Children's manicure on short nails: features, interesting ideas and recommendations

From early childhood, little princesses, like their mothers, try to take care of themselves. They love to try on luxurious dresses, apply makeup, have their own small handbag and, of course, follow the latest fashion trends. Wise mothers in most cases encourage their beloved daughters for such behavior and thereby, from an early age, develop a unique sense of style and taste in them, as well as instill in beauties the basic principles of self-care and their own appearance. Manicure in this matter is far from the last place, on the contrary, beautiful and well-groomed hands are one of the most important female rules, because they are the hallmark of any, even small, lady. Further, we will just consider in more detail how to create a beautiful manicure, we will understand its features and how to independently do children's manicure on short nails at home.

children's manicure on short nails

When can I start to do manicure

The most suitable age for children's manicure is 9-13 years. During this period, the girl is already consciously striving for beauty and is ready to do children's manicure for short nails. It is better to start doing a manicure for children at this age, since the nail plates can already be considered strong enough to monitor their condition using various aids and tools. I would like to note an important point: if the baby begins to be interested in manicure almost from infancy (from 3-4 years), in this case you should not limit it to such pleasure. But it is advisable to refrain from applying a color coating, so as not to harm the already weak nails.

Manicure as a good habit

It's no secret that about 80% of girls from infancy begin to bite their nails. Many mothers try to wean their offspring from such a bad habit with shouts and prohibitions, however, this problem can be dealt with in a much more humane way. And a beautiful manicure can just help in this. Combine business with pleasure - make a little beauty a children's manicure on short nails. Agree, it is unlikely that the daughter will continue to nibble beautiful and well-groomed nails covered with a special varnish. And if they also have interesting drawings, she will definitely forget about this bad occupation and only, on the contrary, will show a desire to preserve the beauty brought on her small nails as long as possible.

manicure short baby nails

The main features of manicure for a little girl

In their structure, children's nails are much softer and more delicate when compared with adult nail plate. That is why they can easily be injured or damaged. To avoid such incidents, you should carry out the procedure for nail care very carefully and carefully. So, we will consider the main differences between children's manicure and adult.

Firstly, during the care of small fingers it is strongly recommended to use only special children's products. The choice of concomitant funds should be treated with special attention. They can perform both a therapeutic function and simply act as a regular means to visually improve the appearance of nails and hands. In addition, only an experienced person can do children's manicure. How to make a girl beautiful nails on your own - more or less understandable, because it is enough to simply comply with all the rules described in this article. But there is another important point: during the processing of children's nails, it is strictly forbidden to cut the cuticle, otherwise you can injure soft tissues and even cause infection. That is why it is best to simply push it slightly so that it becomes invisible. The third rule is that children's manicure should be performed only on short nails. If the child has long nails, they must be cut in advance and filed a little if you wish.

ideas of children's manicure on short nails

Manicure in the salon or at home?

You ask: "Why not take the child to a beauty salon to a qualified professional nail service and not to make school manicure to the owners of short nails with the help of specialists?" Of course, if you do not have enough time for such a lesson, it is quite possible to use the services of specialists. But you must admit, it is much better when you teach your child the rules of self-care on their own, for example, in a playful way. The baby will take an example from you, and it is you who will be the standard of beauty for her, and not the nail master in the salon! And what could be better?

children's manicure how to make a girl

What you need to prepare to create a manicure at home

A small child needs special care. This means that all related instruments must be sterile, anti-allergic and as safe as possible. Let's see what you need in order to do a children's manicure on short nails:

  • Antiseptic solution.
  • Cream for the care of delicate baby skin.
  • Cuticle softening oil.
  • Nail file (best used with a soft texture).
  • Scissors and nippers.
  • Orange stick or toothpick.
  • Firming nail polish or colorless coating.

So, to tidy up children's pens, it will be enough just to do a cosmetic treatment of the nail plate and fingers. Manicure on short nails to children initially initially does not imply any color coating. Give the baby a light massage of the palms, apply a special baby cream on the delicate skin of the hands, slightly move the cuticle to the edge of the nail and, at the end, apply a softening balm to the cuticle. Remember that this procedure should not take too much time, as children at an early age are impatient and restless. The optimal time for processing children's nails is approximately 7-10 minutes. For an older child, you can perform a procedure with cutting the edge of the nail with nippers. The main thing is not to make the nails too short, otherwise in the future it can threaten the ingrowth of the nail plate into the skin. The free edge when cutting should be approximately 2 millimeters.

