Stylish and fashionable coral manicure.

Choosing the right manicure for a particular outfit is not so difficult. Especially if you follow a few simple rules. So, for example, coral manicure goes well with all shades of red, pink, mint and some types of blue. However, this is not all that needs to be considered.

coral manicure


To coral manicure was appropriate, you must first determine the shade of varnish. Yes, there are several of them. Some are softer and more tender, some are brighter and more provocative. It is believed that if bright shades prevail in the selected outfit, then it is better to choose a โ€œmanicureโ€ manicure, that is, softer and more gentle. This gives the image harmony and completeness. That is why the masters of nail art are advised to choose a coral-colored manicure not for just one outfit, but for most of the things in the wardrobe. Or at least for the clothes that are planned to be worn during the week.

coral manicure photo


An important part is nail art. Coral manicure with a pattern looks very stylish, especially if you take into account modern fashion trends that dictate their own specific rules. Monophonic varnish is no longer in trend. That is why it is worth learning the simplest patterns and drawings. This will significantly save money on going to the salon.

Marine Theme

You can make such a simple but effective coral manicure (photo No. 1) with a beautiful design in a matter of minutes. It will be required:

  • base color varnish;
  • white lacquer with a thin brush;
  • clear nail polish.

If there is no special varnish with a thin brush, then you can use a regular brush from liquid eyeliner. It must first be thoroughly washed in running water, and then dried.

Nails are carefully filed if necessary, then covered with a transparent varnish. It is good if there is a special base for manicure with vitamins and minerals, which protects the nail plates from external negative factors. When the transparent layer dries, coral varnish is applied to it. If there is a need (for example, obtaining a more saturated and dense shade), then the action is performed twice. It is worth remembering that each layer must be thoroughly dried, otherwise the manicure will be smeared.

When the above steps are completed, it is necessary to prepare a sheet of paper. It is on it that it is better to make the first strokes with a thin brush. So it is more likely that the lines will be neat and clear. To get the coral manicure shown above (photo with anchors), first on the ring finger draw broken lines with sharp โ€œpeaksโ€, and then on the index finger - an anchor.

When the design dries completely, it is covered with transparent varnish, quick drying or a fixing agent for manicure. In one very thin and even layer. There is a little trick that helps you draw patterns faster and more accurately. So that the varnish does not stretch and does not thicken in the process, it is first put in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. So it is suitable for work longer.

coral manicure photo

Stylish and fashionable.

Such a coral-colored manicure (photo above) will appeal not only to glamorous ladies, but also to quite ordinary girls who want fashionable, fresh and trendy nail art. By the way, you can do it yourself.

It will require:

  • golden foil for nail art;
  • shiny micro dust;
  • coral varnish;
  • clear nail polish;
  • scissors and tweezers.

First, the nails are coated with a transparent varnish or base to extend the life of the manicure in the future, and then the base color is applied to all nails, except one nameless. There is absolutely no use for color. The foil is cut or torn into very small pieces. The nameless nail is covered with a transparent varnish, on which, until it has dried, pieces of foil are laid out with tweezers. You can straighten it with the back of the tool.

All nails are again covered with transparent varnish, but micropowers are also sprayed on the index in the cuticle area. Masters recommend performing this action with a fan brush. So the spray area becomes larger, but the material is dispersed more uniformly and accurately. Stylish manicure of coral color (photo is presented just above) is ready!

coral manicure

More design options

Coral manicure, as well as any other, is good because you can combine several types of design. For example, marine and glamorous. In the photo above, it is perfectly conveyed. This combination gives the image a twist. And most importantly, it is suitable for a party, and for a date, and for everyday wear. A kind of universal option for any occasion.

Coral manicure looks very impressive with acrylic paintings or lace stickers. The latter can be used at home without any prior preparation. It is enough just to put the varnish on the nails, let it dry, and then carefully place the lace in those places of the nail bed, where it would look appropriate. Covering such a design with a transparent varnish is not necessary at all.

patterned coral manicure

Some tips

That the manicure turned out really stylish and beautiful, you need to learn how to correctly combine colors. For example, coral looks good with gold, silver, and metallic shades. However, one must adhere to measures. If you are thinking about coral manicure, then the main emphasis should be on the coral color, and the rest should only complement it. Not more than 35% of the total design area. Especially complex elements are best drawn first on paper, and then on the nails.


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