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Each person comes to this world with a specific mission. Someone is destined to be a great astronomer, and someone with his voice will wake the hearts of millions and make them move in unison. Every parent seeks to understand as early as possible what is interesting to his child and turn it into an interesting hobby, and possibly into a future profession. And it’s right - to captivate a child with something today. The Central Palace of Children and Youth in Voronezh is the place where the stars will certainly light up!

About the Palace of Children and Youth in Voronezh

The Palace began its activities in the distant 30s. Today, more than 9,000 children study here for free. Circles and sections of the Palace of Children and Youth in Voronezh - this is the place where the potential and creative inclinations are revealed to the full. Your child will be able to choose his own direction and join the friendly and cheerful team of the same inquisitive guys!

The teachers of the Palace are professionals who love their job and want to educate their followers in it.

In addition to circles, the institution operates a library, psychological assistance for children and parents, and children's self-government.

Graduates are prominent figures of science and art.

Palace of Children and Youth Voronezh

Technical focus

Do you constantly see your child modeling something or is he interested in robots and everything connected with them? Then the robotics studio is waiting for your child! Here he will study modeling, design and programming. The child will receive indescribable pleasure from the embodiment of his creative ideas, as well as learn something new from the ideas of other children.

The studio invites children 7-9 years old. Classes are held 2 times a week. The term of study is 1-2 years.

Video and editing studio invites teenagers aged 14-18 to obtain the necessary skills. Pupils learn to shoot, edit and process the footage on a computer. Also, the works of students participate in competitions and take prizes.

Palace of Children and Youth Voronezh address

Socio-pedagogical orientation

This focus includes the following programs:

  • preschool education;
  • social support for the child and his family;
  • foreign languages ​​according to modern foreign methods;
  • basics of journalism;
  • patriotic education of a small citizen;
  • the basics of communication culture in the team;
  • preparing students for the state exam, etc.

Voronezh Central Palace of Children and Youth

Tourist and regional studies

A small researcher is growing in your family for whom a trip for ancient values ​​is not a dream, but a plan for the coming weekend? In this case, your child will gladly begin to attend a tourist-local history orientation in the palace of creativity of children and youth. There, the child will choose one or several departments at once:

  • Museum of History. Here, students learn about the past of the Palace of Children and Youth in Voronezh, photos, its traditions and interesting facts. Here they will tell you how the activities of the Palace began, what is shown in the photographs, who directed the Palace, etc. All this can be learned from exhibits, photographs, films. In the classes, entertaining quizzes on local history topics, contests are held, lectures, essays, and reports are being prepared.
  • The Origins Museum, which studies the history of the native land, its traditions, culture, crafts and life. By tradition, master classes, family gatherings, as well as exhibitions of children's drawings are held.
  • Association “Perspective” prepares students in the specialty “Tourism Manager”. The training program introduces the features of world tourism, involves museum practice and participation in scientific conferences. And after protecting the work, the pupil is issued a certificate of qualification "Tour Manager". Training lasts 1-2 years. Teenagers of 14-17 years are invited.
  • The Maryushka association introduces its students to the folklore of the Voronezh region. Russian folk songs, dances and games - this is what will be interesting for your child. Pupils participate in contests, festivals and holidays. Children 6-14 years old are welcome. The term of study is 3 years.

These and other departments of tourist and regional studies will help your child acquire the skills necessary in later life.

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Sports and fitness orientation

And if you hear the ball blows in the apartment more often than the second hand of the wall clock, then this means only one thing - it is time to send the child to the Palace of Children and Youth in Voronezh. A physical-sports orientation is what you need. It includes such circles and sections as:

  • Football club "Star", where there is an active physical preparation, they are taught the technical methods of the game, they are introduced to the rules of sports ethics. The club is waiting for boys 8-18 years old.
  • Sailing department, where the child will be taught the basics of sailing, the rules of behavior on the water, yacht control, will also be given the necessary physical training. The term of study is 5 years. The club invites children 9-18 years old.
  • In the Aikido department, children not only master the methods of self-defense, but also get acquainted with the history and traditions of his homeland - Japan. Gaining useful skills and strengthening the mind and body is what your child will receive when he comes here.
  • The Temp branch invites children to study cheerleading. It is both a sport and a performance at the same time. The child forms the correct posture and physical health is strengthened through a combination of acrobatics, dance and gymnastics. Duration of study - 2 years.
  • The Health Club offers its students classes in relaxation, hardening, breathing exercises, acrobatic exercises, etc. And if you are faced with the task of losing weight, then aerobics will help! Pilates, yoga, high lava, kibo, taibo and other programs will help in weight loss.

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Artistic focus

And if your child cannot live without needlework or drawing, songs and dances, then in the art departments of the Palace of Children and Youth in Voronezh he will definitely like it. This includes offices:

  • "Art Studio", where children learn to transmit the world around them with the help of a drawing. Here they teach necessary skills and abilities, develop visual memory and spatial thinking, love nature. Children from 7 to 18 years are invited.
  • The Hostess Association teaches children various types of needlework: embroidery (beads, a cross, ribbons), molding, sewing, applique, papier-mâché, etc.
  • Do-mi-sol-ka invites children 5-7 years old to develop musical and creative abilities.
  • Variety studio "Caramel", which trains full-fledged performers of modern pop music. Children are taught vocals, rhythmoplasty and stage skills. After completing the course, you can continue to study in a secondary specialized and higher educational institution.

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Palace of Children and Youth in Voronezh: how to get and contacts

Address of the Palace of Children and Youth: Voronezh, pl. Children, 1.

The institution operates daily from 9 am to 9 pm.


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