The greenhouse "bread box" with their own hands. Drawings, photo

If you need a greenhouse "bread box" at your summer cottage, you can just make it yourself. But first you need to get acquainted with the design features, as well as consider the manufacturing technology. As you know, such a greenhouse got its name from a box for storing bread, which is used in everyday life. A distinctive cover acts as its distinctive feature, which does not recline, but moves off to the top. This opening principle is extremely convenient for small-sized greenhouses, and caring for plants in this design will be very simple.

Model description

DIY greenhouse breadbasket

The greenhouse "bread box" is made with your own hands when there is a need to grow seedlings, herbs, early root crops or vegetables that pass the early stage of vegetation. Tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as other tall plants in such a greenhouse, will feel uncomfortable due to the insignificant height of the structure, however, a bread box can be created of the required size.

Greenhouse Dimensions

DIY greenhouse bread box

If the greenhouse "bread box" is made with your own hands, you will need to choose the dimensions for it. There are no specific sizes for this model. Each gardener will be able to choose for himself a certain size of the greenhouse, which will correspond to the free territory on the site. As a rule, the length of such a greenhouse is 2-4 meters, while the height does not exceed 1 meter, and the width will depend on whether the structure will open on both sides or only on one. If the greenhouse will open only on one side, it is preferable to make a width in the range of 0.8-1.3 m to provide more convenient care for plants.

Design features

do-it-yourself polycarbonate bread box

Before you make a greenhouse "bread box" with your own hands, you need to consider the design features of the greenhouse. At the same time, you can see that the upper part of the frame does not include whole arcs, but half of these elements. Both parts have an autonomous coating and are fixed to the base through the use of hinges.

The greenhouse "bread box" with your own hands, the drawings of which are presented in the article, should be made on the basis of the frame, which can be made of different materials. These can be found on your own site. It can be square plastic pipes , galvanized profile pipes, as well as a steel profile.

Selection of cover material

DIY greenhouse polycarbonate breadbox

Cellular polycarbonate is most often used as a covering material, but it can be replaced with a sufficiently strong film, which is intended for the manufacture of greenhouses. For this you need to choose low-pressure polyethylene. Due to the fact that this greenhouse is most often used for growing seedlings, which needs a special microclimate, it is recommended to use polycarbonate, which has the qualities of UV protection, as a covering material. This material is able to retain heat most effectively compared to film.

Depending on the size, you will spend a fairly small amount of money when you make a greenhouse "bread box" with your own hands. Drawings of a similar design should be selected before starting work. Thus, the frame can cost a summer resident 1,500-3,000 rubles, depending on the size of the greenhouse. If you make such a greenhouse yourself, you will get an ergonomic design and functionality in one design.

Preparatory work

how to make a greenhouse breadbox with your own hands

The do-it-yourself greenhouse polycarbonate breadbox, the drawings of which should be prepared before starting work, must be delivered to the site if you do not plan to do it yourself. Even if the structure will not be covered, it will have to be transported by freight transport. Despite the fact that it is light in weight, its dimensions are quite voluminous.

Initially, you need to choose a sunny place on the site: it should not be covered by trees and other buildings. Position the structure in such a way that the opening sides have a direction from north to south. This will provide cultivated plants with more sunlight as well as heat. The greenhouse "bread box" made of polycarbonate with your own hands, the drawings of which can be borrowed from the article, should be mounted on the basis. For its construction, you can use sleepers, timber, brick or logs. If you decide to use wood for the foundation, then it must first be treated with antiseptic compounds. We should not forget about antifungal mixtures.


DIY greenhouse bread box photo

In order for the greenhouse to be more efficient during operation, it is initially necessary to prepare a foundation pit. Its depth can vary from 50 to 70 cm, while the dimensions should correspond to the size of the greenhouse. On the perimeter of the base you need to establish a foundation of materials that have been prepared for work. Fresh manure must be laid in the resulting depression, as well as compost, which has not yet had time to burn out. Dry leaves and grass must be sent there. The resulting preparation must be covered with a layer of fertile soil.

Features of the assembly of the greenhouse

The greenhouse "bread box" made of polycarbonate with your own hands is installed on the base, after which you can strengthen the coating. Previously laid biofuels will burn under a layer of soil, giving plants additional heat, as well as nutrients.

The lid, which is made of arcs, acts as the basis of the greenhouse. They have to be connected using a horizontal profile. The distance between these arcs should not exceed 0.5 meters. The number of arcs will be determined by the size of the greenhouse. The canvas should be placed, reversing the channels perpendicular to the transverse struts. This way you protect the sheets from deformation. It is necessary to strengthen the canvas by turning the protective film up. After the installation work is completed, it is necessary to get rid of it.

If you are thinking about how to make a greenhouse "bread box" with your own hands, then you need to consider that to install the fasteners you will need to make holes, while you must try not to get into the stiffeners. For fasteners, it will be necessary to prepare screws in the amount of 100 pieces, as well as steel corners and bolt fasteners. We need bars - their thickness should be equal to 50 millimeters, while the width should be equal to 200 millimeters. The greenhouse "bread box" with your own hands, a photo of which is presented in the article, can be made by any gardener.


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