Growing flowers in a greenhouse as a business. Flower Growing Business Plan

What is the most profitable to grow for sale? Maybe strawberries, tomatoes? Or flowers? Of course, with the right approach, any ornamental plant or vegetable crop will bring considerable income. But what will be more economically feasible? In this case, it all depends on your preference. But many are attracted by growing flowers in a greenhouse. As a business, this is a good option. After all, a year you can get up to three million rubles, while investing only 100 thousand.

growing flowers in a greenhouse as a business

Where to start

Since the business in this area is connected with the land, the first thing to do is to choose a suitable plot. It can be a house in the village, a garden or a garden. The main thing is that this piece of land can be redeemed or rented. You may also need documentary evidence that you are considered the owner of a private household. This stands for personal household plots. Documents can be obtained from the local government: the administration of a rural village, a garden partnership, and so on.

Of course, this type of activity is significantly different from the rest and does not have a legal status as an individual entrepreneur. However, LPH has many other benefits.

Greenhouse thermos: ideal

Growing flowers in a greenhouse as a business has several advantages. First of all, this type of activity practically does not require paperwork. And most importantly, the main costs are only in the construction of the premises and in the purchase of seeds.

Of course, a year-round growing of flowers will require a winter greenhouse, which will be equipped with a special heating system. For many, the construction of such a design causes many difficulties. Therefore, experts recommend installing greenhouses-thermoses on their site. Such facilities save about 70% of the consumed electricity. After all, the greenhouse thermos makes the most of the heat of sunlight.

Foundation laying

The greenhouse for flowers should be strong and reliable. Therefore, in any case, you have to lay the foundation. If the greenhouse is put on bare ground, then the beds along the walls will freeze. When building a greenhouse, the foundation is best done with a tape, not too deep and reinforced. At about a depth of 0.7 meters, pour a gravel-sand cushion, and then bring it to a height of about 0.5 meters. After that, you can fill the foundation. At the same time, the height of the base should be more than 0.3 meters.

Greenhouse frame and cover

It is best to make a greenhouse from a metal profile of light alloys. After all, a frame made of wood or metal will be heavy. In addition, the blackout area will increase significantly.

But the coating for the construction is better to choose polycarbonate. After all, a winter greenhouse should have a pitched roof and withstand quite large loads. Only polycarbonate can cope with such tasks. Growing roses in a greenhouse of this kind will bring only pleasure. After all, plants will not freeze and die. The main secret is that the structure must be covered with several layers of polycarbonate. The result is several thermal packages. Between such sections there will be constant air exchange. Of course, for this, several holes should be made in the frame of the thermos greenhouse . At the same time, it must be ensured that the workload does not decrease.

winter greenhouse

Solar collectors required

Conventional solar collectors make small sizes. Their area is only 0.5 square meters. meter. A similar device processes solar energy and converts it into heat, which enters the room through ventilation. How to equip a thermos greenhouse with a similar product? Everything is quite simple. The entire northern part of the building is one continuous solar collector. It can be equal to 50 square meters. As a result, the device gives as much heat as necessary for normal plant growth. In some cases, it is necessary to ventilate the room.

In order for tulips to grow well in a greenhouse, for example, certain rules for equipping rooms with solar collectors must be observed. In addition, the system itself, which supplies warm air, requires special attention. A similar design is made of plastic pipes in which several holes are pre-made. The system surrounds all beds with plants with a coil. At the same time, they are laid above the ground, and not below it. Each end of the pipe should be equipped with a fan: one draws in cold air, and the other feeds hot into the system. That's all. Watering in a greenhouse should also be done automatically. This will greatly facilitate the work. The winter greenhouse is ready. It remains to plant plants.

Choose the soil

At this stage, you can save some money. Growing seedlings of flowers requires not only skill, but also preparation. First of all, you need to determine which type of soil is best for the selected flowers. You must admit that the success of the enterprise depends on the composition of the soil. Therefore, beginning gardeners have a question about where to get the right amount of soil for the greenhouse and how to determine its composition. So, let's take the most common flowers - roses. To plant them, you need to take the earth out of the greenhouse to a depth of 0.5 meters, and then fill the vacated space with a suitable composition.

At the same time, it makes no sense to buy special soil in packages. In this case, you just go broke. It is not known where to import soil with cars - this is not the best option. After all, the composition of the soil is completely unknown to you. What to do? The answer is simple and lies under your feet. There are many ownerless meadows, fields and plots of land at the edge of the forest. For the greenhouse, only soddy soil, previously prepared, should be used.

growing flowers for sale [

How to prepare the ground

Growing flowers in a greenhouse as a business requires a special approach not only to the selection of planting material, but also in soil preparation. To do this, in early spring at a time when the ground thaws about 15 centimeters, it is necessary to cut it. Of course, not completely. It will be enough 8 centimeters. The resulting soil must be transported to the place where it will ripen. In other words, closer to the greenhouse. Only after that the shot turf needs to be formed into shoulders. Their width should be at least one meter, and height - from 0.7 to 0.8 meters. The finished collar should be covered with a material, preferably opaque.

When the days become warmer, the folded soil must be watered with water and covered with a transparent film. Only in this case the biological irreversible processes - burning, will begin in the land, piled in piles. In the deep layers, the temperature of the soil will reach about 70 Β° C above zero.

As a result of this, all seeds of weeds, harmful viruses, as well as the larvae of various insects, will simply die. Such soil in its composition will be as close as possible to sandy loam that is light and highly enriched with various fertilizers. That is what is necessary for the successful cultivation of any crop.

tulips in the greenhouse

Planting material must be of high quality.

