Promotion of Sites on Social Networks

There are various ways to promote a site . You can earn only on frequently visited sites. Among the most popular ways to achieve these goals are:

ยท Search engine optimization or the so-called SEO-optimization. This method consists in increasing the level of the site in the issuance of it by search engines.

ยท Internal optimization. This means creating a competent site structure using keywords that are aimed at promoting the resource.

ยท External optimization. These are links from other sites. They should be of high quality, and their number, if possible, the maximum. Link texts (anchors) must contain keywords.

ยท Using keywords in tags. Most attention is paid to search engines tags <strong>, <title>, <H1>, <a>, <H2>, as well as meta tags.

ยท Contextual advertising. The most popular services of such advertising are Yandex Direct, Google Adwords or Begun.

ยท - active promotion system. Registering in such a service, you can increase traffic to your site, but its quality will be low. Recently, such methods of website promotion are becoming less relevant.

ยท Promotion of sites on social networks. This method is very promising and should be given special attention.

Social networks are huge sites that are visited almost every day for the most part by the Russian-language Internet. The most popular among these resources are Odnoklassniki and VKontakte. The audience of these networks consists of people of various ages and statuses, most of whom belong to the active age group . It is this group that is the most responsive to everything new and readily responds to the interesting news items offered to it. Therefore, seo-optimizers highly value social networks. Promotion of sites on social networks is very effective for several reasons.

The technology of website promotion among users of social networks is called Social Media Optimization (SMO). SMO optimization is a fairly new type of resource promotion, but has already proven its effectiveness.

This method of promotion involves the use of three main private methods: guerrilla marketing, the method of creating a target group and viral marketing.

Partisan marketing consists of visiting sites that are similar in theme to the activities of your company and in the process of communication with users informing them of the benefits of your company. This is not direct advertising, but allegedly reviews of real buyers and users of products. As a rule, people are more willing to believe in such reviews than they trust commercial advertising.

The method of creating a target group comes down to creating a group with information about your business. Participants are invited to this group in order to draw attention to their activities. You can create a group with an individual design, product catalog, convenient unique menu.

Viral marketing is a method of posting a commercial in social networks, which, causing interest, encourages participants to place it on their pages, thereby helping to promote the initiator's site.

Advertising on social networks is growing rapidly. Therefore, the promotion of sites on social networks is so popular.

In 2010, the volume of such advertising grew by more than 30% compared to the previous year. In 2011, no less growth is planned. Of course, Western networks are more advanced from this point of view than Russian ones. However, Russian networks have no less potential. Today, their audience exceeds 60 million people, so they quite successfully cope with the tasks of attracting new customers.

Social networks are so convenient for promotion, because they allow users to independently generate content, discuss it, share information, communicate with each other. In addition to social networks, here you can include blogs, microblogging and other similar resources.

Promotion of sites on social networks is aimed at attracting the attention not of search engines, but of the target audience. This is necessary to improve the image and increase the number of customers.


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