How to make and how to arrange a bouquet with your own hands

When another holiday looms on the calendar, I want to give my friends or relatives something unusual and original. As you know, the best gift is a do-it-yourself gift. A gift that is suitable for any holiday is flowers. They can be both live and made from various materials, most importantly, they must be beautifully designed and assembled into a single composition. Not everyone knows how to arrange a bouquet with their own hands, and not everyone can succeed the first time. Therefore, in this article you can choose for yourself the most suitable simple option for designing a bouquet.

Wedding Bouquet: how to make quickly and beautifully

Let's look at a small example of how to make a bouquet with your own hands, if it is intended for the bride. First of all, it is worth deciding whether it will be on the port handle or just the flowers will be fixed with a ribbon. Flowers should be selected in advance, their buds should not be too open or, conversely, still closed.

how to make a bouquet with your own hands

Most often, roses matching the dress diluted with other flowers and herbs are used for the wedding bouquet. Usually decorated with gypsophila or ribbons.

If you use a port handle, but you want to create the effect of live foliage, then the stems of roses with leaves should be cut a little longer than the handle itself. Double-sided tape is glued to the handle, on the reverse side of which the already cut stems of roses are attached. They should be placed on the same level. Using the wire for bouquets, we fix the stems from the bottom and top. We glue the upper part of the port-handle with double-sided tape and stitch the leaves from the rose in a checkerboard pattern in 2-3 rows. We wrap the resulting design with tape. We place an oasis in the upper part of the base.

Rose buds should be cut at a distance of 6-7 cm. The top of the bouquet will be formed from them. The first bud is inserted into the center of the oasis, the next in a circle until the top of the bouquet is ready. After that, you can fix gypsophila and greens along the edges. A few green leaves among roses will give a bouquet of freshness.

Bouquet of roses: not corny and interesting

Now let's look at how to make a bouquet with your own hands from ordinary roses. Sometimes it’s not enough to choose beautiful and fresh flowers, they still need to be skillfully presented and decorated. To make roses look chic and elegant, they can be decorated with organza to match the buds.

do-it-yourself bouquet of flowers

To do this, fresh flowers are selected, the buds of which are already slightly open. For such a bouquet, at least 15 roses should be used, otherwise it simply will not have the desired effect. Excess leaves, thorns are cut from the stems. Flowers are stacked tightly to each other so that all the buds are on the same level. In two places they should be fixed with wire. After that, the stems are trimmed with a secateurs.

It takes about 1.2-1.5 meters of organza, which wraps the base of the bouquet in a direction from the bottom up. Try to keep the fabric tight while keeping the creases. You need to wind the stems only up to the line of leaves. The material is secured with a pin. A bow is made from a separate piece of organza, which is fixed on a bouquet.

Bouquet of peonies

Peonies themselves are very interesting and beautiful, they are often used for wedding and holiday bouquets. They have a lot of shades, this allows you to create an unusual and unique composition. Do-it-yourself bouquet from these flowers is very simple, you don’t even need to have any special skills.

It is enough to choose buds that have not yet fully opened. In this case, you can use solid colors or combine several shades. So, the simplest design of a bouquet of peonies.

how to make a bouquet with your own hands

Take the 5-7 flowers that you like best. Form a bouquet by applying buds tightly to each other. Excess leaves should be cut off in advance, the stems should be cut along the depth of the vase. Between the flowers, you can insert additional branches of greenery, almost everything is combined with peonies.

When the bouquet is formed, the stems should be fixed with a wire or a piece of tape, wrapping it several times and combing the ends. Peonies should not be decorated with paper or cellophane packaging.

Creative christmas bouquet

New Year's Eve table can be decorated with a magnificent bouquet of red roses. Moreover, the red color is a symbol of the New Year in all countries. Do-it-yourself bouquet of flowers, coniferous twigs, carnations and cones can be made even with a child. Here you can give free rein to your imagination.

do-it-yourself bouquet master class

The most suitable roses for such a bouquet would be Freedom. First of all, decide what your flowers will be in to cut them to the right size.

A bouquet should be formed from the center, taking one rose, in a circle we add in any order coniferous branches, cloves. In the next round we repeat the same thing, alternating the flowers as you like best.

Cones, small Christmas balls, a golden ribbon will serve as an additional decoration of the whole bouquet. They can be fixed with wire at the base or attached with a stapler to the leaves of roses.

Bouquet for the Day of Knowledge September 1

Every year, many parents are in thought: buy a ready-made bouquet or collect it yourself. And from what? I want the child’s flowers to look no worse than on others on such a holiday. You can make an original bouquet with your own hands. A master class on its creation can be spied in any line near the flower shop. Sellers do this very quickly and deftly.

DIY flowers bouquet

Flowers for Knowledge Day should be bright, colorful and necessarily memorable. Do not make the bouquet too large, remember that it will be difficult for the child to hold a heavy and voluminous bouquet.

You can decorate such flowers with ordinary ribbons or make small school attributes on a long wire that will be inserted among the flowers. It will look original and beautiful. Use lilies, needle chrysanthemums, small daisies, gladioli and other flowers for a bouquet. The main thing is that they look harmoniously among themselves.

Wildflowers Bouquet - Forgotten Romance

In summer, you can give your beloved and loved ones the simplest bouquet, collected from wildflowers. Even if there is no reason - you will be able to cheer up with summer colors. With your own hands to make a bouquet of flowers collected in the vastness of your country is completely uncomplicated.

do-it-yourself flower bouquet

You can just walk around the city, near the summer cottages, and collect the copies you especially like. Some time after the start of such a walk, you will have a very beautiful and bright bouquet. You just have to bandage it with a ribbon and present it to your loved one.

A bouquet of sweets is original

Fancy bouquets can surprise. Try to give your sweetheart a similar bouquet. DIY flowers for him can be made from sweets and paper.

Such a gift will appeal to the sweet tooth, however, to eat sweets, you will have to disassemble the buds. Many do not want to destroy such an unusual beauty, so the bouquets are a decoration and a reminder of the holiday.

Rules for registration

To know how to make a bouquet with your own hands is not all, you also need to have basic rules for its design. To make your small masterpiece look organically, it is very important to consider its shape and content.

do-it-yourself flower bouquet

You should not make the compositions too even and too neat, each unevenness, a sticking leaf or a twig of gypsophila will serve as a little highlight. The bouquet should look stable and harmonious. All its components must certainly be combined with each other, creating a single picture.

If you are thinking about how to make a bouquet with your own hands, you should think about additional accessories that will serve as a small decoration of the composition.

Before creating a bouquet, it is very important to choose not only the color scheme, but also the form of the composition. After all, the result can be a terrific bouquet or shapeless armful of mismatched flowers.


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