223 Federal Laws for Beginners: Just About the Complex at the Webinar

From January 1, 2012, Federal Law No. 223 "On the Procurement of Goods, Work, and Services by Certain Types of Legal Entities" began to operate. It defines the basic principles for customers, which they must adhere to in their activities. The law does not strictly regulate the actions of legal entities; therefore, they need to develop for themselves, taking into account the peculiarities of their activities, an effective procurement system.

Where to get answers to questions

Legal entities planning to conduct procurements need to understand 223 Federal Laws. For beginners, just about the difficult process of making transactions on an electronic trading platform, enough materials have been prepared: comments, discussion on forums, special articles, webinars and more.

But first of all, interested responsible persons need to read the source. And only in the case of an incomprehensible situation, when there is no answer in the Federal Law, to seek it on the side. The law is small, but an impressive list of amendments already exists. Most of them appeared in the summer of 2015.

223 fz for beginners is just about complicated
For complete clarity of understanding 233 Federal Law, for beginners, just about complex the provisions established by the requirements and rules were described at webinars, the recordings of which are in large numbers on the Web.

Basic concepts

How can a 223 Federal Law webinar help? The legislation is simply commented on the complex, clarifying the definition of the concepts of the customer and the supplier, the conditions for participation in transactions, both for legal entities and individuals. It also discusses the intricacies of the law for budgetary institutions: when they can use the provisions of the Federal Law, and when not. The most common cases of violation of the law by customers in relation to suppliers are presented.

Customer Responsibilities

What is said about the responsibilities of customers in a webinar for beginners in the Federal Law 223? Just about the complex explained:

  • what purchases under this law should be carried out by participants in the transaction;
  • What requirements have arisen for those or other customers regarding documentation, reporting and bidding.


Legal entities, customers carrying out transactions in the Federal Law, must develop a document - "Procurement Regulation", which is the main one. The lecturer tells simply for beginners about 223 Federal Laws, about the difficult content of the “Regulation” and the nuances in its development:

  • It is necessary to know exactly the rules for drafting, approval forms and amending a document so as not to be subject to fines.

223 FZ bucket just about the difficult

  • For those who have an idea to become a bidder as a supplier, one of the recommendations is to carefully read this document before submitting an application.
  • The law provides for the preparation of a procurement plan for a long period. The webinar discussed the features of this process, the rules of compilation, the publication procedure and its approval forms.
  • The actions on making changes or adjustments to documents already prepared and published were discussed.

The lecturer of the webinar “223 Federal Law for Beginners: Just About the Complicated” gives a list of the necessary reports and considers in detail the details of the Register of Contracts based on the results, which are the responsibility of the customer. He gives recommendations:

  • what exactly to include in the register, what information to enter;
  • in what form and when to publish the relevant documents;
  • what to consider small purchases and how to make them out.

Procurement Form and Other Details

The mouth of a specialist explains simply, for beginners, 223 Federal Laws. The complex process of conducting an electronic procurement form listing services, goods and work, procurement that can be carried out at this site is also being discussed.

This concept is interpreted as a “single supplier”, a general sequence of actions is given when purchasing from EP and recommendations on the compilation of relevant protocols.

webinar 223 fz just about complicated

They also give advice on what should be taken into account by small and medium-sized businesses, what are the features of their participation in tenders.


The webinar professionally explains what fines and penalties are provided for non-fulfillment of a paragraph of the law for specialists or legal entities. Knowledge of such details gives confidence in actions and increases their effectiveness.

So, listen to the webinar on 223 Federal Laws, just about the complex execution of transactions in a new way in all details and details.

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