Do-it-yourself wooden ladder: drawings, diagram. How to make a wooden ladder with your own hands?

In the household, quite often there is a need to get to the chandelier or hang curtains. At the same time, you can not do without a convenient stepladder, which you can make yourself. However, to begin with, it will be necessary to prepare all the materials and tools, as well as deal with the technology of the work.

Materials and Tools

DIY wooden ladder

If you will make a ladder of wood with your own hands, you will need to stock up on a regular hacksaw, which has small teeth - 3 millimeters. You will need a chisel, pencil, tape measure, as well as a square. Among other things, you need to find in your arsenal a screwdriver, a piece of sandpaper, a hammer and drills. As for the sandpaper, its grain should be medium. But the drill will need to work on wood, their diameter should be equal to 3 and 12 millimeters. The length of the working part should be equivalent to 50 millimeters. As fasteners, self-tapping screws designed for wood should be used. You will also need 4 M 10 bolts, the length of which is 120 millimeters. For them to find or purchase four nuts and washers in the amount of 8 pieces. Before you make a ladder of wood with your own hands, you need to prepare chains that will act as clamps. The length of each of them should be equal to 0.5 meters. The links should be made of wire, the thickness of which is equivalent to 1.5-2 millimeters. The length of the link should be approximately 1 centimeter. There will be two such chains. For fixation, semicircular staples will be necessary, they must be prepared in the amount of four pieces.

Work on construction details

do-it-yourself ladder made of wood

If you will make a ladder of wood with your own hands, then you have to prepare the crossbars and racks, for this it is recommended to use a pine beam, which is previously well dried. Its cross section should be equal to 40x70 millimeters. Lumber must be even, before purchasing or using what is available, it is imperative to check the surface for knots. The color of the wood should have a yellowish tint, and also not have extraneous dark brown or gray inclusions.

The design will have 2 main parts, among which it is possible to distinguish props and stairs. They should be connected using hinges made with washers and bolts. Racks with crossbars should be strengthened with self-tapping screws, as for the crossbars, they should be sawed by 30 millimeters, and grooves should be made in the racks of 20 millimeters. In order to exclude the weakening of the racks from the cuts made, the crossbars should be lubricated with glue before installation in the places of connection with the racks. Experts advise using carpentry glue. For lack of such, one can use PVA.

Wizard tip

how to make a wooden ladder with your own hands

If a ladder is made of wood with his own hands, then the support should be sewn with bars using a method that involves overlapping elements. To ensure rigidity, each transverse beam should be fixed to the rack with self-tapping screws, the length of each of which should be equal to 65 millimeters. This indicator is minimal. It is recommended that all components of the wooden structure be reinforced using steel corners.


do-it-yourself wooden ladder drawings

When a step-ladder is made of wood, all the details must be carefully processed with sandpaper, and then assembled dry. Such manipulation will make sure that everything is done as required by technology. Only then can we proceed to the final assembly of wooden blanks. After completing these manipulations, it is necessary to wait until the glue at the joints dries well. The surface of the structure must necessarily be primed with linseed oil, and then painted with oil paint. After the top layer has dried, you need to connect the ladder to the backup using bolts. Next comes the turn of the locking chains, which will eliminate the divergence in different directions of the stairs. To fix them, you should use staples.

Alternative manufacturing step

do-it-yourself garden stepladder made of wood

Before you make a ladder of wood with your own hands, you need to decide what design features this item will have. For example, the design can be performed as a stool. At the same time, it will consist of the following parts: a support stand, connecting rivers, a seat, as well as a ladder. If you want to use the dimensions recommended by professionals, the distance between the bowstrings of the stairs should be 48 cm. The step between the support stand and the bowstring can be equivalent to 60 centimeters. Moreover, this value is the maximum. The height of the seat will be 60 cm. While its dimensions will be 30x50 cm. For comfortable operation, 3 steps will be sufficient, which should be spaced 20 cm apart. A distance of 20 should be maintained from the floor surface to the lower step and from the upper step to the seat. cm.

Features of the work

do-it-yourself ladder made of wood scheme

If you will make a ladder with your own hands made of wood, the scheme presented in the article will help you do the work. To perform the seat you will need two base rails and 5 rails, which will be located across. After processing the wood, the slats need to be strengthened among themselves. 5 cm away from the edge on both sides, you need to outline the lines, making a groove with a cutter. This will strengthen the transverse bars on the base rails. Thus you will be able to make a seat.

Production of the supporting part

If a garden step-ladder is made of wood, then at the next stage you can proceed to the supporting part. To do this, use 5 rails, two of which will become guides, the other two will provide horizontal connection. While the remaining rail will provide strength. Connections should be made using dowels. At the ends for this you need to make holes. The same holes must be made in the racks. As a result, you will be able to get the back of the stepladder.

Manufacturing stairs

When a do-it-yourself ladder is made of wood, the drawings should help the master. You can make them yourself. The flight of stairs should be fixed at a certain inclination, while the steps will be arranged horizontally. The grooves for the latter should be performed at a certain angle. In order to calculate the angle, it is necessary to assemble the structure without steps and rails on the surface. Next, set the distance between the support stand and the bowstring, which is 60 centimeters. When performing grooves for steps, you should make them smaller in comparison with the thickness of the workpiece itself.


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