Lucky numbers: do they exist?

People try to catch luck by the tail in any way. There are a lot of options for this. One of them is to find your secret, successful number and thanks to it always be on top.

lucky numbers

Folk wisdom

It should be noted that some nations have their own unlucky and lucky numbers. So, for example, quite a lot of people in the world are afraid of the number 13. In some states there are no floors with this number, houses and even apartments. As a counterweight, a seven or even three seven is often considered a good number. Why so, no one knows for sure. But one thing can be said: this number is often mentioned in the Bible - almost 400 times. There are a huge number of sayings and proverbs where this figure appears. And magicians consider the number seven enlightenment. Therefore, it is precisely 7 that can safely claim the title of the most successful number.

Memorable Dates

The lucky numbers of a particular person can also reflect certain events in his life. So, very often for this they use various memorable dates - birthday, wedding day, etc. People who play gambling most often use this method. And as a result, they often win. Why this happens, no one knows for sure. But the fact that an important date for a person has a magical meaning is a fact!

which numbers are lucky

Selection method

To find out which numbers are lucky for a particular person, you can simply by selection or analysis. So, you should think carefully before drawing conclusions. After analyzing your life, you can see that a certain number is found more and more often than usual. So it risks becoming happy for the owner. By the same principle, warning numbers can be traced that can signal a person about an impending disaster.

Zodiac sign

Lucky numbers for a certain person can be suggested by their own zodiac sign or a science such as astrology. So, Pisces, for example, is helped by sevens and โ€œtwelveโ€, Leo - by fives, and Scorpions - by numbers eight and twenty one. You can also focus on your helper planet and thus indicate your successful number. The people of the Sun will take unit as assistants, โ€œlunarโ€ representatives - two, โ€œMartiansโ€ - four, etc.


how to find out your lucky number

How to find out your lucky number? To do this, there is a method described in numerology. You will need a special table, thanks to which the person will have to translate the letters of his full name into numbers. Then all plus. Add the digits of your birthday to the result, and voila! - personal lucky number found. It is believed that it will help a person and lead him throughout his life.

Life is a game

There are also certain lucky numbers in some games. So, in roulette, the seven is considered successful, or rather, the โ€œ7 redโ€. In poker, the favorite is the figure eight. In dice - again, the number seven.


Knowing lucky numbers is very good, but don't get stuck with that. This is especially true for people who like to gamble. After all, there are not so many situations when a lucky number helps in a casino. But there are a lot of stories about the complete bankruptcy of individuals who, with the help of numbers, wanted to catch luck.


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