Quality Sleep - Is It A Rarity Today?

Modern people are increasingly faced with sleep problems.

Above-average people usually sleep five hours a day, and this has become the norm for some. With such a constant schedule, a person simply cannot help changing: he becomes more irritable, memory impairments appear, and the reaction slows down. In some cases, it can even become dangerous (for example, when driving a car).

Whatever your schedule, have time to give a complete rest to your body. During sleep, cells recover, the body rests, thoughts are put in order. It is not in vain that students are advised to spend the last 24 hours resting before exams, and a good sleep is an integral part of it.

The habit of sleeping little can adversely affect health. It is especially important to form a clear sleep pattern. This means that you need to train yourself to fall asleep and wake up at about the same time. Then the body will adapt to the schedule, and awakening in the morning will not be torture, but a pleasant start to the day.

If you keep your sleep patterns, but it becomes harder for you to fall asleep or wake up, then this may be due to stress. This does not have to be some kind of sad event that happened in life, or complexity at work. Positive stress (wedding, childbirth, buying an apartment or car) can also negatively affect the quality of sleep.

In order to improve the situation, it is recommended to take a bath before bedtime with the addition of essential oils: lavender, chamomile or any other soothing oil.

It is possible that soundproof windows should be installed in the bedroom, as is done in Hotel Helvetia . You will immediately feel the difference and can enjoy the silence that will have a beneficial effect on your health.

Try replacing a regular pillow with a pillow made of another material. If you slept all the time on soft - try hard, and vice versa. It can be removed altogether if you feel comfortable.

Before going to bed, it is not recommended to sit on the Internet for a long time and before watching TV. Your eyes strain, and if you sit in front of the screen for too long, it can affect your eyesight. To fall asleep well, before going to bed you can read a book or leaf through a magazine, no technique before your eyes.

A good remedy at bedtime is a glass of hot milk with honey and cinnamon. This is also an effective way for a sore throat - milk and honey soften the throat, so the probability of waking up from a cough at night tends to zero.

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