What is the calorie content of dried apples

Any person wants to be beautiful, slim and healthy, but to become one, desire is not enough. First you need to give up bad habits and start playing sports. But the most important thing is, of course, proper nutrition, and this article will focus on one well-known product - an apple.

calorie content of dried apples

general information

Apples are useful to use in any form: fresh, boiled or dried. Compotes, preserves and juices are made from them. By the way, despite the fact that the calorie content of dried apples is slightly higher than fresh apples, scientists say that dried fruits can lower your blood cholesterol, and their regular addition to food is an excellent prevention of obesity. Also, these fruits are excreted from the body, thanks to the potassium salts that are included in their composition, excess fluid and favorably affect the appearance of nails, hair and skin.

How to cook your own dried apples

The calorie content of this product is relatively small, and it is very useful, so cooking it at home is a good solution. Especially when you consider that those bought do not always differ in enviable quality. In order to dry apples on their own, and not to take in the store, it is best to choose solid varieties of this fruit. Perfectly suitable for this are Antonovka, Titovka, Semerenko or saffron Pepin. This dried fruit retains all the beneficial substances found in the apple, namely copper, sodium, iodine, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sulfur and calcium. Fruits must be cut into circles and placed in a 5–6 hour oven preheated to 80 degrees, although the time depends more on the thickness of the pieces. It is necessary to watch so that they do not burn, and, if necessary, turn it over.

dried apples calories

Useful properties and calorie content of dried apples

These dried fruits not only have a beneficial effect on the human digestive system and vital functions, but also prevent premature aging and generally strengthen the whole body. By the way, dried apples are also useful for those people who move a little. Also, their use is indicated for pregnant women, because they improve the functioning of the nervous system. Hypertensive patients will help reduce pressure dried apples. The calories they contain will practically not add weight, which allows them to those who follow the figure. By the way, this product also helps to cope with such an ailment as constipation, and get rid of intestinal inflammation. It also reduces the risk of cancer. If you do not want to gain extra pounds, then use this dried fruit, because the calorie content of dried apples is relatively small, because they are as much as 87% water.

dried calories apples

Harm of Dried Apples

It is not recommended to eat them to people who suffer from diabetes. Of course, sometimes they will not harm in small quantities, but with frequent use, a negative effect on the body is ensured. For each, it can be expressed in different ways. And if nothing serious happens with one, then it can turn out differently with the other. So be careful.

What is the calorie content of dried fruit from apples

The calorie content of dried apples per 100 g of product is approximately 210 Kcal. Of course, this is more than in fresh ones (only 47), but they are also useful. These dried fruits do not contain fat at all, and there are a lot of carbohydrates in them, on the contrary.

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