Hospitality is ... Hospitality management. Basic concepts and definitions

Hospitality is one of the most important concepts in the history of mankind. People live in society, in it they develop and interact with other personalities. A person during his life has to leave the place of constant residence. Moreover, the time of absence can be very different. Finding himself in unfamiliar territory, the individual needs support from other people. Hospitality - this is the gratuitous reception and refreshments of wanderers. However, this is far from the only definition.

What is hospitality?

This concept has many meanings, each dictionary interprets it differently. Hospitality in the everyday sense is defined as a tradition that prescribes hospitality in receiving a guest, as well as taking care of him. In the humanitarian dictionary, this concept has the meaning of virtue, which was widespread in antiquity between nations.

hospitality is

Hospitality is a willingness to sincerely receive and treat people, no matter what time they come. It is a sign of good nature, respect and openness. After all, not every person is capable of manifesting this benefactor. Hospitable people always have many friends, they are drawn to them and take an example from them.

History of occurrence

Traditions of hospitality appeared along with the formation of society. At all times, cordiality was considered good form. This quality is inherent in the Russian man, is its main feature. Meeting guests with bread and salt is the duty of every self-respecting person. In the old days, guests were fed and watered almost by force. There were cases when the owners of the house asked to eat or drink “a little more.” This is due to the fact that the estates were usually located far from each other, and guests rarely came.

Later, in the XVII century, festive feasts appeared. At that time, every prosperous citizen had to gather guests at his estate, this was an important part of social life. The appointed day was considered solemn, prepared for it in advance. Ladies bought special dresses that were worn exclusively for these events. The celebration began with the fact that the owner gave each of the guests a loaf of bread and salt as a sign of gratitude and respect.

hospitality industry

Nowadays, people also like to gather at a table, arrange festive dinners, etc. Much has changed since then, but the traditions of hospitality have remained unchanged.

Hospitality industry

The definitions discussed above apply to the household level. But hospitality is also considered an area of ​​entrepreneurship. Moreover, today this industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. It brings a decent income and has a large network of enterprises.

This concept as a field of activity came to Russia in 2008 from the United States. Before that, our country had no idea about this sector. The hospitality industry is an area of ​​entrepreneurship consisting of service industry enterprises that take as a basis the principle of generosity and cordiality to customers. Simply put, it includes organizations involved in catering, the hotel business, as well as the shopping and entertainment sector.

planet of hospitality

Before the introduction of this term into practice in Russia, the concept of "hotel industry" was used to denote such activities. It is already outdated, and the phrase "hospitality industry" is slowly entering the everyday life of experts and entrepreneurs of our country.

Hospitality management

Hospitality is the main representative of the industry in Russia. And this is not surprising, because tourism and hospitality are considered almost synonymous with us. This market is developing rapidly and rapidly. The main center of this sector is the capital of our country - Moscow. The city is the most expensive hotel services in the world.

tourism and hospitality

However, the cost is fully justified by quality. The most famous hotel brands have long appeared on the Russian market. In this regard, increased requirements for hotel specialists. If a few years ago foreigners were in leading positions in most cases, now about 90% of managers are Russian experts. Apart from the hotel industry, the restaurant business can be distinguished from this industry. The largest food service network in Russia is “G.M.R. Planet of Hospitality. "

However, despite the excellent performance, it is worth recognizing that the school of government of our country is significantly inferior to the foreign one. The same level of commitment in foreign countries is much higher. But every year there is a development of the field of education, and foreign specialists are invited for quality education.

Problems of development of hotel business in Russia

As you know, hotels are divided into two types: network and non-network. The first has a great advantage over the second in terms of the productivity of its activities. Non-chain hotels, unfortunately, practically cannot compete with their rivals due to the limited number of services provided, low level of demand, etc. Another factor that impedes the development of this activity is the fact that most of the business is in the hands of the state.

hospitality enterprises

In addition, employees are not very motivated to work, since almost everywhere there are no rewards for the successful fulfillment of obligations. In Russia, there are few qualified employees who have a high level of knowledge; this also affects the quality of the services provided. Hospitality is not only the development of hotel business, but also other areas of activity.

Catering sector

It is represented on the market by a huge number of different types of establishments: cafe, bar, pub, restaurant, dining room, coffee shop and much more. "G.M.R. The Planet of Hospitality ”is a company developing the food sector in Russia. This organization owns more than 300 restaurants that provide the highest level of service.

traditions of hospitality

Currently, the catering sector does not stop developing, as it satisfies the basic needs of people. Also from here you can start the path of an entrepreneur. Despite the fact that there are restaurants and cafes in every city, a unique institution will attract customers. Hospitality enterprises are primarily aimed at improving the quality of services provided, so they are in demand.


Earning revenue for such organizations is not a priority. As already noted, customer satisfaction is the main task of companies. Hospitality is, first of all, a cordial and friendly attitude towards people. After all, if a client likes a hotel or restaurant, he will pay the required amount without any problems, and moreover, he will tell friends about an excellent institution.

Those entrepreneurs who try to get as much profit as possible usually do not stay long in this market. It is necessary to predict customer requests and monitor innovations, and then the company will be in demand.


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