Bus GOLAZ 5251, 6228: specifications and photos

At the Golitsyn plant they decided to expand the range of their cars. The engineers carried out a huge amount of work, and as a result, the GOLAZ 5251 bus turned out. The main purpose of this model is to work on intercity and also suburban routes. The plant presented for the first time a prototype at the Comtrans exhibition in 2010. After the exhibition, many wanted to know more about this car.

The main products that the plant manufactures today are city buses. These machines are entirely the development of GolAZ. Part of the production was given for the manufacture of tourist vehicles. In addition to new models, an approximate one is produced at the plant - this is GOLAZ LiAZ 5256. The familiar letters in the name make it clear that the equipment was created on the basis of the LiAZ bus. But complete unification came out for the car, as they say, sideways. Its characteristics were not suitable for intercity transportation.

Despite the fact that the GOLAZ bus of the previous model has similarities with the new intercity bus in some units and nodes, it is a completely different and original car.

How was the bus born

The long-distance model began to be created in July 2009. During this time, a tremendous amount of work was done. So, the engineers of the enterprise had fruitful communication both with sellers and with those who should subsequently use a bus. Having received the information of interest practically โ€œfirst-handโ€ or from future consumers, we built this GolAZ bus. When creating the model, the specialists used innovative technical solutions, as well as new materials that are designed to significantly extend the life of the machine. The manufacturer is confident in quality and provides a 12-year warranty. It applies to the body.


You canโ€™t say about this car that its appearance is catchy. Designers were in no hurry to do something like this, but built a model in a rather conservative style. Look at GolAZ (bus). The photo is presented below.

bus goolaz
It is similar to most other buses created at the enterprise. So, direct lines of the body and double-glazed windows also prevail here.

But there is something to pay attention to. The panoramic windshield stands out in general terms.

golaz bus
This also significantly improved the aerodynamic characteristics of the model. But that is not all. On the side parts you can no longer see the traditional pillars, which were previously between the windows. Now windows are double-glazed windows, which are separated by a layer of airtight cord. Racks are still available. They were hidden from gaze behind double-glazed windows. Inside the body there are no more partitions between the trunk lids. Thus, it was possible to get rid of joints and seams. Thanks to this, the car looks very solid and attractive.

You also need to say a few words about some of the innovations that are not visible.

bus goolaz
The GOLAZ bus is sheathed with special sheets that have a double layer of zinc coating. The front and rear masks are fiberglass. The roof is also made of fiberglass. Trunk hatches - aluminum.

All this is built on a frame of steel rectangular pipes. To increase the corrosion resistance of the body, the factory did not weld the joints of the frame, as well as the skin. The welding seam was successfully replaced with glue.


In the development of the salon took into account all the wishes of potential owners. Many asked to reduce the width of the seats for passengers to increase the passage. This request was granted. For heating, an autonomous heating system is used. These are as many as 8 stoves. Each of them has 8 kW of power.

For buyers, several trim levels are provided. The simplest of them has nothing. Medium and high will have a comfortable lounge, multimedia, climate control and dry closet. The cabin can accommodate 53 people in the basic configuration and 55 in others. The length of the car for 55 people will be longer and will be 13 m.

Driver's workplace

The GOLAZ bus is equipped with the most comfortable seat with all the necessary adjustments. They are made in our country, in Yekaterinburg. The steering column also has all the necessary adjustments. It was made in Turkey at Mercedes facilities.

And with the dashboard did not work. All instruments and devices are fully analog. Information and readability is very low. Perhaps everything will be much better further.


GOLAZ - a bus that is offered with one of three diesel units. Each of them is a six-cylinder in-line engine. Everyone supports the Euro-4 standards. They differ only in their characteristics. The main stake the manufacturer made on the already proven and traditional engine from MAN. This diesel engine has a working volume of 6.9 liters, its power is 280 liters. sec., and the torque is 1100 Nm at 1200 rpm.

For those who want to save a little, the unit from Cummins is offered. Here the volume is less - 6.7 liters, maximum power - 272 horsepower.

The factory also did not forget about domestic manufacturers of power units.

golaz bus
So, YaMZ 536 is presented as the third motor . Its volume is 11.5 liters. Power will be significantly higher than that of the presented engines. By power, it gives out 315 forces. But the torque is weak. A total of 882 NM at 1300 rpm.

For all motors in pairs, a six-speed manual gearbox is offered.

Bus GOLAZ 6228

When this model was only presented, it seemed that it was not this model in front of the audience, but the LiAZ of the 62nd series.

golaz bus photo
But this is not at all true. Appearance, bodywork, interior - everything else and new.

The machine is built on a Scania chassis. In the rear overhang is a 9-liter powertrain. This is not a Cat engine, but a Scania six-cylinder turbodiesel engine. Its power is 300 horses. Interestingly, the bus is three-axle. Torque from the engine is given to the second axis. The third axis is responsible for steering.

The brake and steering systems are all made in the same place - in Sweden, by Scania engineers.

bus golaz 6228
The specialists of the GolAZ plant worked on everything else. The bus is designed for 35 people, although it is estimated that it will fit about 140.

How and for what?

The described model is 15 meters long - a compromise. This is the link that was so lacking. Now it is a car with increased profitability for urban or intercity routes.

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