How to broaden your horizons? What books are worth reading

If in school years class teachers tormented us with tests in order to test our horizons and erudition, then in adulthood we have to rely only on our own feelings, the opinions of others and so on. First you need to understand that it is time to take care of yourself. The following factors indicate this: you began very often to say that you can’t cope with a particular task, and in work every day for you is insurmountable difficulties. Perhaps at the moment you do not see any way out, but believe me, there is one, and the search for a solution to the problem is limited only by the breadth of your horizons. A limited outlook reveals an inability to maintain a conversation, which entails communication problems. In any case, at one stage or another in life, broadening one's horizons is a strict necessity. May every new day be an occasion to learn something new and unknown.

reading to broaden your horizons

Where to begin?

Of course, not all people need to broaden their horizons on purpose, some are just curious in nature, and a day without new information is a waste for them. They rarely lack new knowledge, but such people are more likely a minority than most. We are so absorbed in daily worries and work that there is absolutely no time left for our own development. Here comes the time when you have to think about how to broaden your horizons, and there are already a lot of ways invented. And it’s not even necessary to attend courses and trainings. You can engage in your own education in any convenient place and at any convenient time, for example, using books for self-development and self-improvement. Our favorite gadgets also help us with this.


The easiest ways to broaden your horizons

To engage in self-education, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive courses, you can do this in absolutely familiar conditions:

  • The most lazy ones can watch not informative shows, but informative programs. On the Internet you can find a huge amount of necessary information, interesting facts, useful interviews with famous people.
  • Nothing can replace live communication, and this is also a great way to broaden one's horizons. People who are more competent in some areas often share their experience with pleasure, it is only important to be able to listen and apply knowledge in practice. Let your every conversation not be idle chatter, learn to highlight the main thing and discuss those topics that interest you. Do not litter your head with unnecessary information.
  • Nothing to do? Books for self-development and self-improvement will come to the rescue. This is a great way to broaden your horizons. Everyone can have a list of these books, experiment with genres, study what you have never been interested in before. Here we are talking about both professional and fiction.

Expanding horizons is much easier than it seems. No need to put an end to yourself, recharge with motivation, desire, set a goal and move forward. What is the basis for expanding horizons?

how to develop


Nothing develops horizons like travel. Here there is a place not only to receive new information, but also to practice the language, to meet new people. Having been in a new place, you will definitely remember everything you saw and heard, because these are new emotions and impressions. It’s better to see the Eiffel Tower once than to hear about it a hundred times. Only by traveling, you will learn the culture of other countries as it really is, and not as described in textbooks. The only negative of this method of broadening one's horizons is the high cost. But you can’t travel abroad, you can travel within your country or even your city. Take your bike and go to a place where you have never gone before and never ridden.

erudition and horizons

Learn new foreign languages

Knowing the language will not only facilitate your journey, but will also give you the opportunity to communicate with locals without problems, thereby studying their culture and life. Knowledge of at least the English language makes it possible to study the latest news before experts have time to translate all this into Russian. You can even make money on it. We all know that most of the ideas, programs, new technologies are initially presented to the world in English. Start learning new languages ​​and you will become an interesting conversationalist.

Chat with new people

Suppose you don’t have the opportunity to travel, learn new professions and so on, but is there always the opportunity to communicate with different people? Meet a topic who travels and knows more than you. There is nothing shameful about this, you will get the maximum benefit from such communication, and a person will have the opportunity to be useful to someone and share experience. Communicate not only with those with whom your interests coincide, for example, with classmates or colleagues. Pay attention to diversified people, let them talk about the earlier you, perhaps, were not even interested.

how to travel

Learn something new every day

Expands the horizons and increases the level of erudition knowledge of various interesting facts. You can read books that broaden your horizons, you can study useful information on the Internet. And you can already communicate on those topics that you could not support earlier. Pay attention to incoming information daily, remember important facts and practice. Indeed, knowledge without practice does not make sense. The main thing is that the information received is true, otherwise the horizons can be considered distorted. Try as much as possible, if the information is obtained from an unreliable source, check it for truthfulness.

What films to watch and what books to read?

You can broaden your horizons with the help of films and books. Spend time on useful movies, not stupid comedies. Films that broaden one's horizons can be considered the following: "Shawshank Redemption", "Legend No. 17", "In the Wild", "The Green Mile", "Oil", "The Man Who Changed Everything." What to read to broaden your horizons? First of all, any classical literature is suitable. Pay attention to the following books: Mikhail Khomich, “Millions on Butterflies,” Denis Borisov, “The Catechism of Man,” Bruce Hood, “The Brain Tamed,” Aldous Huxley, “Oh Brave New World,” and so on. Read, learn, develop!


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