Beautiful and easy manicure at home. Manicure Ideas

You can even do a beautiful and light manicure on your own, without resorting to the services of expensive beauty salons. Currently, every girl in the arsenal has a minimum set of devices in order to put her nails in order and at the same time save the budget. The main thing is to be able to use them correctly.

beautiful and easy manicure

Tools for home manicure.

To just make a beautiful and easy manicure at home, it is not necessary to resort to the help of professionals. And it’s not always possible to use it. Therefore, every woman should master the basics of creating simple nail art. To make a beautiful and easy manicure, you must have a minimum of devices:

  • Tray container for steaming hands.
  • Nail files (grinding and sawing).
  • Wooden sticks.
  • A special tool for cutting rough skin.
  • Nail scissors.
  • Softener oil. In addition, it inhibits the growth of the cuticle.
  • Hand cream.
  • Multi-colored nail polishes.
  • Liquid intended for removal of a covering.

How to prepare your hands for manicure?

Before you make a light and beautiful manicure at home, you need to put your hands in order, prepare them. The first procedure will be the removal of the old lacquer coating. Then it’s good to make a hand bath, which will help them to steam and soften. In this case, soap, sea salt, lemon juice and olive oil can be added to the water. All this favorably affects the nail plate.

beautiful and easy manicure

Trim your nails if necessary. The procedure is carried out immediately after the steaming bath. If the plates are small, then you can do just sawing. A beautiful and light manicure on short nails looks no worse than on long ones. Making it home is easy and simple.

How to handle nails before manicure?

If you decide to file your nails, be sure to wait for them to dry. Otherwise, there is a very high probability of harming the plates. It is better to use a fine-grained nail file. You can only use it in one direction. It is clear that many do the opposite. But this brings significant damage to the nail plate.

light and beautiful manicure at home

A light fashionable manicure, made at home, at first may not be entirely successful due to the cuticle cutting procedure. Few people managed to do it perfectly the first time. To facilitate the procedure, you need to lubricate the cuticle with a special tool to soften it. After that, it can even be moved away with a wooden stick. The following is the procedure for lubricating the hands with cream, the remains of which should be removed from the nails before applying decorative varnish.

Application of decorative varnish

A light summer manicure can be recreated with decorative varnishes of appropriate shades. In order for the product to lie flat and hold for as long as possible, it is recommended to first apply the base. For short nails, a monophonic varnish without any patterns is a good option.

light summer manicure

You need to paint the plates correctly: starting from the central part towards the edges. In this case, before coating each nail, the brush should be dipped into the bottle again. This will provide an even and smooth finish. After applying the decorative layer, an additional fixative is applied to the manicure. It provides the durability of the varnish.

"Newspaper" manicure

If you decide to make a light summer manicure, then the most “simple” and universal will be, perhaps, “newspaper”. After you have prepared your hands and filed your nails, cut 10 pieces from an old newspaper. In size, they should be slightly larger than the nail. Then you should put a layer of transparent varnish on the plate, and moisten a piece of newspaper with a nail art remover.

simple manicure gel polish

After that, the newspaper is applied to the nail for about 15 seconds. After removing it, the plate is again covered with colorless varnish. To make such a manicure easier than ever even at home.

Moon Manicure Ideas

Lunar manicure has long taken the leadership position and is not going to give them up. It is still one of the most popular. It looks stylish, but simple. If you are not an artist, but want to experiment and make a simple manicure with gel polish, then this option will come in handy.

beautiful and light manicure on short nails

The nail hole is covered with a specific color and dried. Then a stencil is glued on it. And the nail is painted over with a varnish of a different color. In this case, you can make several holes, using also several stencils. It looks very original, and making such nail art is very simple.

The classic version of the French manicure

Always a win-win French manicure. He has long taken a leadership position and is unlikely to yield to anyone in popularity. You can go with him to a business meeting or to a club for a party. If you want your nails to last as long as possible, make this simple manicure a gel polish. French nail art has a slight minus: it takes quite a while due to the fact that it is necessary to conduct a preliminary procedure for trimming nails. As the main varnish, you can take absolutely anyone. It is applied in a thin layer on the nail and dried. Using special strips, a layer of white varnish is applied to the edge of the nail. Using it is a classic. Now other colors are also being applied, which look very original and fresh.

Ideas for manicure with the use of several varnishes.

Recently, nail painting with varnishes of different colors has come into fashion. An important nuance here is the selection of the correct combination of shades. You can use a two-color palette, or you can use your own tone for each nail. The hand will look very stylish if the color of the plates is not monophonic, but, for example, in polka dots. This beautiful and light manicure is created with a needle or hairpin. They are dipped in contrasting varnish and touch the nail. Thus, you can draw not just points, but create whole drawings and ornaments.

light fashion manicure

There are many options for how to make a light fashionable manicure using several varnishes. And every day their arsenal is replenished. It is not necessary to use ready-made ideas invented by someone. You can show your imagination and create your own unique original design. For this, it is not necessary to depict complex patterns and ornaments. Sometimes a simple manicure with a minimum of details looks much more spectacular than heaped with complex elements and overloaded with nail art patterns. The main thing is not to overdo it. Everything should be felt style and moderation. Make a light and beautiful manicure at home under the power of every girl.


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