Airbrushing Nails: Tips for a Beginner

When most people hear the word "airbrushing", the first thing that comes to mind is drawings on cars or walls using spray cans. It immediately seems that this occupation is more than large-scale in area. However, experts in the field of nail art for many years have been practicing such a direction as airbrushing on the nails, which is popular with the fair sex, who are not satisfied with the monotonous boring coating of their nail plates. In addition to the artistic coloring of the client’s own nails, it is possible to decorate with designer materials, which are artificial overhead elements with individual painting.

airbrushing on nails

Using an airbrush you can save on varnishes and paints

Women like airbrushing on nails for their speed of implementation, the ability to get smooth transitions of shades with a minimal paint coat. For the economy of material consumption, this method is also loved by nail artists. However, it is possible to get a really high-class picture only from practicing professionals, since only a lot of experience allows you to regulate the flow of paint so delicately that on the nail plates almost artworks are obtained.

Check the airbrush when buying

Airbrushing for beginners on nails, in fact, begins with the acquisition of appropriate equipment. First of all, it is the airbrush itself. Experts believe that it is better to purchase a more expensive Japanese device, which is of higher quality. A good option is the sample Jas 1117, suitable for drawing thin lines. It gives an output of paint in the amount of 0.3 mm and has a tank for dyes of 9 milliliters in size. In addition, novice nail art lovers can purchase a Jas 1152 device with a jet size at the outlet of 0.3 mm and the ability to mount different tanks with a volume of 20 to 75 ml. The purchased device must be checked in action for the quality of the spray, the smoothness of the paint supply, the size of the resulting spot, the absence of material on the tip after turning off the air supply (to check the airbrush is charged with water).

airbrushing for beginners on nails

Choose a compressor

Under the airbrush you need to choose a suitable compressor with a low (which is important for working with customers!) Noise level. At the same time, it must be chosen so that it fits the airbrush according to the characteristics of the issued pressure (it is required to familiarize yourself with the documentation for both units). Airbrushing on nails is not performed in very dusty rooms, as dust particles will fall through the compressor to the manicure, reducing its quality. Or you need to buy expensive samples of devices for supplying compressed air with cleaning, which are significantly more expensive and noisier.

airbrushing on nails photo

Approximate work order

Airbrushing on nails works best after a complete manicure. Therefore, an airbrush artist must possess skills in this area. To carry out such work in nail art, varnish diluted to the consistency of milk or water-based acrylic paints diluted to a homogeneous state are used. If the client’s own nails are painted, then the base is applied first (usually in the form of a matte varnish).

On artificial nails, you can immediately apply paint or varnish, and first comes a light base layer, then a few colored ones, on which stencils are drawn. Next, the nail is slightly dried using an air stream from the same airbrush. Sparkles, beads, pebbles and so on are attached to it, if desired. After that, all layers are fixed with colorless varnish. Beginning artists are advised to purchase stencils, since it is a very difficult procedure to complete a drawing with an airbrush on a nail.

Airbrushing on nails, the photo of which is presented above, is often an expensive procedure, since for a drawing you need to charge the device, connect it to the compressor, change the spray cans and rinse all the equipment after each client, if not after each processed item (in those cases when the client wants to get different nails).


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