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Many collectors want to buy rare copies of commemorative coins, badges, medals, various signs, jewelry made by famous mints in their collections. Moscow Mint produces a wide variety of unique products of this kind.

What is a mint?

An enterprise that produces and issues coins of various denominations by order of the State Bank is called the Mint. In addition, the company produces medals, orders and other numerous insignia.

Moscow Mint

The existence of an organization of such importance is a must in any country. Such enterprises have the highest level of secrecy.

The main share of such products in Russia produces the Moscow Mint.

Mints, their signs

The signs of each mint are letters or signs in the form of crosses, asterisks, dots, etc., applied to the coins by the company that minted them.

Moscow Mint

In the entire history of the existence of such institutions, only in Russia there were many of them. Consider some of them with samples of their signs (if any).

The Red Courtyard was located in Moscow (1697-1797). Its designations are CD, MM, BC, MMD. He minted gold, silver and copper coins, as well as coins of special issues.

Kadashevsky ( Moscow), the mint operated in the years 1701-1736. Its signs are MD, MM, M, MMMDD, MDZ, DMD. It minted gold, silver and copper coins of various denominations.

Tverskoy produced silver bullion, hryvnia and copper pools. His signs are not known. The most active work in it was carried out from the end of the 15th century to the 1st half of the 16th century under Ivan the Terrible.

The new Moscow Mint was located right in the center of the capital - on Red Square. There were no signs on the coins of this manufacturer either. The yard worked from 1700 to 1718. Engaged in minting a penny sample of pre-reform. In connection with the termination of the issuance of this denomination, the company was closed.

Moscow Mint, photos, samples

It was founded in 1942, on April 25, by order of the Peopleโ€™s Commissariat of the Union (USSR).

Coins of the Moscow Mint
Initially (1942-1945), the production was not only coins and orders, but also medals. In the future, its assortment increased.

Today, the Moscow Mint, in addition to all of the above, is also minting a variety of tokens, badges, coins of various denominations and signs of other foreign states. He also produces certain exclusive jewelry products.

Since 1995, the Moscow Mint has been part of the Goznak association.

The story of the first Moscow Mint

It is believed that in the Russian state the oldest mint is Moscow. He appeared in the time of Prince D. Donskoy. No written confirmation of this fact has been preserved.

The only confirmation is an analysis of the features of coins from the time of 1362-1389. They are distinguished by the high quality of the execution of the stamps, the similarity of all banknotes issued at that time in Moscow, the presence of technological connections in coinage, the literacy of the inscriptions on the coins and a number of other signs characteristic of the signs minted in the same yard.

And according to the preserved written evidence, the first court was opened in 1534, during the reign of John III. It was thanks to him that the title of leader in the production of exchange copies was entrenched to Moscow.

Ruble of the Moscow Mint

Modern products of the Moscow Mint

Coins of the Moscow Mint - this is its main type of product. Over the entire existence of this enterprise, more than 70 billion pieces have been manufactured. And this is not the limit.

Today, badges have been added to the issued badges and medals.

In 1999, the production of gold cases for watches (male and female) was resumed. The assembly of watches is based on the best Swiss movements. The Moscow Mint is also famous for its fine jewelry (bracelets).

There is a huge variety of materials from which its products are made: silver, gold, palladium, platinum, as well as various alloys of copper, nickel, steel and many other metals. The most famous coin in the world is the Moscow Olympic Mint ruble. Its release was dedicated to the Olympic Games held in Moscow in 1980.

Ruble of the Moscow Mint

Famous, popular, commemorative coins of the courtyard reflect the most significant historical events of the country and are collectible for numerous numismatists and ordinary collectors.

Valuable coins of the Moscow yard

Valuable coins are not necessarily products from precious metals or from ancient eras. They can also be successfully found among ordinary ones in circulation.

In 1997, the Moscow Mint minted 1-ruble coins. A huge number of them were released. However, some of them have their own peculiarity - the presence of a wide edging. Moreover, the number of such coins is not very large, the exact number is not known. In this regard, they are in demand and valuable among numismatists.

To distinguish such coins (with a wide edging) is not difficult. On the obverse of the coin in the upper right quarter of the circle there is an ornament in the form of vegetation. For an ordinary ruble of the same year of issue, the โ€œcurlโ€ of the pattern is fully visible, while for rare coins, part of this curl is not visible, it is under the edging.

Moscow Mint, photo
Professionals who know everything about coins, their value and uniqueness, suggest paying attention to 1 ruble of production in 1997, 1998, 2003 of the Moscow Court (MMD) and 2005 (SPMD) due to the rarity of stamp details.


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