Favorable days for manicure: the choice of days on the lunar calendar, schedule, rules

Beauty for any girl comes first. Particular attention is paid to manicure, because beautiful and well-groomed hands speak about the cleanliness and decency of a lady. If favorable days for manicure coincide with a trip to the salon, then this will benefit your beauty and will attract only the very best, starting from positive energy and ending with an improvement in financial terms.

Auspicious days

The most favorable day for manicure is the first day of the week, that is, Monday, since it carries a masculine start. On Friday and Sunday, cutting nails is not recommended, these are the worst days for manicure.

favorable days for manicure

Astrologers believe that each day of the week patronizes a particular planet. Therefore, a manicure should be done on a specific day of the week.

Days of the week

Monday. The week begins with him. Monday Planet - Selena. On this day, it is advisable to manicure people who are struggling with depression and a nasty mood. A manicure performed on this day will charge you with a positive and excellent mood.

Tuesday. The planet Mars. A favorable day for manicure for someone who wants to improve their financial condition for the better. In addition, it will help improve the overall well-being of the body.

Wednesday. Influenced by Mercury. Cutting and trimming nails will help to put your thoughts in order, to achieve success in work. Some time ago it was believed that if you do a manicure on Wednesday, then good news should come on that day. For people who feel a breakdown, it is necessary to go to a manicure on Wednesday to replenish vital energy.

Thursday. Planet Day Jupiter. Manicure on Thursday will help strengthen the immune system, as well as improve the condition of the whole organism. For people in senior positions, manicure on this day will increase in the eyes of subordinates, improve the general opinion of you.

Friday. Her planet is Venus. Despite the fact that this planet is guided by beauty and health, it is not advisable to do a manicure. On this day, all processes in the body slow down, so putting your nails in order can lead to health problems.

auspicious days of the lunar calendar manicure

Saturday. It is under the auspices of the planet Saturn. It will help you not to get into various unpleasant situations related to money. It will also help to affect the health of the body, prevent diseases of various organs. People who are looking for their love need to do nails on this very day.

Sunday. This day is no longer ruled by a planet, but by a star - the Sun. The last day of the week is perceived as a holiday. Therefore, any procedure with nails is undesirable to do on Sunday. There is a legend that, holding cutting and piercing tools in your hands, you can attract evil spirits.

Favorable days for manicure on the lunar calendar

There are some days for a successful manicure. Basically, they depend on the phases of the moon. At the beginning of the month until the 15th, the moon grows; in this regard, the nails that have been cut these days will grow very quickly. And in the second half of the month the moon wanes, the manicure made during this period will strengthen the nail plate. Also these days it is recommended to treat barbs and cuticles.

Days of the zodiac of the moon

Favorable lunar days for manicure are still determined taking into account the moon in the zodiac sign. If she is under the sign of Gemini, then a manicure is highly not recommended. And if in the constellation Libra, Cancer, Virgo or Aries, then you even need to do a manicure so that the nails do not break and do not flake.

favorable days for manicure in may

Astrologers have come to the conclusion that a manicure done on auspicious days will replenish vitality, and can even improve health.

There is a certain table of zodiac signs that have a therapeutic effect on the nails.

  1. The most neutral. It includes such constellations as Taurus, Pisces and Aries. All procedures related to nail trimming should be done with great care. Also increases the percentage that you can bring the infection.
  2. The most favorable. It includes such signs: Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Capricorn, Virgo, Sagittarius, Libra.
  3. Unfavorable. It includes Gemini and Cancer.

Is it possible to increase the wealth during the procedure for cutting nails

Astrologers believe that favorable days for manicure can affect the financial side if the procedures are carried out on special days. To increase wealth, it is recommended to do the procedure with nails on money days - Tuesday and Friday. But it will be even better if not only the nails are put in order, but also the hands completely. However, it is worth remembering about the phases of the moon. The growing moon and full moon are considered the most successful for this.

Styles in manicure.

Recently, it has become a fashionable manicure, where not all nails are decorated, but often nameless, as it is considered a passage for the channel of the Sun.

