Imported goods are an effective tool for a successful business

What is import? This is to import into the state goods, work or services into the customs territory from abroad without re-export. There is another concept - re-import, which represents the importation of goods exported earlier, but not processed. Recently, imported goods are gaining momentum in Russia. This is mainly due to the increasing demand for domestic consumers, as well as the attractiveness in price and quality for them. That is why in this article special attention will be paid to this issue.

Import Benefits

By purchasing goods abroad, you can get great income. For example, some car brands can cost much less (often twice) than their counterparts in the domestic market.

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The fact that the imported product is such a position in the market for the purchase of which certain discounts are an obligatory component of wholesale purchases can be classified as positive.

Another plus is the buyer, purchasing products directly from a European manufacturer, thus protecting both himself and his partners from fakes. He has the opportunity to get a genuine brand product first hand.

We should not forget about such a negative factor as inflation, and imported goods are a rather effective mechanism for dealing with it.

Territoriality is an important import factor

Economists noted that in Poland and Lithuania, prices almost never change, and the system of discounts on imported goods is a constantly developing trading tool. Mostly food products are imported from these countries, the price of which is 20% lower than that of domestic counterparts. And under the influence of inflation in Russia, the benefit from the import of products will only increase for some time.

It is beneficial for Russian entrepreneurs to make purchases in European countries. Turning to official statistics, it is necessary to note a significant increase in the volume of imports of products from France.

Where is it better to store imported goods?

imported goods

This is a rather important issue in the implementation of this type of activity.
So, it is very advantageous to store imported goods in warehouses equipped in the Kaliningrad region, which borders on European countries. If the payment of VAT and duties is made during the sale of goods, then with their customs clearance there is an opportunity to save, for example, working capital.

We must not forget about human qualities that can become an advantage of a business of this kind. In this case, large investments are not required, but diplomatic skills, sociability and good luck are required.

Successful Start Conditions

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In order for the start of the business to be successful, the following issues must be resolved:

  1. Where and what to get?
  2. What is the principle of selecting suppliers and how to cooperate with them?
  3. What route will imported goods be transported and how to customs clearer them?
  4. What will the cost consist of?

Also, an entrepreneur should have at least basic knowledge of the regulatory framework governing the import of products from abroad.

Phased development of the import business

As mentioned above, this type of business does not require a substantial start-up capital. You can start with Internet access and a phone at your fingertips.

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The first step is the formation of a circle of necessary connections and contacts. However, in parallel it is necessary to take care of the presence of business cards and letterhead of the enterprise.

The second stage is the selection of the product range in order to import it in the future. This important issue can help solve the embassies of the Russian Federation in other countries. It is through them that you can get complete information about companies with a high reputation and solvency. At this stage, it is necessary to conduct full monitoring of prices of various foreign online stores. Also, very important results can be obtained by an analysis of the entire European market.

The third stage is to decide on a bank that specializes in work in the field of international business. Such a financial institution can provide a novice entrepreneur with useful information about foreign markets.

A reliable foreign manufacturer has been found, supply contracts have been concluded, so you can proceed to the last stage - the direct implementation of your activities. Imported goods paid for is only the beginning of trade; it still needs to be transported to Russia. Today, there are such types of classic traffic: air transportation, road, rail and multimodal. Each of these types has its own dates. You must also pay attention to the location of the points themselves - both destination and departure.


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