How to delete a group and messages in it in Viber?

Every year, the Viber application gains more and more popularity. The messenger is actively used both for personal and work purposes, which is why when working with it often questions arise regarding its functionality. One of the problems for many users is the question of how to delete a group and messages in it in Viber.

How to end a group communication?

how to delete a group in vibe

Considering the question of how to delete a group in Viber, you need to understand the difference between the created chat and the dialogue to which the invitation was received. If the user is a guest in the group, then he can only leave it - in this case he will stop receiving messages, however the chat itself will remain for other participants. In order to leave the group, just click on the function menu, going to the chat, and select the "Unsubscribe" item.

Delete chat

If the creator of the group expressed a desire to complete communication in the dialogue, then he can delete the group. But you can permanently delete a conversation only if all users leave it.

how to remove a group member in vibe

How to remove a group member in Viber? Very simple - for this you should use the same menu with the image of the gear. In the window that opens, a list of all members of the group will be presented, and the administrator, clicking on each of them, can select the "Delete from chat" item. After all users leave the group, its creator will have to exit himself so that the chat will automatically be deleted.

Delete multiple posts

In order to hide some messages, you do not need to know how to delete a group in Viber - such drastic actions are unnecessary. To delete a certain number of messages or clear the entire chat, there is a special mechanism in the messenger. To delete several messages in a group, click on the button in the upper right corner, which shows the gear, and select the "Edit Messages" item.

As a result of this action, a β€œflag” will appear to the right of each message, which must be selected by marking all the desired elements of the conversation. After completing the selection, to delete all highlighted messages, you only need to click on the basket in the lower left corner and confirm the action by clicking "OK".

Delete a single message

Understanding how to delete a message in a group in Viber, it is not necessary to follow the algorithm for deleting several elements of a conversation. If you want to erase only one sent message, then Viber offers two options for the user - delete only in his chat or delete everywhere. In this case, the second method is possible only from the account from which the sending was made.

how to delete a message in a group in vibe

To open the corresponding menu, you must hold your finger on the message that you want to delete. If you select "Delete everywhere", the message will be deleted both in the user's chat and in his interlocutors, even if they have not read it.


As you can see, understanding the issues of how to delete a group, one or several messages or a participant in Viber, it’s easy to understand the principle of action. Each of the algorithms is performed in a few simple clicks on the screen, without requiring to constantly keep in mind a complex system of sequence of actions. It is worth noting that when deleting a group or message, it is worth weighing your decision again - without having a backup copy, it will be impossible to recover lost data.


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