How to decorate a summer house with your own hands: some interesting ideas

Crossing the threshold of their country kingdom, every mistress and owner wants to enjoy the comfort and beauty of the territory. Even more pleasure is brought by those objects that are created with their own hands. In addition to the house, cottage and fence, of course, I want to see something special, unique and native. One question immediately begs: "Well, how to decorate a summer house with your own hands?". The answer is simple. A variety of jewelry made from improvised materials and unnecessary things can solve this problem.

Let's start, perhaps, with the very fence with which the summer paradise is fenced. In order to instill in him, as they say, a second life, you can take the remnants of unnecessary paint and paint it in various funny colors. At the same time, it is not at all forbidden to draw on him any funny faces, flowers, or anything that your heart desires. If the painting option is not suitable, then small pots with flowering plants that can be hung on the fence around the perimeter, or near the entrance to the plot, can be a great alternative. How to decorate a summer house with your own hands starlings are also well aware. Immediately an idea occurred to them to live in a birdhouse built by the owners. It can also be painted either in an interesting solid color, or become the canvas of a summer artist. In this case, the flight of fancy will play into the hands only.

Going further along the site, we notice some unnecessary and very ugly metal tanks for water. They urgently need to be dealt with as well as with a fence and a birdhouse - to paint! On the tanks, cartoon characters or fabulous creatures from childhood will look great. Approaching the house, we notice that an old bicycle is lonely propped up near the wall. Once he rolled all family members, but now it's just a pity to throw him away. Do not rush to send family memory to the trash, especially since it can serve for many more years, but already in the role of a flower bed. We clean and launder an old friend. Next, we find him a worthy place, let him stand near a tree. Install it securely with a little elbow on the trunk. And now we install flower pots on the frame and in front of the steering wheel. How unusual and beautiful this decoration looks! You can also give your cottage naturalness with a regular nest. You need to build a nest yourself, and put artificial eggs in it . Such a decoration will be appropriate in any corner of the summer cottage.

How to decorate the cottage with your own hands, if after the work done something is still missing something? For example, it will not be difficult to make benches for a summer residence with your own hands. It will be required for this: an ordinary log, a board, nails, a hammer, desire and imagination. The log and the board, which will serve as the back of the bench, must be processed and varnished in advance. On the finished bench, you can install a pot of flowers, or on the ground near the bench. If you liked to draw, then the bench will be an excellent occasion to once again take up brushes and paints.

Boards, nails, and a hammer should not be far hidden. An unfinished touch on an ideal summer cottage remained a shower. Do not be afraid of even one thought about the construction of this kind of structure. In fact, building a shower for a summer residence with your own hands is not at all difficult. From the master it is only required to take into account the following nuances: the frame of the shower itself, how the water will be supplied, and also how it will be drained. These points should be observed exactly, but the will of imagination can be given by filling out the finished frame. Boards, plastic film, or anything that tells your imagination will do.

So, looking around and admiring the fruits of his work, we see a beautiful fence that catches your eye a few meters. A multi-colored birdhouse now lives on a tree, around which melodies of bird singing are heard. Under it, I decided to take a break from the old bicycle, which now burns with different colors. Isn't it true that after such an exciting work the question is: “How to decorate a summer house with my own hands?” no longer perplexing, but actively generating new ideas and thoughts?


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