Books for children 2-3 years old: a review of the best

Everyone will probably agree that reading is a very useful hobby. That's just not everyone likes to read, especially today, when there are a bunch of alternative ways to have a good time. Well, if you want to instill in your child a love of reading, then you need to start as soon as possible. This will help you books for children 2-3 years old, sold in abundance in bookstores. But not all books are worth buying - the choice must be approached very seriously and responsibly.

Why read to a child?

From school, many parents remember stories that reading is a useful hobby. Here are just a few more specific information few people have. Let's see what kind of benefits reading brings in childhood.

Great hobby

First of all, reading develops imagination. Which is not surprising - the child looks at the pictures, presents the characters and landscapes described in the book, all this also allows you to develop a delicate taste, a sense of beauty.

But more importantly, thanks to reading, you can train your memory perfectly. From childhood, the child’s brain gets used to memorizing large amounts of information, and volumes increase every year. It is expected that in adulthood he will not need to use numerous diaries and reminders to plan his day, not to forget anything.

At the same time, intelligence is training. The brain, accustomed to process significant amounts of data, becomes especially “sharp”, which makes it easy to solve many issues that have arisen in everyday life.

Finally, the vocabulary is enriched. After all, the average person uses a very limited vocabulary. Thanks to reading, this stock is expanding significantly. A lover of reading can generally be immediately identified by the style of speech. This will be useful both in communication and during business negotiations.

Therefore, there is no doubt: instilling a love of reading is one of the most important things parents should do for their child. And definitely this is much more important than buying an expensive smartphone or trendy tablet.

What books are suitable for the child

Approach to the selection of books should be extremely careful. They can both instill a love of reading, and forever avert. In general, the best choice for children 2-3 years old is short tales. Yes, it’s short, which can be read in 2-5 minutes. Yes, they seem boring to parents, especially since many are already well known since childhood.

However, keep in mind - a child at this age rarely knows how to focus on one subject for a long time. For several minutes he enthusiastically listens to a fairy tale, examines a picture, and then runs to other toys. Attempts to break a long fairy tale into several parts will not lead to anything good - the child will hardly remember the beginning of the story and simply will not understand anything.

Pushkin is our everything

It is quite difficult to definitely recommend specific books - children at the age of 2-3 years vary greatly in terms of development and perseverance. If a child is happy to listen to a book for a long time, then one can read Pushkin's tales. They amaze with the magnificent style and richness of the language - perhaps no modern children's author can boast of this. So Pushkin will help develop the vocabulary of the child.

Choose book design

It is very important that the books have a lot of pictures. Desirable bright, beautifully painted - no caricatures, surrealism and other things, which, alas, modern writers and artists often sin. Only direct and understandable illustrations. Books with pictures with many small details will become a good choice. Some children may consider them for a long time, training mindfulness and memory.

Well, just pictures are needed to attract the attention of the child, while parents read him a fairy tale. Experienced adults also tell in detail what is shown in the picture, emphasize the details, ask questions that additionally train the memory.

You can choose not only fiction, but also developmental books for children 2-3 years old. Children are almost always enthusiastic about animals - tell them in more detail, find the tail, head, nose, eyes together, discuss the appearance and colors, what they do, what they eat. Such a conversation perfectly stimulates the development of the child.

Great children's encyclopedia

It is advisable to have in the children's library not only simple books, but also printed on thick cardboard. They can be safely given to the child so that he himself studies the pictures - he certainly will not be able to tear them by accident. And the habit of flipping pages also trains fine motor skills, which, as experts have shown, affects intellectual development.

Do not forget about poetry

We must not forget about poetry. Short “nursery rhymes” are perfect - rhythmic and short, they delight children. However, they are more suitable for a period of 1.5 to 2 years. But this is a great start - some children even memorize them themselves, which undoubtedly brings considerable benefit.

If you recommend specific works, then the books of Agniya Barto will definitely become a good choice. They are short, composed of simple words, easy to understand, and at the same time everyone carries an educational message.

However, you can take other poems, such as "What is good and what is bad" by Mayakovsky, short works by Chukovsky.

Cartoon Books

Some modern kids spoiled by watching cartoons just don't want to pick up books. How to interest them? Fortunately, there is a way. This will help books created based on modern children's cartoons. The choice here is simply huge: “Masha and the Bear”, “Barboskiny” and many others. If you wish, you can find books created based on Soviet cartoons: about Winnie the Pooh, baby raccoon, cat Leopold, the wolf from "Well, wait a minute!" and so forth

Who does not know a kitten named Woof?

And as illustrations, simply frames from cartoons are often used. The main thing is to find the book that illustrates the adventures of the heroes seen by the child on the TV or computer screen. Surely he will be interested. And gradually, you can add a few more to his favorite book, including those not related to cartoons. A few weeks will pass, and the child will be enthusiastically flipping through them, asking you to read well-known stories to him.

Folk tales

Of course, talking about the best books for children in 2-3 years, we must not forget about folk tales. “Gingerbread Man”, “Chicken Ryaba”, “Wolf and the Seven Little Kids”, “Masha and the Bear”, “Teremok” - the choice is really great. Most parents love these tales since childhood - they probably will not disappoint children. In general, spoiling familiar stories is quite difficult. The main thing is to take a look at the illustrations to be of high quality. They, as already mentioned above, are extremely important, because, studying pictures, a child learns the world, develops a sense of style and harmony. Help him develop correctly!

Eligible authors

Making a list of eligible authors will not be easy. Of course, it is worth including the already mentioned books of Agnia Barto, Chukovsky and Marshak in it.

Agnia Barto is gorgeous

From prose, Voronkova is suitable: "Sunny Day", "Masha the Raster" and other children's works.

Kataev’s books “Pipe and Pitcher” and “Flower-Semitsvetik” are good. Be sure to fall in love with the baby "Woof Kitten" created by Oster. Many children and adults are delighted with Suteev’s books, which he often illustrated with chic pictures.

The choice here is simply magnificent - in one review of books for children 2-3 years old it will not be possible to accommodate half. Therefore, visiting a bookstore, choose for yourself. And it is best to give preference to Soviet classics. Alas, modern children's writers, not to mention Western colleagues, are not even suitable for them. Pictures often border on surrealism, rhyme in verses is lame or completely absent, the style is flat, the language is poor, and morality is either absent or belongs more to the culture of another planet, rather than human.

Suteeva is loved by adults and children

No mistakes can be made here. It’s better to spend a few minutes, flip through a book, evaluate the quality of paper (it should be thick, strong), illustrations and the text itself. Only after that, making sure that the book will really bring the child joy and benefit, buy it.

How much to read per day?

Another important question tormenting parents: how much does a child need to read per day? And there is no definite answer. The main thing is not to force him, the child himself should want to study a beautiful book. And you can read as long as he is interested.

Read since childhood

It is best to do five approaches in two to three minutes (if possible) than to read 10-15 minutes in a row: the child will just get bored of the same type of activity, and he will quickly lose interest. And this should not happen in any case!


This concludes our article. In it, we examined the most suitable and interesting books for children 2-3 years old, examined the principle of choice. And at the same time they brought some suitable books that your children will definitely like.


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