Qigong: 15-minute complex is able to heal and make the body beautiful

Recently, various types of fitness and breathing practices have gained immense popularity. One of them is Qigong.

What is Qigong?

The word "qigong" consists of two Chinese characters:

  • qi means breathing;
  • "gun" is the regular conscious improvement of exercises.

Qigong is a philosophical system developed by the Chinese, practically an art. It includes not only physical exercises and breathing practices. Qigong is also work with your own consciousness. Practice is inextricably linked with many martial arts based in China, is an integral part of them.

Chi energy is the basis for the proper functioning of the human internal organs. This is the main postulate of Qigong practice. A 15-minute set of exercises allows you to restore the work of organs, cure some diseases, and achieve longevity.

Qigong 15 minute complex

During practice, the following positive effects are achieved:

  • enrichment of the body with oxygen;
  • increased blood circulation and metabolism;
  • muscle tension relief;
  • the removal of toxins from the body.

How to learn to perform the Qigong complex?

First of all, one should accept the postulate that Qigong is an ancient Chinese science. This will help bring the brain to the state of rest necessary for exercise through achieving full mental focus.

To successfully practice Qigong, decisiveness is required. In general, everyone can learn this. However, the desire to engage in should not be just a tribute to fashion or the pursuit of new products. Moreover, it is necessary to practice Qigong regularly. The 15-minute complex, performed daily, will bring much more benefits than spontaneous even longer sessions.

Another fact is that all movements cannot be performed blindly. Here you definitely need an experienced mentor who will direct you in the right direction.

Exercises by Lee Holden

Recently, a video that displays a 15-minute Qigong complex with Lee Holden has been widely used. This is a worldwide recognized master. He is fluent in technology.

15-Minute Qigong Complex with Lee Holden

For the best effect from exercise, you should ensure maximum fresh air. To do this, it is useful to open a window, go out into the forest or park. By the way, outdoor activities help, among other things, get a boost of energy from the outside world.

It is useful to conduct such classes at the beginning of the day. If you replace the exercises with Qigong exercises , the 15-minute morning complex will cheer up and give strength that will not run out during the day.

  1. Exercise to warm up. Starting position: while standing, straighten your back, arms freely lowered. Climb on your toes and with a light tap, lower your heels to the ground. Perform the exercise until the feet are well warmed up.
  2. Energy ball. Hands are raised in front of themselves at the level of the abdomen, elbows are slightly bent, palms are looking at each other. It is necessary to imagine that between the palms there is an elastic ball. Gently raise and lower our hands, as if squeezing and unclenching this ball.

Qigong 15 minute morning complex

Only two basic exercises are described here. Due to the fact that you don’t need to perform them uncontrollably, it is better to look for video tutorials on Qigong practice. A 15-minute set of such exercises is now especially popular and widespread.

Important points

Huge changes occur in the human body under the influence of Qigong practice. A 15-minute complex can lead to tremendous results. With proper exercise, the following effects occur:

  • lightness of mind, slight perspiration;
  • limbs are numb;
  • formication;
  • fullness of power, sound sleep;
  • normalization of the digestive tract.

Qigong 15 minute complex

Naturally, such signs are not manifested in all and not always. However, they show that the exercises are performed as efficiently as possible.

Thus, Qigong is an excellent physical work and philosophy that is suitable for absolutely everyone. However, they should be carried out based on the experience of a professional mentor.

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