Courier service is a partner of your business

Organizing your own business involves establishing relationships with customers, as well as finding and selecting the most optimal partners. Indeed, the success and reputation of your organization often depends on the competent choice of partners of the company.

Currently, the SDEK courier service in Rostov-on-Don is the best option for organizing the delivery of various goods, forwarding correspondence. The company has established itself as a reliable partner, which always timely and efficiently carries out logistic movements of the necessary documentation, goods and parcels.

It is worth noting that the SDEK organization is significantly different from its competitors.

Firstly, the company offers various tariffs for the services provided. Any person independently (through the official website of the company, a call or a personal appeal to the office) can choose the optimal tariff that will not hit the budget. On the official website, it is proposed to use the services of an online calculator, which allows you to know the final cost of the service as accurately as possible.

Secondly, the company provides express delivery of correspondence and goods. This service is perfect for people who need prompt delivery. At the same time, the guarantee (conclusion of the contract) applies to the services provided. The option of express delivery is also possible by a certain hour, previously agreed upon by the parties to the transaction.

Having chosen courier services in Rostov-on-Don through SDEK, anyone can be sure of the high quality of their delivery.

The main activities of the company are:

  • Delivery of documents and goods up to 29 kg throughout the country;
  • Delivery of heavy loads and documentation throughout the country;
  • Delivery of gifts and flowers;
  • Sending goods abroad;
  • Delivery of goods purchased through online stores, etc.

Moreover, all cargo transportation operations are carried out by various means of transport (air communication, railway transportation, automobile communication), which allows you to choose the best option in each specific situation.

Thus, SDEK can become an excellent partner for your business. You will be sure that the necessary correspondence (cargo, parcels) will be delivered to the addressee in a timely manner. And the cost of courier delivery services will be a nice bonus.


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