Beautiful interior of a beer store: types, features and photos

The interior of the beer store, like any other retail outlet, should be bright and attractive, it is obliged to provoke the customer to buy only here. Often the decoration of the store corresponds to a single style that brings harmony to the interior. Some owners go further - acquire shop bars where you can taste and buy beer. But each of them wants to distinguish his institution from the rest, hiring a designer or making his own efforts.

Search for an idea

Whatever the final result, the interior and design of the beer shop begins with an idea. You can sketch the future style yourself or entrust the designer who will develop the project and bring it to the ideal in accordance with the requests of the store owner. Solutions can be spied on by competitors, in the offices of a large distribution network, in the photo. Or they can be creative, developed independently.

Store Tasting Area

Design features

The interior of the store is primarily designed to attract customers. The consumer’s consumer culture has improved over the years, so only stylish stores are capable of competition. The interior of the beer store has a special role. The main goal is a catchy style with which buyers will be associated with the purchase of beer. The second goal is the comfort achieved by using the functional elements of bars and restaurants.

The advantage of any beer store will be the equipment of a small bar in which customers can taste drinks before buying. Such a zone increases profitability, but you should not turn it into a full-fledged bar - the purpose of the store is to sell, rather than drink alcoholic beverages.

Mixed interior style

With an increase in the assortment of beer from different countries, the counters are zoned by separate stylistic areas for each country of origin. Thus, customers will be able to quickly determine the beer’s affiliation with a particular brand or company.

The choice of interior style

The interior of the beer store should be with a twist, designed for the target audience, for example, in the spirit of the Soviet Union. It will be pleasant for elderly people to nostalgic for the times of the USSR, to imbue with a special atmosphere. The same socialist style may be of interest to foreigners if they make up the vast majority of the audience of buyers. Young people, on the contrary, will be interested in buying beer in a sports or classic-style store, which is very different from most interiors of modern retail chains or small shops.

English classic style

Hundreds of ideas are used to decorate the interior of a beer shop, but the emphasis is on beer. Decor always performs one function - it means the goods being sold.

Football style

The football style is popular thanks to the advertising of beer producers. Nowadays, bars and shops are often decorated in this style due to the increase in the number of fans choosing themed venues.

The interior design of the beer store begins with putting up photographs of famous football players, posters, football paraphernalia. Here you can see posters with future matches of different meanings - international or regional. Sometimes in the interior of a beer store you can find a television panel on which visitors watch replays of matches, but it is placed either in the tasting area or so that shopping does not turn into a viewing room. This element carries the effect of “memory” - when the victories of your favorite teams are associated with drinking beer at home. In interior design in a football style, they adhere to the general thematic direction, ignoring the allocation of a certain team - this is suitable only for fan clubs and bars.

Mixed style

Bike style

Bikers are inseparable from motorcycles and beer. This style is defiant, rebellious, designed for different age categories of buyers - from 18 to 40-50 years. It fits the interiors of beer shops for bottling in branded containers as a rough, dynamic style, in which there is no place for figured bottles of manufacturers.

The main attribute of this design is one or more motorcycles around which the rest of the interior is formed. This is a wooden counter counter and high bar stools in the tasting area.

Additional attributes of the style are musical instruments, for example, electric guitars or drum sets, a billiard table with hanging lights, used as a decorative element.

English classic and modern

For many buyers, beer is associated with the UK, in which a hop drink is as popular as ours. The English style is divided into two categories - classic and modern. With your own hands, you cannot create an interior of a beer shop in a classical style - it is too complicated in its design. This is the installation of large beer barrels with polished taps, a large number of wooden supporting and ceiling structures - beams and logs, walls with stucco and wooden framing in a medieval Anglo-Saxon spirit and so on. To create an atmosphere of classics, lamps imitating candles or tar torches help.

A style called English Art Nouveau is simpler in design and similar to the classics, except that the general view of the interior is close to modern design realities. These are wooden racks with counters, classic English lamps, the presence of plastic and glass, the national flag of Great Britain.

English modern

Industrial style

A special style aimed at a young group of customers. Using a photo of the interior of a beer store, you can quickly and cheaply invest in design using modern materials - brick, metal, plastic and glass. In the industrial style there is no place for wooden barrels; here metal tanks or standard beer kegs will find application. The abundance of light, different color zones for individual firms or manufacturing countries, metal shelves or trusses under the ceiling, unplastered brick - everything will inspire the buyer with dynamism, prompting him to act, and therefore to buy.

Industrial style

For group purchases and discounts

Drinking beer is often a collective activity. Photos of friendly companies with bottles of hops in their hands, group selfies - everything should provoke the appearance of thoughts about relaxing with friends on weekends or during the holidays. Best of all, when the interior of a beer shop in this spirit is decorated in warm summer colors - the season when the amount of beer consumed is maximum. Large posters reporting discounts on the purchase of several liters of beer are the constant attributes of such interiors.

In such stores, it makes no sense to adhere to a strictly defined direction, the main thing is to constantly inform the buyer that buying a large volume of beer for group vacations saves money, and the buyer himself has not had any fun in the circle of relatives or friends.


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