After this procedure, you can treat the pens with cream, and then cover the nails with a special children's varnish or medical composition. The ideas of children's manicure on short nails can be completely diverse. If the baby is going to any celebration or celebration, then in this case, you can apply some kind of pattern on the nails. Of course, the design should not be too bright and defiant. That is why you can depict on the surface of the nails something cute, discreet and very girlish.

children's manicure for short nails manicure for children

Beautiful nails in adolescence

For girls, schoolgirls, the best option would be a manicure with a free edge length of up to 3 millimeters. At this age, you can already begin to experiment with the shape of the nail. You should start a manicure with hygienic processing and sawing of nails, after which you can cut the cuticle a little, grease it with a softening agent and apply a special protective coating on the nails. Only after that is it allowed to apply colored varnish. To complete this task, just let your imagination run wild. You can use bright multi-colored coatings, as they will delight any little fashionista very much and will cheer her up every day. As a drawing, you can depict something unusual and interesting on the nails, for example, some favorite cartoon character, several ladybugs, animals, fruits, etc. Of course, in this case, the preferences and tastes of the little princess should be taken into account. Ask her, maybe she would like to see on her nails something special manicure for girls. Children's drawings on the nails will not only give a well-groomed look, but will also cheer up a little beauty every day.

Classic is always in fashion

For the schoolgirl, the French manicure is the perfect manicure. Even on short nails, it will look perfect: the hands will look well-groomed, stylish and at the same time there will be no feeling that something is missing on the nails. It is completely optional to combine French manicure with any patterns or drawings: it already looks very noble and self-sufficient. Nude and tender tones are also perfect for the school. For example, as an option, you can use pink, peach, beige or natural shade. In addition, a huge overview of the ideas of manicure for short nails is presented in fashion magazines. If your daughter wants to do something original, but at the same time pretty calm, then you can get more creative ideas.

Choose the color of the nails in accordance with the situation

From an early age, it is very important to explain to my daughter that the color should be selected depending on events and other factors. For example, it should go well with clothing, be appropriate and not too intrusive. The most important thing, of course, is that the hands are always healthy and well-groomed, but too long, bright, causing, or just messy nails in most cases repel and give the impression of untidiness.

school manicure for short nail holders

Stages of creating a manicure at home

It has already been said above what procedures must be done to give the nails a well-groomed appearance. However, in the process, you must follow certain rules. To begin with, every mother should keep in mind that a manicure should begin with the treatment of hands with an antiseptic. Related tools that will be used during the creation of a manicure also need to be prepared and sanitized in advance.

Getting Beauty, or Detailed Processing Instructions

After this stage is completed, you can proceed to the direct processing of children's nails. To do this, with the help of nippers, you need to trim the nails, leaving the length of the free edge of at least 1 millimeter. The trimmed edge also needs to be treated with a special nail file. For a little lady, it will be enough to use only wire cutters. Then take emollient oil and lubricate the nail plate and cuticle with it to make it as soft as possible. Using an orange stick, slightly move the cuticle to the edge of the nail growth. Before that, it is also useful to make a warm bath for nails by adding lavender oil to the water, which will have a calming and relaxing effect. If there are burrs on the fingers, they must also be removed with wire cutters. After the procedure, you can apply baby cream on the handles and make a light massage of the hands. In conclusion, cover the nails with a suitable colored varnish or start the creative process - drawing.

Quality materials - the key to a beautiful and healthy manicure

It's no secret that children's skin is most sensitive to allergens and various chemical pathogens. That is why it is necessary to think in advance by what means you will do the manicure. Short baby nails it is better not to subject to various experiments, therefore, we recommend using only high-quality manicure products of famous manufacturers. Even in adults, irritation and peeling of the skin often occurs after using low-quality materials when creating a manicure. In addition, the deterioration of the condition of the nails as a whole is likely: they cease to grow, exfoliate, darken or become stained.

short nail manicure for children

Therefore, before starting the treatment of children's nails, carefully read the compositions of the funds and creams used, find out about contraindications, if any, and only then decide if you can use this or that tool. After you are 100% sure of the correctness of your choice, you can begin to do children's manicure on short nails.


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