso d`Oro.
  • Ethiopia.

During the preparation, as lovers of the drink noted, coffee acquires a rich aroma and delicate froth. This variety is used in the preparation of Shumli and Cafe Crema.

The advantages of the Dallmeier grain, according to users, are the presence of the aroma of dark chocolate in the drink, its extreme taste, the absence of bitterness, and a moderate tonic effect. The disadvantage is the high cost of the variety.

Instant and ground coffee

In addition to grain, Dallmeier produces exquisite varieties of ground and instant coffee, in which users pay attention to their distinctive taste and aroma. Also note the ease and speed of preparation of them an unsurpassed drink.

Dallmeier coffee: reviews

The unusually clean and impeccable taste of the drink, as well as its stylish design deservedly attract the attention of consumers. Judging by the reviews, the brand was awarded the recognition of an army of fans. Coffee lovers call it a drink for true gourmets who know how to appreciate and allow themselves all the best. "Dallmeier" - coffee, designed, according to the authors of the reviews, is very presentable, so any of its varieties can be purchased for those who puzzle over options for presenting to a friend or colleague. In the market, the brand is represented by a rich variety of species.

Dallmeier Classic

The variety is ground coffee made from pure Arabica. Grains by the manufacturer are carefully selected and fried to a light golden color. The drink is characterized by users as quite dense and strong and at the same time characterized by softness and an unsurpassed, bewitching, alluring aroma.

dallmayr prodomo

The taste of this variety, the reviewers characterize as very soft, smooth, devoid of acid and bitterness. It is balanced, calm and self-sufficient, in addition, it is endowed with a pleasant chocolate-caramel aftertaste, consumers say. In a cup of coffee, they share, in addition to the smell of chocolate, you can enjoy the tartness of cocoa, the sweetness of vanilla and the bitterness of almonds. The classic Dallmeier is a low-caffeine coffee. It is recommended to be used for brewing in a Turk, as well as for cooking in a coffee machine or coffee machine. In the market, this variety is offered in vacuum packaging weighing 250 g. Approximate price: 200 rubles.

Dallmeier Sonderclass

The variety is a pure arabica grown in the highlands of Ethiopia. Reviews mark its perfect pure taste, emphasizing the uniqueness of the variety. In the drink, users appreciate the low caffeine content and bright aroma.

dallmeier coffee

Dallmeier Kilimanjaro

The variety is represented by ground coffee made from high-quality arabica coffee (Africa). It differs in richness and good balance of taste, complemented by light floral notes.

Dallmeier Neiva

This variety is a Colombian arabica grown at high altitude in the Andes or in Colombia. Users note in the blend the presence of a rich persistent aroma and amazing taste, complemented by light citrus notes.

Dallmeier Sul de Minas

This is a monosort Brazilian coffee, distinguished, according to consumers, as a pleasant aftertaste. In addition, the original nutty flavor attracts attention in the drink.

Dallmeier Ethiopia

This is the name of the ground variety from high-quality Arabica (Ethiopia). As the authors of the reviews noted, a freshly prepared drink is distinguished by an elegant taste and a light aroma of flowers.

Dallmeier Standard

The variety is ground coffee of medium roast. The taste of the drink, according to reviews, is devoid of bitterness. According to fans, the variety is somewhat reminiscent of Italian coffee, but differs in a softer and more pleasant taste.

Prodomo is the undisputed favorite of consumers

Dallmayr Prodomo is the perfect blend of high-quality Arabica grown in Ethiopia, India and Guatemala. According to reviews, this type of coffee has a special taste and aroma. Lovers characterize it as a drink, devoid of any bitterness or acid.

dallmayr coffee

Dallmayr Prodomo is highly regarded by consumers who, not sparing enthusiastic epithets, admire its pleasant delicate taste and persistent captivating aroma. The authors of the reviews note the high German quality of the variety: the grains in the package are the same size, there are no damaged or shriveled grains, all of them are evenly fried, have a rich brown color. Consumers note that grains of this variety exude a pleasant aroma of dark chocolate. In the process of grinding, you can feel that a slight acidity appears in the aroma (essential oils are oxidized). The divine, indescribable, aroma spreads not only throughout the kitchen, but penetrates even the rooms.

Many users call the taste of the drink breathtaking: it is deep, rich, soft and truly noble. Bitterness is completely absent in it, users note, it is very pleasant to drink it. The nature of the invigorating effect is defined as moderate, occurring gradually, and not suddenly.

Dallmayr Prodomo, according to consumers, is able to turn the morning ritual of making and drinking coffee into a great start to the day. The authors of the reviews strongly recommend that all lovers of quality coffee treat themselves and, despite the price (a package of 500 g costs 800 rubles), buy this variety for yourself.

coffee dallmeier reviews

Dallmayr is known as one of the best European coffee brands. Its high-quality products, despite the relative high cost, are always in great demand among consumers.

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