Delicious spaghetti recipes with vegetables

Spaghetti is a traditional Italian dish. But its popularity is known in many countries. There are a great many recipes for spaghetti: with vegetables, with seafood, with various sauces. Experienced culinary specialists and simply housewives contributed each to a variety of dishes with spaghetti.

And the recipes of spaghetti with vegetables, probably, broke all records in their quantity.

Here is one of the many favorite recipes. You need to take five hundred grams of spaghetti and the following vegetables: two eggplant, five cloves of garlic, half a kilogram of tomatoes, two hundred grams of sweet pepper, eighty grams of butter, fifty milliliters of olive oil, basil, pepper, salt.

Eggplant is cut into half rings half a centimeter thick. Then they need to be salted and put on for half an hour, as usual, so that bitterness disappears. At this time, the cloves of garlic should be cut into thin wheels, fry quite a bit, pouring olive oil over the pan. Sweet pepper is cut into cubes and added to the garlic. Fry all this lightly and add tomatoes to this mass, which should be peeled and cut into small slices. Salt and pepper the whole mixture.

Do not cover, simmer until moisture evaporates, until the vegetable mass thickens. Now you need to squeeze the eggplant and lightly fry them. Spaghetti at this time is boiled in salted water until tender. Then they need to be drained and mixed with a piece of butter. After all this, spaghetti should be laid out on a dish, preferably wide. Put eggplant on top, and pour it all with a mixture of vegetables prepared previously.

And the final touch is the basil sprig above.

And here is another very unusual recipe for spaghetti with vegetables. Its piquancy lies in the fact that there are pine nuts. For this dish you need to take:

two hundred and fifty grams of spaghetti;

four hundred grams of young peas;

a pound of cherry tomatoes ;

a pound of champignons;

three hundred and fifty grams of chicken;

one bunch of onions;

one teaspoon of olive oil;

ground black pepper;

one glass of broth;


fifty grams of pine nuts.

First you need to cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Mushrooms cut into four parts. Onions are larger. Chicken fillet cut into small strips, fry in vegetable oil, triturated with pepper and salt. Add tomatoes, mushrooms, peas and a little more fry here. Then pour the broth into the mass and simmer for ten minutes. Boil spaghetti in salted water and recline in a colander to make glass water. At this time, fry pine nuts in a pan without adding oil. Next, mix spaghetti with vegetables, put on a plate and sprinkle with nuts on top.

Spaghetti with mussels go well together. We take the following ingredients:

nine hundred grams of unpeeled mussels;

olive oil five tablespoons;

three cloves of finely chopped garlic;

a bunch of parsley;

four tablespoons of dry white wine;

five hundred grams of spaghetti.

salt pepper.

In the beginning, you need to thoroughly rinse the mussels from the algae in cold water, put them cook on fire in a small amount of water. When the mussel shells begin to open, take them out with a slotted spoon. Strain the broth in which they cooked, but do not pour.

Fry the garlic and parsley (finely chopped) in a preheated pan for two to three minutes.

Then, in speed, put the mussels, pour in the wine and the broth left over from the cooking. Stew everything over medium heat. Add pepper and salt to taste.

While everything is being stewed in a pan, boil spaghetti. Then mix them with stewed mussels. To soak them well in the sauce, put out a couple more minutes. This dish is good to serve hot.

Spaghetti with tomato paste and mushrooms and sausages are no less delicious.

This recipe is simple.

Take two or three sausages, cut into circles, lightly fry and set aside for a while. Now mushrooms, approximately five hundred grams, finely cut into a pan. At the same time, do not forget to slightly salt them. A little later we put onions there and all this is brought to a golden color. While the mushrooms are red, we cook spaghetti in salted water at this time. As soon as the mushrooms with onion are browned, pour the sausages here and then the spaghetti. And at the end we add tomato paste and mix thoroughly.

Very simple and delicious!


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