Consumation: what is it? Do not confuse the concept

From Western languages ​​this mysterious word came to us - “consummation”. Not everyone knows what this concept is, and even those who know often have a very vague idea of ​​its true meaning. In Latin, consumo means "consume." In the modern sense, this is sales promotion in restaurants, clubs and other places of entertainment.

consummation what is it

Who is doing this?

In the vast majority of cases, these duties are performed by young girls, beautiful and sociable. Their role is to get acquainted with the visitors of the institution, start a conversation with them and, in the meanwhile, encourage them to make additional orders for dishes and expensive alcoholic drinks. Ignorant people are sometimes inclined to put such girls on a par with girls of easy virtue, without even realizing that this is their job. Consumation has nothing to do with intimate services. “Unwinding” customers is the work for which girls receive payment - a fixed rate or a percentage of the order amount.

work consummation

Hard work - Consummation

That this is work on the verge - no one argues. Not all clients are equally loyal to girls who easily sit down at their tables and receive treats from them. Of course, situations often arise when tipsy visitors "require a continuation of the banquet." The only way to protect yourself for a girl is to prevent any liberties and vulgarity during communication with the client, to be respectful and friendly, but not to cross the thin line between communication and ambiguous hints. Another danger in which many girls are powerless is the abundance of alcohol. Just because a new acquaintance orders champagne or a cocktail for her does not mean that she should drink all this. By agreement with the administration and the bar, they can serve a soft drink under the guise of alcohol. Otherwise, it will be banal soldering, not consummation. Reviews of visitors about the ever-drunk girls will not decorate any institution.

consummation reviews

Attention is expensive

It is no secret that many visitors come to a restaurant or bar to take a break from problems and relieve stress. When beautiful girls start a casual conversation with them, this fits well with the guests' ideas about relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the day. Visitors are always pleased with such a company. This is the consummation. That this is not just asking for a glass of champagne - all true professionals know. It is they who have regular customers, whom they always meet with a smile, try to sit at the best table and not leave without attention, even if at this moment they are busy with other visitors. Needless to say, in the company of such girls, men part with money easily and with pleasure! In this case, the girls behave not just as visitors, but as hostesses of the hall.

consummation what is it

Another meaning of the word "consummation"

Very few people know what this meaning is. There is such a thing as consummation of marriage. In this case, the basis of the word is the Latin consummatio - "completion". The concept originated in the Middle Ages among the European aristocracy, where marriages between children were often practiced. And the first sexual contact upon reaching adulthood was considered consummation - the completion of the actual marriage. For many peoples, this intimate moment was arranged as a solemn ritual, often this event was expected as confirmation of the innocence of the bride.

It turns out that when using this word it is important not to confuse the concept and not to get into an awkward position.


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