How to make a wardrobe with your own hands: features of the process

The cabinet is a rather important piece of furniture, which is used not only to store things, but also helps to organize space. It should be noted that such products in stores have a fairly high cost. Therefore, many owners want to know how to make a wardrobe with their own hands. It should be noted that the construction technology of such a product is quite simple.

how to make your own wardrobe
So, before you make your own wardrobe, you definitely need to buy the necessary material. Most often, the product is made from chipboards and wooden panels. You will also need a special mechanism for compartment doors. It will not be possible to build it independently without any experience. However, such mechanisms are sold in specialized stores and are not in short supply.

If you know how to make a wardrobe with your own hands, you need to choose the right place for it. In principle, you can build a product in a niche, against a wall or even in a corner. The latter option is the most optimal if the rooms in the apartment are small. The first step in the construction process will be the production of a drawing of future furniture. It should indicate all the necessary dimensions and elements. For design, you can use special programs, although everything can be calculated manually.

how to make a corner wardrobe

Now you can proceed to the purchase of the necessary materials and accessories. It is very important to pay attention to their quality. It is not difficult to assemble the product, especially if it will be installed in a niche or in a corner. In this case, you do not need thick side walls.

To learn about how to make a wardrobe with your own hands, you can search for descriptions in special magazines. First, decide on the shape of the product. In principle, you can order all non-standard parts or make them yourself if you have the appropriate woodworking machines. External walls can be made of chipboard, but internal walls can be made of fiberboard or plywood. At the edges of the furniture there should be an edge that will not only protect you from injuries, but also give the presented design a finished look. Fix the edging material with glue.

how to make a wardrobe with your own hands
In order to install the internal shelves and drawers, it is necessary to build an entire structure. You can make it from a metal profile. Shelves are best installed using special small fasteners.

If you know how to independently make a sliding wardrobe according to the scheme, you should pay increased attention to accessories. It must be durable and of high quality. You can use Euroscrews to connect furniture elements. In order to hide them, you have to buy stubs. You also need to purchase door handles. Now you can assemble the cabinet. Everything must be done in strict accordance with the scheme. During the installation of the door mechanism, it is absolutely necessary to use a level in order to correctly expose the canvas.

Before you make a corner wardrobe, try to correctly install the rollers and guide elements. In principle, this is not difficult to do, if the door will have a standard shape. However, special components should be purchased for a semi-circular web. After the design and the door are installed, you can proceed to the installation of the internal content of the presented furniture.


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