A manicure looks very unusual with gluing real notes on nails, this leads to an increase in cash. First you need to grind any bill (the size must be selected under the nail plate), then glue the resulting pieces on the nails. It is recommended to make not ten pieces in advance, but several more, so that if one suddenly spoils, there are others in hand. Previously, all the usual procedures with nails are done, that is, cutting, sawing. After the nails are covered with a transparent base, a segment of the bill is immediately glued to it. The final step is applied fixative. Thus, this manicure serves as a magnet for attracting money.

lunar calendar for may manicure auspicious days

Each person is guided by his own method, some are waiting for favorable days for manicure and pedicure, while others reckon with the lunar calendar. According to some experts, the main thing is that the procedure brings pleasure, you should do your nails in a good mood.

May manicure

May is the spring month of the year when everything turns green and blooms. It is with the advent of this month that I want to change something in myself. If this applies to manicure, then the desire to change it becomes more than usual. Consider the favorable days for manicure in May.

lunar calendar for june manicure auspicious days

The calendar

The 1 of May. The moon is waning and is in the constellation Scorpio. This is not the best day for carrying out any procedures with nails. May lead to a general deterioration.

May 2 and 3. The moon under the sign of Sagittarius. May 2 is a good day for manicure, it is good if you completely change the image of the nails. It is advisable to choose bright and rich colors for nails. If you make a manicure on May 3, then it will serve to attract attention, but if you think about the color of the manicure, then astrologers recommend gentle and discreet shades.

May 4, 5, 6. The moon is waning, Capricorn constellation. May 4 and 6 are well suited for manicure, if there is a desire to radically change both the length of the nails and their shape. These are the best days for this. But on May 5, astrologers believe that it is better not to do any procedures with nails in order to avoid cuts and further infection. It is better on this day to make soothing masks and baths for nails - to soften the cuticle.

May 7 and 8. The moon is under the sign of Aquarius. Procedures with nails made on May 7 will help to find a common language among colleagues. Astrologers advise not changing the length and shape of the nails only if filing is required. A manicure made on May 8, it is desirable to paint in bright colors. It will also help attract good luck in work.

May 9, 10, 11. Moon in the constellation Pisces. These are not the most favorable days for procedures with nails. Astrologers do not recommend cutting or changing the style of nails. It’s better to devote this time to caring for your hands: massage and various sedatives.

May 12 and 13. The waning crescent moon under the sign of Aries. A manicure done these days will help calm down and come to peace of mind. Shades are best to choose those that you like, preferably a delicate color, to like and not annoy. May 13, it is also better not to do catchy manicures, this will help to overcome troubles.

favorable lunar days for manicure

May 14 and 15. Moon in the constellation Taurus. May 14th is not the best day for manicure. Changing the color of nails can attract bad people to you. And on the new moon, May 15, a manicure done can add vitality, help not to run into trouble.

May 16 and 17. Moon in the constellation Gemini. To charge yourself with positive energy, you need to make a daring manicure. Astrologers advise making bright and bold patterns on the nails. And winter shades made on May 16 will help to avoid unwanted problems.

May 18 and 19. Moon in the sign of Cancer. Doing procedures with nails these days is undesirable, since the negative influence of the moon can affect you. It is recommended to make refreshing baths for nails.

May 20 and 21. The moon grows under the constellation Leo. Bright orange is recommended these days to increase well-being.

May 22 and 23. Constellation Virgo. On the 22nd day, it is undesirable to do manicure. The 23rd is considered a neutral day.

May 24, 25, 26. The moon is under the sign of weights. It is undesirable to do the 24th, and the 25th and 26th need to do bright shades on the nails to avoid unwanted encounters.

May 27 and 28. The growing moon under the sign of Scorpio. Astrologers advise not to do manicures these days, you can take care of the cuticle.

May 29, 30, 31. Full moon under the sign of Sagittarius. On the 29th you can do manicure, but on the other days it is better to devote time to medical procedures.

favorable days for manicure and pedicure

Favorable days for manicure on the lunar calendar for May is better to choose at your discretion. Just decide for yourself what you want: prosperity or health. The lunar calendar for manicure in June with favorable days almost coincides with the May one.

What you should pay attention to

In 2018, it is necessary to reckon with the phases of the moon for procedures with nails. To visit the salon, you need to see the lunar cycle in advance, since a manicure made on the waning moon will quickly disappoint.

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