So, you decided to plant flowers. Growing plants for sale requires a careful selection of planting material. Otherwise, you will work at a loss. When the soil is prepared, and the greenhouse is equipped with various heating and watering systems, it remains to acquire seeds and start earning. Of course, there is no particular sort of flower that is the best. Each species, such as roses, is unique and has its own advantages. In addition, demand in the flower market is constantly changing. Where to get planting material?

It is best to purchase seeds or seedlings in agricultural nurseries that specialize specifically in the cultivation of varietal plants. In this case, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the planting material. After all, such enterprises sell large quantities of seeds and seedlings. This indicates that the plants are grown in accordance with all requirements. In addition, in these places, mainly selected varieties of flowers are selected. Planting material must be of high quality. Especially if you are growing flowers with seeds.

growing roses in a greenhouse

Business model

It’s better to build your business according to a certain model. So, there should be a thermos greenhouse with an area of ​​100 square meters, as well as a certain variety of plants. In general, this is one production unit, which should be based on at the very beginning. Growing flowers in a greenhouse as a business does not endure haste. Therefore, to begin with, it is worth mastering just one model. Do not expand if you have not learned how to grow your chosen variety of flowers. Otherwise, you may lose money. At the same time, one needs to study not only the technique of growing flowers of a certain type, but also the ways of their implementation.

Of course, do not focus on just one model. When a certain experience appears, you can begin the expansion. How to do it?

Wholesale supply

Alas, in our country there is no flower exchange. Therefore, the search for customers will have to do it yourself. And it’s not so simple. Suppose you know how to grow flowers in a greenhouse, but this is not enough to make a profit. You need to know how to sell finished products. What is better to focus on?

First of all, it is worth paying attention to large flower salons, markets, shops, as well as pavilions. However, it is worth remembering that such outlets already have a certain wholesale supply system. You will have to somehow wedge into it. The surest way to sell a product is to reduce its value.

greenhouse for flowers

Own flower pavilion

So how to sell flowers? Growing on the sale of plants can become a loss-making enterprise if you do not find a way to market products. Opening your own pavilion will significantly increase your income: about two times. However, there are some nuances here. Realizing only one variety of flowers, you should not expect a high income. For this you need a large assortment of goods. There are several ways to solve this problem. The first is to build another greenhouse and grow a variety of plants in it. And the second is the purchase of missing lots in bulk from other suppliers. The result depends on your entrepreneurial abilities and the specific case.

Sale of planting material

Selling seedlings and seeds can be an additional source of income. It is worth noting that plant breeding does not require the presence of another greenhouse. This can be done in a warm period of time in open ground. In addition, cut plants are perishable goods. While planting material can last up to 12 months. For this you only need special packaging in the form of containers.

Floristics and related products

If before buyers were satisfied with a simple bunch of flowers, today they need its appropriate design. To increase sales in your flower pavilion, you should invite a professional florist who can create very beautiful flower arrangements. It is worth noting that this method allows you to increase profits by almost 20%.

Also in your flower pavilion you can sell pots for plants, soil in bags, chemicals and all kinds of fertilizers.

Initial investment

In this article of expenditure, everything is very clear. The main costs are planting material, as well as the construction of a greenhouse. How much should you spend in the first stage? So let's count. According to the latest data, a square meter of a greenhouse covered with polycarbonate and with a fully automated irrigation system will cost about 2290 rubles. To this amount it is worth adding the cost of the foundation, heating, as well as the installation of the entire structure. The result is a coefficient of 2. If you multiply it by the cost per square meter of a greenhouse, you get 4580 rubles. How much does the construction cost completely? A greenhouse with an area of ​​100 square meters will cost 458 thousand rubles.

If you decide to grow roses, then it is better to buy planting stock in bulk. In retail, one bush costs about 300 rubles. With a bulk purchase, one rose will cost a third less. On a square meter of the greenhouse, 4 bushes can be planted. In the end, you need 400 roses. However, it is worth remembering that not all roses can take root. In the end, you will need to purchase about 100 more plants. That is, for seedlings of roses will have to pay about 125 thousand rubles.

how to grow flowers in a greenhouse

Additional expenses

As you can see, the initial investment is a fairly decent amount. But that is not all. To the amount of total investments equal to 583 thousand rubles, it is worth adding the basic expenses for the maintenance of the greenhouse and the care of plants: chemicals, heating and watering. For all this, it will be necessary to give 47.25 thousand rubles.

As for chemicals, they will be required in any case. After all, every plant is susceptible to attacks of various pests. About 36 thousand rubles are spent on such funds a year. Will all costs cover income? 83 250 rubles will be spent on additional expenses per year.

What income?

The business plan for growing flowers is quite simple. But many doubt whether this type of activity is beneficial? With the usual technology of growing from one seedling of a rose per year, you can get about 250 flowers. What is the result? With one square meter of a greenhouse per year, you can collect 1000 copies. And from 100 square meters - 100 thousand roses. Even if you sell the product at a minimum price of 40 rubles apiece, you can get 4 million rubles per year.

If you subtract all expenses from the profit, then the net income will be a fairly decent amount. So, from 4 million you need to take away 83,000 rubles. The result is 3.9 million rubles.

Is it profitable to grow flowers for sale

According to the latest data, the profitability of this type of activity is 70%. You can start the project within a month, but it will pay off for 8. The first profit will appear only after six months. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the business model, which includes the care and cultivation of flowers, is quite flexible. It has no definite boundaries. The owner of such a business can change the model and supplement it at its discretion. With the right approach, profits will only grow.


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